Top 110 Anime Girl Names With Meanings

Name your female characters with cool Anime names.

Anime is a type of animation that started in Japan then progressed to different parts of the world.

There is a distinct characteristic of anime that makes it different from other animations, both computerized and hand-drawn. From Studio Ghibli to Toei Animation, girl characters have been the lead of the show.

Animes like Ghost in the Shell, Violet Evergarden, and A Place Further than the Universe have strong girl protagonists that have made the show a success. We have listed over 100 anime names for you, if you need a bit of help naming you anime girl characters. For more naming ideas, why not take a look at these Draenei names or these Twi'lek names?

Common Anime Girl Names

The names given below are commonly used in Anime. These names are a go to for people who want simple yet meaningful names for their girl characters.

1. Akane (Japanese origin) - the most common meaning for this name is “deep red”.

2. Hana (Japanese origin) - Hana means “flower” in Japanese.

3. Haruka (Japanese origin) - this name can mean "distant” or “remote". It is usually shortened as Haru which means “spring”.

4. Hikari (Japanese origin) - Hikari is the Japanese word for “light”.

5. Hinata (Japanese origin) - Hinata means "sunny place" or "toward the sun”.

6. Kaori (Japanese origin) - Kaori means "weaving" or "fragrance".

7. Kyouko (Japanese origin) - Ko is usually added to the end of many Japanese names. The meaning of ko is "child". Kyo can mean many things but the common meaning is “respectful”, “echo”, “influential”.

8. Nagisa (Japanese origin) - this is one of the most common Japanese names since it is also used as a last name. Nagisa can mean “beach", "water's edge” or "sand."

9. Rei (Japanese Origin) - Rei has many meanings of which the most common are "beautiful” and “lovely". It can also mean "the tinkling of jade" or "bell."

10. Rin (Japanese origin) - meaning of the word Rin is "dignified”, “severe” and “cold."

11. Sakura (Japanese origin) - almost everyone who watches anime will know this name from the famous ‘Naruto’ series. The most common meaning for Sakura is “cherry blossom”. Sakura is one of the best names for a female character.

12.  Shizuka (Japanese origin)  – the meaning of this name is usually understood if you break it up into two. Shizu which means "quiet" and ka which means part "summer" or "fragrance”.

13. Yuki (Japanese origin) - Yuki is a very common girl name in both anime and in real-life Japan. Yuki has two meanings depending on the script, “snow” and “happiness”.

14. Yumi (Japanese origin) - this name means "archery bow" as a whole. However, if you break it up, Yu means “friend”, “archery bow” and mi means “beautiful”.

The Best Anime Girls' Character Names

Anime characters have some really cool names.

Japanese animes have had many strong female characters starring in their series.  Here are the names of some of the best girl characters in anime history that you will love.

15. Akeno (Japanese origin) - this name can mean either “in the morning” or “beautiful sunrise”.

16. Asuka (Japanese origin) – this name means “tomorrow”, “smell” or “perfume”.

17. Erza Scarlet (Japanese origin) – Ezra means “gift of God” and Scarlet means “red”. She is most probably the best anime girl with the strongest spirit in comparison to the others.

18. Fujiko (Japanese origin) – this name is derived from Fiji which means “wisteria” and ko which means “child”.

19. Kushina (Japanese origin) – the common meanings for this name are “aspire” and “beautiful black stone”.

20. Lucy (English, French origin) - this name means “born at dawn” or “born during daylight”.

21. Mikasa (Japanese origin) – this name is a combination of a few words. Mi which means “beautiful”, sa meaning “blossom” and ka meaning “flower” or “fragrance”.

22. Mononoke (Japanese origin) – Mononoke are usually spirits or natural forces.

23. Motoko (Japanese origin) – mhe most common meaning for this name is “resourceful child”.

24. Revy (English origin) – meaning “rich with kindness” or “golden heart”.

25. Seibā (Japanese origin) – the name means “truth”.

26. Touka (Japanese origin) – the common meaning for this name is “incense” or “perfume”.

27. Usagi (Japanese origin) – meaning “rabbit”.

Cool Anime Names For Girls

The best anime girl names are always cool. Here is a list of some of the coolest anime girl names for your female anime characters.

