Top 108 Angelic Names With Meanings And History

Angel names come from various sources and cultures and bring with it a sense of comfort.

One of the many best parts of being a parent is to choose a name for your little angel.

However, choosing the right baby name for your little child is not an easy task. The name should not only fit the personality of your child but should also be loved by your child when they grow up.

Parents always want the best thing for their child, and when it comes to naming, they want it to be unique, personal, and meaningful. Not only are angel names unique and beautiful, but they also have a spiritual meaning. There are so many beautiful names with the meaning 'angel' for your little baby. So if you are expecting a child soon and looking for a perfect name, we have rounded up a long list of angel names for your little angel.

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Names Of Angels From The Bible

Angels are spiritual beings who are considered the messenger of God. If you want to give your baby an angelic name, we have enlisted names of the 7  archangels from the Bible with meaning.

1. Ariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "lion of God." The angel overseeing nature and magic.

2. Azrael (Hebrew and Arabic origin) meaning "Whom God helps." The Angel of Death in Jewish traditions.

3. Chamuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "he who sees God." The Angel of Courage and War.

4. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength." Guardian angel of Israel.

5. Jophiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "Beauty of God." The great angel chief.

6. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "he who is God." The protector of Jewish people.

7. Raphael (Hebrew origin) meaning "God heals." Angel of healing.

Baby Names For Girls That Mean Angels Or Angelic

(Your baby deserves a name that shows how angelic she is.

Baby names that mean angels are very popular, and most parents want to use an angelic name for their little angel. We have enlisted names for girls that mean angel:

8. Angel (Greek origin) meaning "Messenger of God or a divine messenger".

9. Angelica (Italian and Russian origin) meaning "Angels or Angelic". This name is linked with Angelica Guadalupe Celaya, who is an American actress and model.

10. Angelique (French origin) means "angelic". This name is linked with Angelique Kerber, who is a German professional tennis player.

11. Angelina (Greek origin) meaning "messenger or angel". This name is associated with Angelina Jolie, a very famous American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian.

12. Angelisa (Latin origin) - This angel name is a variation of Angelica.

13. Aneila (Polish origin) meaning "gracious or merciful".

14. Dina (Hebrew origin) meaning "angel of learning and wisdom". This name is linked with Dina Merrill, an American actress, heiress, socialite, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

15. Eden (Hebrew origin) Meaning "delight". This name is associated with Eden Michael Hazard, a Belgian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Belgium national team.

16. Eternity (American origin) meaning "everlasting".

17. Evangeline (Greek origin) meaning "messenger or the bearer of good news". This name is linked with Nicole  Evangeline Lilly, who is a Canadian actress and author.

18. Gloria (Latin origin) meaning "glory". This name is linked with Gloria Elizabeth Reuben, a Canadian actress, producer, and singer.

19. Gotzone (Spanish origin) meaning "angel". Gotzone Mora is a Spanish social-democratic politician.

20. Haven (English origin) meaning "a place of shelter, safety".

21. Laila (Arabic origin) meaning "night or dark". This name is associated with Laila Amaria Ali, an American television personality and former professional boxer.

22. Luz (Spanish origin) meaning "'light." This name is linked with Carl Ludwig "Luz" Long, who was a German Olympic long-jumper.

23. Mariangela (Spanish origin) meaning "rebel angel". This name is linked with Mariangela Pino, who is an American actress.

24. Melek (Arabic origin) meaning "angel".

25. Micheangela (Italian origin) meaning "who is like God". This name is linked with Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, known best as simply Michelangelo, was an Italian sculptor,

26. Miracle (Latin origin) meaning "divine work".

27. Persia (Latin origin) meaning "like an angel". This name is associated with Persia Jessica White, an American actress, singer, and musician.

28. Rabia (Arabic origin) meaning "spring".

29. Rosangel (Italian origin) meaning "Rose of an angel". Rosângela Rennó Gomes, who is a Brazilian artist.

30. Serphina (Hebrew origin) meaning "fiery winged". Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, who is the daughter of Ben Affleck.

31. Tien (Vietnamese origin) meaning "fairy".

32. Trinity (Latin origin) meaning "triad".

Names Of The Fallen Angels

Here are the names of the fallen angels as per Christianity:

33. Asmodeus (Avestan origin) meaning "wrath demon". The demon of Lust.

34. Beelzebub (Hebrew origin) meaning "lord of the flies". The demon of Gluttony.

35. Belphegor (Hebrew origin) meaning "lord of the gap". The demon of Sloth.

36. Leviathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "a great sea serpent". The demon of Envy.

37. Lucifer (Latin origin) meaning "bringer of light". The demon of Pride.

38. Mammon (Latin origin) meaning "riches". The demon of Greed.

39. Satan (Hebrew origin) meaning "adversary". While often used interchangeably with Lucifer, Satan is the demon of Wrath.

Baby Names For Boys That Mean Angel

Angelic names are quite popular among boys also as they are unique, positive, and powerful. Below we have mentioned names that mean angel for your angelic baby boy.

40. Abaddon (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer."

41. Anglo (Greek origin) meaning "divine messenger of God."

42. Cael (Irish Gaelic origin) meaning "slender". This name is associated with Cael Norman Sanderson, an American former folkstyle and freestyle wrestler and is the Pennsylvania State's current head coach.

43. Castiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "my cover is God' or 'shield of god."

44. Calesete (French origin) meaning "heavenly". This name is associated with Celeste Ng, who is an American writer and novelist.

