Put That Bowl Down: 9 Tips And Resources For Cutting Your Child's Hair At Home

Girl ready to get her hair cut at home

Little one's hair getting unruly, but you're not yet ready to take them to a salon?

We've compiled nine top tips for cutting your children's hair at home. Get out your safest scissors, take a look at these methods and resources (none of which include a bowl) and give it a go yourself. You may even want to cut your own hair whilst you're at it. Either way, hopefully these tips and tutorials will make the trim a little less daunting!

Mother and daughter waiting to cut child's hair at home

The Kit

Depending on the style and type of hair that you're working on, you're going to need some pieces of equipment. Whilst with long styles you're probably only going to need scissors, shorter haircuts can be more tricky as you're likely to need a razor or trimmer. If you decide that you will need some more tools for achieving your desired cut, perhaps postpone the home-appointment to a couple of days' time, have a browse online and order one in your price range.

YouTube Tutorial For Boys

If you prefer to watch someone else do it before you grab the scissors and give it a go yourself, try watching the tutorial below. This video is super upbeat and is bound to make you feel confident about taking the plunge. Made in March 2020, it's perfectly tailored for lockdown and everything featured in the video you should have at home already.

YouTube Tutorial For Girls Hair

Again, if you want some visual tips on how to cut longer hair or little girls' hair then try this tutorial below. If your kid has a shorter style haircut such as a bob, they have more straight cut tutorials on YouTube too! Although longer hair may not look messy as quickly as short hair does, it's still important to keep those ends chopped to maintain their healthy locks and to ensure proper growth. If you have longer hair, it is also much easier for you to cut your own hair using these tips featured in the tutorials - so grab the scissors and give it a go!

Easy To Follow Diagrams

Head to parents.com for some steps on 'How To Cut Your Kid's Hair' - although it was originally written for the purpose of saving money on little ones' haircuts, the technique is still very much relevant! They show you that you don't have to go to the salon to get a good cut, especially if their hair just needs is a trim. They use easy step-by-step instructions for a few different types of haircut, tackling all lengths of boys' and girls' hair - including fringes!

Steps To Cutting A Toddlers' Hair

A lot of parents will find cutting a toddlers' hair much less stressful than going to a salon - especially with step-by-step instructions on WikiHow on how to cater for your toddlers' needs. Contributors include tips on how to distract your toddler and make them feel comfortable whilst you put the scissors to their hair! Cutting your toddler's hair yourself can be a great way to save money and time. Keep your eye on wikihow.com for new advice coming in!

6 Helpful Pointers For A Lockdown Cut From A Stylist

Head to Motherly for direct advice from a hairstylist on how to cope with kids' haircuts during lockdown. They say that it's important to be realistic about the outcome that you're achieving. Whilst you may know exactly what the desired finish is in your head, it doesn't mean that you're going to be able to achieve it in reality - so stick to a safe and easy style and leave the big cuts to the professionals post-lockdown. So, if your kid desperately needs a haircut, consider only trimming an inch or two for now.

Video Tutorials For Different Styles And Cuts

Hairdresser Emma from Hair On Demand has created tutorial videos for each popular style, covering everything from how to cut fringes to how to shave heads. The light-hearted videos are done with her own kids at her house, making it much more relatable and a little less daunting - as it doesn't feel like you're a complete novice trying to copy a professional!

BBC Advice

The BBC have released their take on the salon situation with: 'Coronavirus: How to cut your own hair in lockdown'. While lockdown has now eased in most areas, it's still full of useful tips. if you would like to give yourself a hair makeover, Radio 1 Newsbeat has got you covered. They cover long hairstyles, short hairstyles, curly hairstyles and grown out fringes - so they've got everything you need if you're simply looking for an easy to follow and reliable tutorial on managing the kids' mops during this time.

Little girl having fun after her haircut

Some Comparisons...

If you think you've done a good job with your cut, then you can take a look at the pictures circulating online of dodgy lockdown attempts and feel a little smug with yourself. Equally, if you're feeling doubtful about your skills with the scissors, the many news articles on quarantine haircuts may just make you feel better about your attempt - as there really are some unfortunate ones out there. Either way, they're bound to give you a laugh during this otherwise difficult and potentially stressful situation - and make you realise you're not alone in the home-haircut struggle!



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