15 Three Amigos Quotes From The Iconic Western Trio

The 'Three Amigos' quotes depict how they stood up for justice.

The plot opens with Carmen (the Village leader’s daughter) mistaking three silent movie actors to be real heroes!

Carmen feels the three amigos will save her little Mexican village of Santo Poco from the clutches of the Bandit ‘El Guapo’. The actual show for the three amigos opens when they struggle hard to live up to their reputation of saviors and stop El Guapo from ruining the lives of the people of the Mexican village of Santo Poco, with a gun in hand.

At first, what started as a misunderstanding later turns out to be heroic as the three amigos become successful in defeating El Guapo. They refuse any reward in return with a quote from their own movies: “Our reward is that justice has been done”.

In the new era of email and OTT, the movie is set to return to Hulu with the actors Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short starring in a comedy show.  To keep you entertained till then, we bring to you a set of 'Three Amigos' movie quotes for you to enjoy. Also, check out [Steve Martin quotes] and '80s movie quotes.

Well-Known The Three Amigos Catchphrase

We love the catchphrase! Even though they were mistaken heroes, never did the amigos fail in captivating the audience.  New movies might have new concepts, better names, but they cannot beat the charm of the catchphrase we love.

The Three Amigos fought against injustice.

1. "Lucky Day: Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.

Ned Nederlander: Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there.

Dusty Bottoms: Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find...

Together: The Three Amigos!"

–Steve Martin as Lucky Day, Chevy Chase as Dusty Bottoms and Martin S as Ned Nederlander.

Popular 'Three Amigos' Quotes

The dialogues of this movie are considered quite savage and funny and are thus popular. One of the most famous dialogue is when El Guapo tests Jefe, asking if he knows what a ‘plethora’ is and discovers later that he doesn’t, after which he tells him, plethora means 'plenty'. Do use these 'Three Amigos' quotes whenever there is injustice!

Wherever there was an injustice, the Three Amigos were there.

2. "Jefe: We have many beautiful piñatas for your birthday celebration, each one filled with little surprises!

El Guapo: How many piñatas?

Jefe: Many piñatas, many!

El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?”

- Jefe and El Guapo.

3. "Lucky Day: Dusty, how do you like your bat?

Dusty Bottoms: Medium rare."

– Lucky Day and Dusty Bottoms.

4. "Dusty Bottoms: Time for plan B. Plan A was to break into El Guapo's fortress.

Carmen: And that you have done, now what?

Dusty Bottoms: Well, we really don't have a plan B. We didn't expect for the first plan to work. Sometimes you can overplan these things.”

– Dusty Bottoms and Carmen.

5. "El Guapo: Are gringos falling from the sky?

[Ned Nederlander falls from overhead and lands with a thud]

Jefe: Yes, El Guapo.”

– El Guapo and Jefe.

6. "Lucky Day: In a way, all of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us. But as sure as my name is Lucky Day, the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal El Guapo, who also happens to be *the actual* El Guapo!”

– Steve Martin as Lucky Day.

6. "Sew, very old one! Sew like the wind!”

– Martin Short as Ned Nederlander.

7. "Ned: [whispers] Tell us we will die like dogs.”

El Guapo: You will die like dogs!”

Dusty: No, we will not die like dogs, we will fight like lions!”

– Dusty Bottoms, El Guapo and Ned Nederlander.

8. “I know each one of you, like I know my own smell!”

– Alphonso Arau as El Guapo.

Funny 'Three Amigos' Quotes

Take a look at some of the funniest and savage dialogues from the 'Three Amigos' movie and have a good laugh!

9. "Lucky Day: Well, we're just gonna have to use our brains.

Ned Nederlander, Dusty Bottoms: Damn it!"

– Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander and Dusty Bottoms.

10. "Carmen: I like the one who is not so smart.

Other girl: Which one is that?”

– Patrice Martinez as Carmen and Other Girl.

11. "Lucky Day: Mount up! ... It means get on your horses."

– Steve Martin as Lucky Day.

12. "Mr. Flugelman: Do you know what ‘nada’ means?

Dusty Bottoms: Isn't that a light chicken gravy?”

-  Chevy Chase as Dusty Bottoms and Joe Mantanga as Mr. Flungelman.

13. "Lucky Day: Oh, great. You killed the invisible swordsman!

Ned Nederlander: [runs over to check] He’s dead, all right.

Dusty Bottoms: How was I supposed to know where he was?

Lucky Day: You were supposed to fire up. *We* both fired *up*. [aside] It’s like living with a six-year-old.”

– Martin Short as Ned Nederlander and Chevy Chase as Dusty Bottoms.

14. "Rodrigo: Can I have your watch when you are dead?"

– Philip Gordon as Rodrigo.

15. "Mr. Flugelman: It'll be a cold day in hell when Harry Flugelman lets an actor tell *him* what to do!”

– Joe Mantanga as Mr. Flugelman.

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