Thought You Knew London? Think Again At BucketRace's Scavenger Hunt With A Twist!

Big Ben overlooking the Thames, sites you can see on BucketRace's Scavenger Hunt.

Are you ready for an adventure? Make your way through the heart of London with your family and friends as you complete tasks to earn points and win prizes on a fun, competitive scavenger hunt brought to you by BucketRace. With savings of up to 33% on a family ticket, it's a total bargain.

Originating from the concept of a ‘bucket list’, BucketRace hope to bring joy and memorable times to friends and family as you take up the challenge to complete bucket list-style challenges in a short period of time.

Save up to 33% and explore London in a completely new way

With a weekly scavenger hunt in London every Saturday and special seasonal themed events for Easter, summer and even Bonfire Night, this is an opportunity you and the family should definitely not miss out on!

Starting at Golden Square in Soho, located near Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus, you’ll complete challenges ranging from location-based tasks such as finding key landmarks to high-earning miscellaneous tasks like singing to a stranger.

From Covent Garden where you could be asked to be shot with Eros's arrow to Camden Town where you could be tasked with sitting on a canal barge, you'll be able to see the sights of London and its hidden gems- all while having a a whale of a time!

View of Covent Garden

Keep your eyes on the prize!

With the help of a smartphone, you and the little ones will be able to start earning as many points as possible as you complete task after task, with the chance to win prizes.

Taking to Twitter to upload your photos and videos to prove you’ve completed tasks, BucketRace will give you hourly updates and real-time scores using hashtags to keep you on your toes to beat the competition.

The prizes for the winners and runners up are bucket list-themed. You could find yourself trying your hand at making chocolate this Easter, or even dining at the famous First Dates restaurant as seen on TV!

Chocolatier at work

With 33% off the upcoming BucketRace Easter Hunt and great discounts on other scavenger hunts like the Summer Kick-Off Hunt and Summer Season Hunt, don’t miss your chance to book with us now not only for a great deal but for the ultimate day out for all ages to enjoy!



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