Things To Do This Weekend, 19th-20th October

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Make it your best half-term yet with loads of brilliant bargains, including amazing discounts on spooky ghost tours, free crafty fun and a magic show that’ll blow your socks off.

Halloween Ghost Bus Tour

Save 24% off throughout October at his spooktacular Halloween Ghost Bus Tour. Start your journey at The Grand Hotel where kids 8 and above can have a unique comedy-horror theatre experience on wheels as they get to see all the London sights with a hilariously haunting twist. Make sure you read Sophie's insightful review so you will know what to expect from a trip with the Ghost Bus Tours.

Raver Tots

Save while you rave with 40% off Raver Tots. No matter where you live, there’s a Raver Tots event near you during the half-term, and Kidadlers can get a huge 40% off. Throw some shapes with little ones aged under 12 and get ready for a drum and bass extravaganza.

mums with their kdis dancing at raver tots events

Canterbury and Dover Coach Tour

Escape the hustle and bustle of city while you save 40% off! Start your journey at London Bridge Station and drive through the lush green of the Kent countryside as you enjoy the quaint, the quirky and everything in between. Perfect for everyone aged 3 and above, this brilliant coach tour around the beautiful Canterbury and Dover is the ideal family getaway.

Halloween Spooktacular at The Twisted Fork

Abracadabra! If your kids are mad for all things magic, head to London's only magic-themed cafe for a sensationally spellbinding show! Grab your little magicians aged 3 and above and head at The Twisted Fork-London's only magic themed cafe, to experience the mystery of incredible tricks performed by top mage Mr Tiz!

The Nightmare Before Christmas at Kids' Kino Club

Boo! Join the Pumpkin King at Regent Street Cinema. Gather your mini ghosts and ghouls aged 6 and above for a spooky screening of a Halloween favourite, The Nightmare Before Christmas and get ready for an eerie night of entertainment!

Half-term: The Kids' Table at Smith & Wollensky

The food at Smith & Wollensky is great, but do you know what's even better? The Kids’ Table, who offers free crafty fun for children aged 4 and above while you sit back and relax waiting for your meal.

happy kid doing crafts at the Kids table

War Horse

The National Theatre’s smash-hit show returns to London this week for a limited run at the brand-new Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre. Take your older kids aged 10 and above to witness the wonder of War Horse, the incredible story about Albert and his horse Joey that is guaranteed to move you.



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