Top 118 Arabic Boy Names

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Did you know that there are eleven different ways to say "love" in Arabic?

The most common, "hubb", comes from the same root word as the Arabic word for "seed"; because love has the potential to grow and blossom into something beautiful. If you're searching for the perfect baby name for your baby boy, there are many poignant and meaningful names that are derived from the beautiful Arabic language.

Arabic baby names are most popular in the Middle East, where the language originates, but can also be found in areas of the world such as the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, and northern Africa.

Whether you're looking for a baby name that's popular or something that will stand out from the crowd, Arabic has some brilliant options for your baby boy. These Arabic baby names each carry an interesting meaning in the Arabic language. These meanings include names of spiritual importance, names related to nature and the earth, and names that show strength and personality. Although they are often quite short, Arabic boy baby names are built on centuries of naming tradition and may just include the perfect choice for your baby boy.

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Popular Arabic Names For Boys

These brilliant Arabic male names are very popular in the Arab world and other places around the globe that have been influenced by the culture of Arabia. These short Arabic boy names often carry spiritual meaning, but are popular regardless of faith too.

1) Abdul, which means "servant to God".

2) Adil, which means "wise" or "insightful".

3) Adnan, which means "settler".

4) Ahmad, which means "praiseworthy".

5) Ajmal, which means "very handsome".

6) Akeem, which means "knowledgeable" or "wise".

7) Amir, which means "prince".

8) Arif, which means "knowing" or "expert".

9) Haris, which means "cultivator".

10) Hassan, which means "handsome".

11) Ibrahim, which means "father of many".

12) Jabir, which means "one who comforts".

13) Kahlil, which means "close friend".

14) Karim, which means "generous or noble person".

15) Muhammed, which means "to praise" or "to thank".

16) Mustafa, which means "chosen one".

17) Omar, which means "to flourish" or "to thrive".

18) Rafiq, which means "kind or compassionate friend".

19) Rahim, which means "to be kind" or "show mercy".

20) Said, which means "happy" or "lucky".

21) Shahid, which means "witness".

22) Tahir, which means "virtuous" or "pure".

23) Waleed, which means "newly born baby".

24) Yusuf, which means "God shall add".

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Contemporary Arabic Baby Names For Boys

These unique Arabic boy names are fresh and modern. However, they are also able to retain the class of Arabic name traditions. In this mix of cute boy names and Muslim names for boys, you might be able to find the perfect name choice for your baby boy.

25) Anwar, which means "brighter".

26) Amal, which means "to have hope".

27) Bassam, which means "smiling".

28) Ehsan, which means "charitable".

29) Fahim, which means "scholar" or "learned man".

30) Farhan, which means "happy" or "cheerful".

31) Ghufran, which means "forgiveness".

32) Hakim, which means "wise".

33) Halil, which means "intimate friend".

34) Jamal, which means "handsome" or "beautiful".

35) Kadin, which means "friend" or "companion".

34) Latif, which means "kindness" or "gentleness".

35) Mahdi, which means "guided well".

36) Mansour, which means "has divine help".

37) Maruf, which means "favour" or "kindness".

38) Murtaza, which means "chosen".

39) Musharraf, which means "to be honoured".

40) Nasir, which means "supporter".

41) Rashad, which means "good sense".

42) Rayyan, which means "luxuriant".

43) Salem, which means "safe" or "protected".

44) Sharif, which means "honest" or "truthful".

45) Shukri, which means "thanking".

46) Talib, which means "one who seeks".

47) Tariq, which means "one who knocks on the door at night".

48) Wasim, which means "handsome".

49) Zameer, which means "beautiful voice".

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Arabic Names For Boys Inspired By Famous People

There are a number of famous celebrities whose names are derived from Arabic, including famous politicians, sportsmen, and actors. Perhaps one of these Arabic baby names could be the perfect choice for your baby boy.

50) Aladdin, which means "peak of faith". This Arabic name was made popular in the west by the 1992 Disney children's film Aladdin, in which the character Aladdin discovers a magic lamp with an incredible genie inside.

51) Barack, which means "blessing". Former US President Barack Obama, who is of Kenyan descent, is the most famous person with this Arabic boy name.

52) Farah, which means "joy". British long-distance runner Mo Farah, who won four Olympic gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, is the most famous holder of this Arabic name.

53) Hedi, which means "leader" or "guide". This Arabic name is known for being that of Hedi Slimane, a famous French photographer and fashion designer.

54) Idris, which means "interpreter". This name is well-known in the UK as a result of the fame of the British actor Idris Elba.

