Timeless, Modern, & International Names For Grandpa

Grandfathers deserve the best nicknames.

Grandfathers are truly the best.

We all love our grandpas and have our special nicknames for them. If you are looking for a nickname for your old man, here is a list of some, from which you can pick.

Many of us are lucky enough to love our grandparents and have a special relationship with them. Our grandparents care for us in a very special way that results in grandparents and grandchildren forming a very special bond.

When it comes to grandfathers, we love them for all the stories they tell us, the treats they share with grandkids and ultimately the love they give to the whole family. The love between a grandkid and their grandpa is pure and innocent. And that is why, kids end up choosing very cute and creative nicknames for their loving grandpas and great grandfathers. In this article, we have a list of nicknames for your grandpa and we’re sure he is going to love them.

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Timeless And Different Names For Grandpa

These are ten timeless names for your grandpas. If you’re looking for something traditional and classic which has been used for a long time then these are the nicknames for you.

1. Big Paw, the name is a classic nickname, from which ‘Peepaw’ is also derived. It’s a cute name that very young kids use for their grandfathers.

2. Boppa, the name is a great nickname for your grandfather. It is classic and yet hasn’t gone out of fashion.

3. Bumpy, the name is quite a fun nickname for grandpa. It is widely used and therefore is not too eccentric. It’s a fun-sounding nickname.

4. Gee, Gee or G hangs at the distinction between timeless and modern grandfather names.

5. Gramps, Gramps is one of the most common grandfather names in America. Gramps is cute as well as timeless.

6. Grandpappy, Grandpappy is quite a classic one when it comes to grandfather names.

7. Grandpop, the name is another variation of Grandfather. Again, this grandfather name is also commonly used in America.

8. Peepaw, the name is one of the cutest nicknames you can have for your grandpa. Meemaw for grandmother and Peepaw for grandfathers are common nicknames in regions of America like Texas.

9. Pop-Pop, widely used in cinema and TV shows for grandfathers. Pop is usually used for fathers in Southern U.S.A. and Pop-Pop is a simple extension of that name.

10. Pops, this name is perhaps the most classic of all grandfather names across English-speaking countries.

Pick a timeless name for your favorite grandparent.

Modern And Alternative Names For Grandpa

Are you fed up of the old traditional names that people use for their grandpas? Are you looking for modern and cool nicknames that are in fashion today? Then, here is a list of modern names for grandfathers.

11. Ace, the name by definition means "someone who excels". This name is also used as a nickname for grandfathers in modern time.

12. Boss, the name has been turned into a hip nickname for grandpas. It’s a stylistic nickname with a lot of zing to it and your old man might just love this new nickname.

13. Captain, used for "the person in charge of a ship", Captain is a great modern nickname for your grandfather.

14. Chief, it is a term used even by workers for their immediate bosses with whom they have a close relationship. It’s a great nickname for your grandfather.

15. Coach, again, Coach is a name used for someone with authority. However, it is also used by modern-day teenagers for their grandpas. Coach is considered to be a very cool nickname for grandpas.

16. G-Daddy, this name is a very hip-hop nickname for grandpas. One can easily see where the word is derived from. It has a very hip-hop sound to it and is loved by teenagers all over America.

17. G-Dawg, similar to G-Daddy, G-Dawg is also a hip-hop nickname for grandfathers. ‘Dawg’ is a frequently used term in American hip-hop culture. It roughly translates to “dude” or “pal”.

18. King, if you’re looking for something modern but also classy at the same time, then King is the nickname you shall have for your grandpa. It is a name given out of admiration and is also used for friends by the upcoming generation across the world.

19. Papster, the name is a very lively nickname and it’s also considered to be quite hip. Often used by teenagers who have a close relationship with their grandpas, it’s a good choice for a nickname.

20. Skipper, this name has a sense of respect to it. The name means "captain" or "leader". The name carries respect and admiration. It’s a great name for your grandpa, especially if he’s retired from the military or similar services.

Grandpas are the best and should have the best nicknames.

Grandfather Nicknames From Around The World

If you're looking for an international touch, here are some international names and nicknames that people use for their grandpas all over the world.

21. Abuelo, the name is a word that originates from Spanish. You might’ve come across Latin characters in media and texts referring to their grandfathers as Abuelo.

22. Baba, the name is a name for grandfathers that originates from the language Hindi, spoken in the Indian subcontinent. Today, Baba as a word has travelled across the globe and is used in non-Hindi speaking countries too.

23. Bonpa, the name is the name for grandfathers in Belgium. It is from the language, Flemish and is pronounced as Bone-Pa.

24. Bunic, in Romanian language, Bunic is the term that is used to refer to grandpas. It is pronounced as boo-neek. Tetea is another word used for grandfathers in Romania.

25. Dada, another traditional word for grandfather from the Hindi language is Dada. Again, this word too is widely used across the world. The reason behind this might be that it is one of the few syllables that babies speak in infancy. da-da.

26. Lolo, the name originates from the Filipino language. In the Philippines, all children call their grandfathers ‘Lolo’. Amang is the formal term that is used for grandfather by Filipinos.

27. Nonno, grandpa in Italian, Nonno is quite popular. Calling your granddad Nonno is a lovely move.

28. Ojisan, Japan has a lot of names for grandpas. Ojisan is one of them. It is pronounced as Oh-gee-sahn. Sofu, Jiji and Baba are other names used for grandfathers in Japan.

29. Opa, the name opa is famous due to popular culture. Opa is the German name for grandfathers. You can choose to call your grandpa opa!

30. Tutu, popular in traditional Hawaii, many people use Tutu as a nickname for their grandpas.

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