28. Aiko (Japanese origin) – this name means “little loved one”.

29. Aimi (Japanese origin) – the meaning of this name is “beautiful love”.

30. Aina (Scandinavian origin) – this name means “forever”.

31. Aki (Japanese origin) – this name means “autumn”, “bright” or “glistening” depending on the written script.

32. Ami (Latin origin) – this name means “beloved”.

33. Asami (Japanese origin) – this name can either mean “hemp” or “future”.

34. Aya (Japanese origin) - this name means “woven silk”.

35. Chickako (Japanese origin) – this name has multiple meanings, “thousand”, “smell” and “perfume”.

36. Chiyoko (Japanese origin) – this name means “thousand generations”.

37. Chouko (Japanese origin) – this name translates to “butterfly”.

38. Dai (Japanese origin) – this name means “great”.

39. Eri (Japanese origin) – the meaning of this name is “drawing”.

40. Faye (French origin) – there are two meanings to this name, “loyalty” and “belief”.

41. Haruka (Japanese origin) – this name can either mean “faraway” or ‘distant”.

42. Hitomi (Japanese origin) – Hitomi is the Japanese word which means “pupil of the eye”.

43. Honoka (Japanese origin) – there are three meanings to this word, “spike”, “ear” and “head”.

44. Hoshi (Japanese origin) – this name translates to “star”.

45. Izumi (Japanese origin) – the two meanings for this name are “fountain” or ‘spring”.

46. Kaeda (Japanese origin) – this name translates to “maple leaf”.

47. Kamiko (Japanese origin) – the meaning of this name is “little goddess”.

48. Kanon (Japanese origin) – there are two meanings, “flower” or “sound”.

49. Kaoru (Japanese origin) – “fragrant”.

50. Kiko (Japanese origin) – Kiko can either mean “glad” or “rejoicing child”.

51. Lina (latin origin) –  meaning “palm tree”.

52. Maki (Japanese origin) – meaning “truth tree”.

53. Masami (Japanese origin) – meaning “become beautiful”.

54. Mayu (Japanese origin) – there are many meanings to this name but the common ones are “true” or “gentleness”

55. Mei (English origin) – meaning “the fifth month”.

56. Michiko (Japanese origin) – meaning “child of beautiful wisdom”.

57. Misaki (Japanese origin) – meaning “beautiful bloom”.

58. Miwa (Japanese origin) – meaning “beautiful music”.

59. Miyako (Japanese origin) – meaning “beautiful night”.

60. Moriko (Japanese origin) – meaning “forest”.

61. Nanami (Japanese origin) – meaning “seven seas”.

62. Naomi (Hebrew origin) - meaning “pleasant one”.

63. Riko (Japanese origin) – meaning  “jasmine” or “truth”.

64. Saki (Japanese origin) – meaning “blossom” or “hope”.

65. Sora (Japanese origin) – meaning “sky”.

66. Yasu (Japanese origin) – meaning “calm”.

Cute Girl Anime Names

Your girl character deserves a super cute Anime name.

If you want to have your pick at cute or ‘kawaii’ anime girl names with significant meanings, here is the list for you. These names can be used for a wide range like naming your future baby to naming your gaming character.

67. Ai (Japanese origin) – is the Japanese word for “love”.

68. Ayu (Japanese origin) – which means “gorgeous”. This name is perfect for a girl character.

69. Chinatsu (Japanese origin) – this name can mean “thousand summers” or “wise summer”.

70. Fubuki (Japanese origin) – this name translates to “snowstorm”.

71. Kanna (Japanese origin) – means “summer waves”.

72. Kobato (Japanese origin)  – is the Japanese word for “pigeon”.

73. Latifa (Arabic origin) – this name can either mean “gentle” or “pleasant”.

74. Madoka (Japanese origin) – this name has three meanings, “circle”, “flower’ or ‘aroma”.

75. Naru (Japanese origin) – means “to become”.

76. Nene (Japanese origin) – means “tranquil”.

77. Rika (Japanese origin) – means “always strong”.

78. Rikka (Teutonic origin) – means “tranquil leader’.

79. Uiharu (Japanese origin) – translates to “early spring”.

80. Yui (Japanese origin) – means “conclusion”.

Unique Anime Girl Names

A few people like to be a little more unique when it comes to naming their girl characters. Whether it is anime, manga, novels, gaming or other artistic platforms, there will always be that handful that prefers more unique names. Here is a list of some unique anime character names for your female anime characters.

81. Akihiro (Japanese origin) – translates to the “great brightness”.

82. Amaterasu (Japanese origin) – means “shining heaven”.

83. Arata (Japanese origin) – there are two meanings to this name, “new” or “fresh”.

84. Atsuko (Japanese origin) – atsuko translates to “kind child”.

85. Atsushi (Japanese origin) – means either “director” or “leader”.

86. Ayaka (Japanese origin) – means a “vibrant flower”.

87. Ayame (Japanese origin) – is the translation for the “iris of the eyes”.

88. Ayumu (Japanese origin) – means “vision”.

89. Chie (Japanese origin) – mean either “intellect” or “wise”.

90. Chiharu (Japanese origin) – means “a thousand seasons of spring”.

91. Chinatsu (Japanese origin) – means “a thousand seasons of summer”.

92. Daiki (Japanese origin) – is the Japanese word for “very noble and great”.

93. Daisuke (Japanese origin) – means to be “very helpful”.

94. Emi (Japanese origin) – translates to “great blessing”.

95. Emiko (Japanese origin) – means “blessed child”.

96. Etsuko (Japanese origin) – means “happy child”.

97. Fumiko (Japanese origin) – means “beautiful child”.

98. Hideko (Japanese Origin) –means “excellent child”.

99. Isamu (Japanese origin) – translates to being “courageous”.

100. Itsuki (Japanese origin) – is the Japanese word for “timber trees”.

101. Junko (Japanese origin) – means to be an “obedient child”.

102. Kiku (Japanese origin) – is the Japanese word for “chrysanthemums”.

103. Kiyomi (Japanese origin) – translates to “pure beauty”.

104. Maki (Japanese origin) – means “hope”.

105. Michiko (Japanese origin) – means “wise child”.

106. Minori (Japanese origin) - “truth”.

107. Miyuki (Japanese origin) – “wonderful blessing”.

108. Mizuki (Japanese origin) - “beautiful moon”.

109. Nobuko (Japanese origin) – “trustworthy”.

110. Riko (Japanese origin) – meaning “child of truth”.

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