55) Kareem, which means "generous or noble person". This Arabic boys' name was made famous by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is widely seen as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

56) Khalid, which means "lives forever". This Arabic boy name gained fame as a result of the rise of the American singer Khalid.

57) Malik, which means "king". This Muslim name is well-known in the UK thanks to pop star Zain (Zayn) Malik.

58) Mohamed, which means "to praise" or "to thank". This name is popular throughout the Muslim world, and is famous in the UK because of British Olympic long-distance runner Mohamed "Mo" Farah and Liverpool's Egyptian footballer, Mohamed Salah.

59) Muhammad, which means "to praise" or "to thank". This name is the most common name in the Arabic world, and is well-known for being the name taken by one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, following his conversion to Islam.

60) Riyad, which means "garden". This name has increased in popularity due to Riyad Mahrez, an Algerian footballer who plays for Manchester City.

61) Rizwan, which means "satisfaction". This Arabic baby name has become more popular thanks to Rizwan "Riz" Ahmed, a British actor and rapper.

62) Sadiq, which means "loyal" or "true". This Arabic baby name is perhaps best known as that of the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

63) Salah, which means "righteousness". This name is well-known in the UK due to the popularity of Liverpool footballer Mohamed Salah, who is from the Arabic-speaking country of Egypt in North Africa.

64) Salman, which means "safe". This Arabic boys' name is known for being that of the British-Indian author Salman Rushdie.

65) Zain, which means "beauty" or "grace". This name was made popular in the UK by former One Direction star Zain Malik, although he goes by the stage name "Zayn".

66) Zinedine, which means "beauty of religion". Former French footballer and current Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is a famous bearer of this Arabic name, having been born to Algerian Muslim parents.

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Strong Arabic Boy Names

These Arabic baby boy names are strong and courageous, with lots of personality and life. All of these popular boy names are Arabic boy names with meaning, and are some brilliant options if you're looking for the perfect Arabic baby name.

67) Abbas, which means "stern".

68) Asim, which means "protector".

69) Askari, which means "soldier".

70) Azzam, which means "resolute".

71) Cairo, which means "one who is victorious".

72) Emir, which means "chief" or "commander".

73) Faisal, which means "judge".

74) Fayez, which means "victorious".

75) Fazil, which means "superior".

76) Hamza, which means "strong" or "steadfast".

77) Ikram, which means "honour".

78) Jabari, which means "courageous".

79) Jabbar, which means "powerful".

80) Jahid, which means "hard worker".

81) Jalil, which means "great" or "exalted".

82) Kader, which means "power".

83) Mamadou, which means "powerful".

84) Saif, which means "sword".

85) Shahzad, which means "prince" or "son of the king".

86) Sultan, which means "ruler" or "king".

87) Tamir, which means "rich man".

88) Yasin, which means "famous" or "wealthy".

89) Qadir, which means "full of power".

Arabic Boy Names Inspired By Nature

The beauty of the Arabic language means there are many Arabic names with a meaning that concerns nature. These Arabic boy names are some of the most perfect baby boy names that take their meaning from Mother Nature. From rivers and oceans to mountains and valleys, these Arabic names are beautiful and full of meaning.

90) Badr, which means "full moon".

91) Ghayth, which means "rain".

92) Haytham, which means "young eagle".

93) Jafar, which means "small stream".

94) Leith, which means "lion".

95) Noor, which means "light".

96) Rabi, which means "springtime".

97) Riaz, which means "meadows" or "garden".

98) Samir, which means "mountain" or "hill".

99) Zaire, which means "river".

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Traditional Baby Boy Names In Arabic

Some Arabic names have been in use for over 1,500 years. Many traditional Arabic boys' names descend from important figures in the Islamic faith, or other important leaders of the Arabic world. If you're searching for the perfect baby boy name with a meaningful heritage, these Arabic baby boy names could be a fantastic choice.

100) Abdullah, which means "servant to God".

101) Ahmed, which means "praiseworthy".

102) Ali, which means "high" or "exalted".

103) Aman, which means "God with us".

104) Bashar, which means "bringing good news".

105) Farouk, which means "able to distinguish between right and wrong".

106) Habib, which means "beloved" or "darling".

107) Hafiz, which means "guardian" or "custodian".

108) Hamid, which means "to praise".

109) Hosni, which means "good looking".

110) Hussein, which means "beautiful" or "handsome".

111) Iqbal, which means "fortunate".

112) Irfan, which means "knowledge" or "awareness".

113) Mahmud, which means "praising" or "thanking".

114) Masood, which means "good luck".

115) Nadir, which means "beloved" or "uncommon".

116) Saladin, which means "religious righteousness".

117) Shakir, which means "thankful".

118) Zakariyya, which means "God remembers".


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