40 Toad-Ally Funny Frog Names For Your New Pet

There are so many funny and unique frog names to choose from.

Owning a pet and taking care of its daily needs is a huge responsibility; but no responsibility is as big as that of giving your pets unique and kind names.

Now, there are many types of pets known to humankind. But many people do not commonly find people having a frog as their pet.

Frogs are cute, like really cute! If you have one, then you should definitely give it a unique name. To help you, we have listed out some funny and unique names for your pet frog. Additionally, we have also grouped the names in different categories to assist you with your name hunting experience.

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Popular Pet Frog Names

These are some popular pet frog names that you can consider. To help you make a wiser choice, we have also added the meaning of each name or a suggestion of how you can use each name.

1. Al-Gea. Algae are green like most frogs are green in color.

2. Buffarino can be a perfect name for big sized frogs.

3. Coco can be a perfect name for brown colored frogs.

4. Croak is the sound that frogs make.

5. Dapylil is actually 'lilypad' spelled backwards, which means 'my God is abundance'.

6. Froggo is the classic name used for frogs.

7. Gidget can be a perfect name for a small-sized frog.

8. Gordito can be a perfect name for little frogs.

9. Gorf is 'frog' spelled backward.

10. Green Man means someone who is extremely green in color like most frogs.

11. Jelly is like the semi-solid sweet made with gelatin.

12. Pepe is the famous internet meme frog.

13. Phil is the name Kermit (the puppet frog from The Muppet Show) uses when he has amnesia in “Muppets Take Manhattan.”

14. Pickle means piquant, the name originates from Dutch culture.

15. Shorty can be a perfect name for a small frog.

16. Spud can be a perfect name for a fat frog.

17. Thanos means immortal, the name originates in Greek mythologies.

Naming your pet frog is made easy with this list of names.

Cute Frog Names Based On Their Personalities

There are many different types of frogs and your pet frog too may have a unique personality. Hence, you can choose names that would perfectly define your pet's character.

18. Assasin can be a frog name for the one that hunts bugs, crickets and spiders.

19. Caffeine can be a frog name used for super hyper frogs.

20. Daphne is the name of a Greek goddess of hunting, perfect for little hunting frogs.

21. Hot-Toad can be a name given to fire-bellied cute toads.

22. Lucy can be a name used for a crazy, energetic and loving frog.

23. Racer can be a name used for a fast toad or frog.

Cute Frog Names Based On The World Of Entertainment

The world of entertainment has hundreds of popular cartoon frog characters that have won the hearts of many. If you are wanting to give your frog one of the cutest frogs' names from animated movies, series, puppet shows, video games and so on, here they are.

24. Battletoads is from the video game series "Battletoads."

25. Callista Croak is from the comedy puppet panel show "Buzz and Tell."

26. Frogger is from the arcade game "Frogger."

27. Gub-Gub is the name of Dr. Doolittle's pig from the movie "Doolittle".

28. Hypnotoad is from the animated series "Futurama."

29. J. Frog is from the video game series "JumpStart".

30. Kermit is the most famous frog from the puppet show "The Muppet Show"

31. King Harold is from the animated movie "Shrek."

32. Langston is from the video game series "Viva Piñata."

33. Michigan J. Frog is from the animated series "Looney Tunes."

34. Mr. Toad is from the novel "The Wind in the Willows."

35. Ribby & Croaks is from the video game "Cuphead."

36. Slippy Toad is from the video game series "Star Fox."

37. Winky is from the video game "Donkey Kong Country."

Good Frog Names For Female Frogs

If you have been facing trouble in finding the perfect name for your female frog, pick one from the list below.

38. Abby means joy or rejoice.

39. Ally means pure heart.

40. Azalea is the name of a type of flower which is found in many countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

41. Bella means "beautiful" in Italian.

42. Cherry is a name of the round red-colored fruit that is sweet.

43. Cinnamon is the name of a spice that is yellowish-brown in color and can be a name for such colourful frogs.

44. Fairy is a name used to define the mystic small creatures you have heard about in fairy tales.

45. Gidget can be used as a frog name for a small frog.

46. Koko originates in Japan and is popularly used for "short."

47. Peanut can be used to name cute frogs that are tiny in appearance.

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