Top 100 Apache Names With Meanings And History

There are many adventurous Apache names with deep meanings behind them.

The birth of a baby is similar to the birth of an adventurer starting a new journey of their life.

As parents, you are probably looking for a cute and strong baby name for your little adventurer. You can look for some unique Apache names for your little baby to signify this warrior in them.

Apache is the name given to the warriors' people, and they called themselves 'Ndee', meaning people. It is derived from the North American Indians who had played an essential role in the history of the South West. The names used by the Apache varied from tribe to tribe. But the common aspect of all the names was that they were based on the characters and features of the children or the parents. With this in mind, we have prepared a list of names which are related to the great Apaches and also detailed into the history of the names.

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Unique Boys' Apache Names

Naming your boy after the Apache can be a great way of designating him as a warrior. Here, we have collected unique boy's names from the Apaches.

1.Alchesay meaning "warrior chief". Many Apache chiefs were named Alchesay by their people.

2.Ahtahkakoop means "star blanket". It was the name of an early 19th-century Cree tribe chief of the Apache tribe.

3.Bipin meaning "forest". A lot of the Apache warriors used the forests as shields and points of advantage. They were called Bipins and this eventually became one of the famous Native American Indian names for babies.

4.Bimisi meaning "slippery".

5.Baishan meaning "knife". A famous leader of the Apache tribe of the 19th century bore this name.

6.Calian means "warrior".

7.Cochise meaning "oak". A renowned Chiricahua Apache chief who lived in the oak wood forest had this name.

8.Dahkeya meaning "eternal". The strong and eternal warriors of the Apache nation were given this term as a badge of honor. This then became one of the famous Apache names.

9.Diablo meaning "devil".

10.Elan meaning "evergreen".

11.Eknath meaning "saint'". This term comes from a famous Native Indian saint, who was a great worshiper of Lord Krishna.

12.Goyathlay meaning "yawn". An Apache leader fought the Mexican and American army off his kingdom singlehandedly. He had this name.

13.Haroldas means "ruler". The rulers of the Eastern Apache warriors bore this name.

14.Juh meaning "seeing ahead". He was the leader of the Janeros tribe of the Chiricahua Apache.

15.Jacy meaning "the face of the moon".

16.Japa means "chant".

17.Loco means "insane". He was a warrior chief of an Apache tribe.

18.Medah means "a prophet". Most of the priests of the Native American Apache tribe named their baby boy as Medah.

19.Nitis means "friend". One of the Apache Tribes who were famous for their friendship had this name.

20.Naiche meaning "mischief-maker". He was the son of Cochise and was a very famous leader of the Apache tribe. But he was more famous for his mischievous nature!

21.Ouray meaning "sharp as an arrow".

22.Quanah meaning "sweet".

23.Raini means "creator".

24.Sahale means "falcon".

25.Victorio meaning "victory". He was a renowned chief of the Apache nation. He made so many changes in the Apache community that his name became one of the most famous Native American names.

Unique Girl's Apache Name

(A unique Apache name for your little daughter will make her stand out.

Girls are known to be born warriors and giving them an Apache name would be a gift for them. Here we have listed some unique girl's Apache names.

26.Alopay means "quick". She was a leader of the women Apache people.

27.Aiyana meaning "blooming flower".

28.Aviaja meaning "positive".

29.Bina means "musical instrument". It is a famous musical instrument of India.

30.Dahteste meaning "strong". She was a powerful woman warrior of the Apache tribes.

31.Doba means '"clever". The Native American people use this name for the studious girls. The history of this name trails back to the very clever girls of the Apache.

32.Ekta meaning "unity".

33.Ela meaning "earth". A prominent woman chief of the Apache bore this name.

34.Gouyen meaning 'wise women. She was a tribal chief of the Chiricahua Apache.

35.Halona meaning "fortune".

36.Ih-Tedda means "youth". A lot of the Apache women warriors were very young. This was their name.

37.Kushala means "safe". The Native Indian people used this name to describe the girls who had special talents and abilities.

38.Kaydee means "plane".

39.Liluye means "hawk singing".

40.Lozen meaning "brave" and she was the sister of the Apache chief, Victorio.

41.Maa-ya-ha meaning "caring". It was the name of a famous grandmother Nellie in the Apache tribe.

42.Maiara means "wise". The Apache leaders had wise people as their administrators. Those wise people used this name for their babies.

43.Nayeli means "love".

44.Nalin means "maiden". This term comes from the old Native American Indian history. In India, the lotus flower was called Nalin.