45. Evangelos (Greek origin) meaning "good messenger".

46. Haniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God". This Hebrew name is linked with Haniel Vinícius Inoue Langaro, a Brazilian handball player for FC Barcelona Lassa and the Brazilian handball team.

47. Hariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "mountain of God".

48. Javan (Greek origin) meaning "Greece".

49. Kemuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "helper of God". This name is linked with Kemuel Roig, a true master of music and a piano giant. His energy, virtuosity, taste, harmonic and melodic vocabulary.

50. Malach (Hebrew origin) meaning "angel who is noble."

51. Michelangelo (Italian origin) meaning "messenger or angel". This name is linked with an Italian sculptor, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

52. Raguel (Latin origin) meaning "friend of God."

53. Ramiel (Arabic origin) meaning "thunder of Gods". This name is linked with Raimel Antonio Tapia Linarez, who is a Dominican professional baseball outfielder for the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball.

54. Raziel (Hebrew origin) meaning "secrets of the universe."

55. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God or God heard". This Hebrew name is linked with Samuel Leroy  Jackson, who is an American actor and producer.

56. Uriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "the light of Lord" or "light and flame". Carlos Uriel Antuna Romero is a Mexican professional footballer. One of the Seven angels of God.

57. Yael (Hebrew origin) meaning "to ascend."

58. Zadkiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "righteousness of God"

59. Zerachiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's command."

Names That Mean Angel From Fiction

(There are many angel names from different TV series and movies.

In supernatural shows, there are many fictional characters with angelic names. If you want to choose a name for your baby from your favorite TV show, here we have made a list of fictional characters that have an angel name.

60. Abner (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of light" from the show 'Supernatural.'

61. Adina (Hebrew origin) meaning "noble and delicate" from 'Supernatural.'

62. Alexiel (American origin) meaning "a cherubian angel" from the show 'Angel Sanctuary.'

63. Amelia (Spanish origin) meaning "work" from the show 'Casper.' A great name for an angelic baby.

64. Asmodel (Greek origin) meaning "angel of patience" from the show 'DC comics.'

65. Balthazar (Greek origin) meaning "Bel protects the King" from 'Supernatural.'

66. Baruch (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessing" from the show 'His Dark Materials.'

67. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my right hand" from 'Supernatural.'

68. Billie (German origin) meaning "resolute protector" from 'Supernatural.' One of the best names for girls.

69. Clara Oddbody (Latin origin) meaning "bright, clear" from 'It Happened on Christmas.'

70. Clarence Odbody (Latin origin) meaning "one who lives near the River Clare" from 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

71. Constantine (Latin origin) meaning "constant" from 'Supernatural'.

72. Conrad (German origin) meaning "brave counsel" from 'Supernatural.'

73. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge" from 'Supernatural.'

74. Duma (Russian origin) meaning "to think" from 'Supernatural.'

75. Efram (Hebrew origin) meaning "fruitful" from 'Supernatural'.

76. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is Yahweh" from 'Supernatural'.

77. Esper (African origin) meaning "magic/enchanted/mythical" from 'Supernatural.'

78. Felicia Aldreen (Latin origin) meaning "happy, lucky" from 'Dominion.'

79. Flagstaff (American origin) meaning "many houses" from 'Supernatural.'

80. Gadreel (Hebrew origin) meaning "wall of God" from 'Supernatural.'

81. Godsend from 'Spawn'.

82. Gail (Hebrew origin) meaning "father in rejoicing" from 'Supernatural.'

83. Hael (Welsh origin) meaning "generous" from 'Supernatural.'

84. Hannah (Hebrew origin) meaning "favor" or "grace" from 'Supernatural.'

85. Mogen (English origin) meaning "maiden" from 'Constantine.'

86. Ingrid- (German origin) meaning "fair, beautiful" from 'Supernatural.'

87. Ion (Russian origin) meaning "God is good" from 'Supernatural'.

88. Izual from the show 'Diablo.'

89. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "to behold" from 'Supernatural.'

90. Jonah (Hebrew origin) meaning "dove or pigeon" from 'Supernatural.'

91. Joshua (Hebrew origin) meaning "YHWH (God) is salvation" from 'Supernatural.'

92. Louis (English origin) meaning "famous female warrior" from 'Dominion.'

93. Lily (English origin) meaning 'God is abundance'.

94. Manny (Spanish origin) meaning "God is with us" from 'Constantine.'

95. Maribel (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter or sour" from 'Supernatural.'

96. Metatron (Greek origin) meaning "changed and passed away" from 'Supernatural'.

97. Muriel (Irish origin) meaning "bright sea" from 'Supernatural.'

98. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasantness" from 'Supernatural.'

99. Orian (Latin origin) meaning "golden" from 'Sleepy Hollow.'

100. Rachel (Hebrew origin) meaning "one with purity" from 'Supernatural.'

101. Rebecca (Hebrew origin) meaning "to tie firmly" from 'Supernatural.'

102. Shaymin from 'Pokémon'.

103. Simon (Hebrew origin) meaning "listen" or "hearing" from 'The Prophecy.'

104. Sophia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom" from 'Supernatural.'

105. Tiffany (Greek origin) meaning "manifestation of God" From 'Spawn.'

106. Theo (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God" from 'Supernatural.'

107. Xaphania from 'His Dark Materials.'

108. Zera (Hebrew origin) Meaning "seed" from 'Spawn.'

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