45.Nascha means "owl". The Apache people had warriors who attacked the enemies with stealth at night. The babies of those warriors had this name.

46.Onawa means "awake". A lot of the Apache chiefs devoted sleepless nights for the betterment of the tribe. It was the name used for their children.

47.Quanah meaning "sweet".

48.Sonsee meaning "morning star".

49.Sacnite means "white flower".

50.Tarhe meaning "strong". The warriors of the Apache army, who considered themselves powerful, used this term for their girls.

Navajo Boys' Names

The Navajo tribes were the Native American Indian hunter farmers. They had some unique names for their children, which varied from tribe to tribe. Here we have prepared a list of some unique and popular Native American Navajo tribe names for boys.

51.Ahiga meaning "fight".

52.Ashkii Dighin means "holy boy". The Apache tribal people's priests used this name for their babies if they were born at some holy place. It is one of the famous Apache names.

53.Atsa means "eagle". In the Native American Apache language, the bird eagle was called Atsa, this became a name for the babies.

54.Atsidi meaning "hammer". The people who were mostly workers and used tools like hammers used this as their babies' names.

55.Bidzill meaning "strong".

56.Bisahalani meaning "orator". The people with good orator skills preferred this name for their babies.

57.Gaagi means "raven". It was the native American baby names to describe the bird, Raven.

58.Hashkeh Naabah means "angry warriors". The Native American Apache warriors who had a very bad temper used this name for their babies.

59.Hastiin meaning "man".

60.Klah means "left-handed". The tribes used this term for those babies who were left-handed. It is one of the rarest cases when a name is given to a child after some growth.

61.Naalyehe meaning "trader". The traders of the Apache community used this term as a name for their children.

62.Niichaad means "swollen". The name has its history related to those who had any swollen body parts during birth.

63.Niyol meaning "wind".

64.Sani means "old one". The Apache people used this name for those born to the oldest members of the Eastern Apache people.

65.Shiye means "son". The Apache used this term for the babies of those who had their first child or first son.

66.Tahoma means "water's edge".

67.Tse means "rock".

68.Tsela means "falling stars". It is one of the famous Native American baby names for stars.

69.Tsiish'ili means "curly-haired". The term was used for those babies who had curly hairs. This name was chosen for the Apache chief Cochise for his curly hair but was changed later.

70.Yas means "snow". The Apache used this term for the babies who had very fair skin.

Navajo Girls' Names

The Navajo tribes named their girls with beautiful baby names. So you might consider using these baby names for your girls too! Here is the list of some unique Navajo Apache names for girls:

71.Ajel means "heart".

72.Awee means "baby".

73.Asdza means "women".

74.Chooli means "mountain".

75.Dezba means "war". The Apache people used this name for those whose mothers fought in any war.

76.Doba means "peace".

77.Doli means "bluebird". It was a name given by the Apache to a specific bird called the bluebird. This term is a famous Native American Indian term used for dolls.

78.Haseya means "rise".

79.Haloke means "salmon". It was the Apache term for the salmon fish.

80.Lina means "life".

81.Johona means "sunny". It is another famous Native American baby names for the Sun.

82.Mai means "flower".

83.Manaba means "returning to war". It was a name for those who were born warriors.

84.Mosi means "cat". It was an Apache term for cats.

85.Nascha means "owl".

86.Ooljee means "moon". It was the Apache term for the bright moon.

87.Sialea-lea means "little bluebird". The Apache gave this name to the children of the bluebird.

88.Tibah means "grey". It was the term used by the Apache for a grey color.

89.Tsintah means "forest".

90.Yanaha means "brave". This name was for the brave-hearted warriors of the Apache nation.

Unisex Navajo Names

(You can opt for a gender-neutral Apache Navajo names too.

Many Navajo names can be used for both boys and girls. Here are a few unisex Apache Navajo baby names:

91.Hozshona means "beautiful".

92.Jaan was the Apache form of John.

93.Kii means "good".

94.Lilakai means "white horse".

95.Naalnish means "working".

96.Sani means "old". It was the name of those who were born to old Apache members.

97.Shizhe'e means "heavenly figure". This name was for the babies of some prominent personalities.

98.Sik'is means "friend". The Apache used this term for the friendly tribes.

99.T'iis means "cotton-wool". It was the Navajo form of cotton buds.

100.Tyrannus means "reigning". It was the name of the prince or princess who ruled any Apache tribe or nation.

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