Top 31 Archie Bunker Quotes From 'All In The Family'

Television in the '90s was so entertaining!

Archie Bunker is a fictional character from the '70s American television sitcom 'All In The Family.'

Bunker is a World War II veteran, family man, and a blue-collar worker in the series. He is one of the primary characters in the series.

Played by Carroll O'Conner, Bunker used to say his wife Edith was a dingbat. This was due to the shrilly voice and the flighty demeanor that Edith shows over the years in the series. In the later episodes, Edith dies, leaving her husband Archie, a widower, to care for Gloria, their daughter. Even though there were pleas made not to let the character Edith die, it was to no avail. Jean Stapleton didn't want to be in the show anymore.

Jean Stapleton had this to say to The Associated Press in 1979, "My decision is to go out into the world and do something else. I'm not constituted as an actress to remain in the same role. My identity as an actress is in jeopardy if I invested my entire career in Edith Bunker."

After the death of Edith Bunker, the show was re-titled as 'Archie's Place.' As all good things come to an end, this show ended. The actor who played Archie died on 21 June 2001 after he suffered from a heart attack. The thing you might not know is that the creators first offered the role to Mickey Rooney. He declined the role politely as he was concerned about how the audience would react to the dislike of minorities and was also worried about the bigotry that the character showed.

The show 'All In The Family' was broadcasted for nine seasons on CBS television from 12 January 1971 to 8 April 1979. In September of '79, the show continued with 'Archie's Place', a spinoff series. This continued right from where 'All In The Family' left and went on air for four more seasons. The last season of 'Archie's Place' aired in 1983.

This sitcom was actually based on 'Till Death Do Us Part', a British sitcom. The show featured Carroll O'Conner as Archie Bunker, Jean Stapleton as his wife Edith Bunker, Sally Struthers as his daughter Gloria Stivic, Rob Reiner as Gloria's husband Michael "Meathead" Stivic and finally Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie Mills.

Overall, the show gave so many memories to all the people who watched the show in those days. And as the trend is repeating, people are getting back on the old television sitcoms. It has made days great for the people and it continues to do so for the ones who are catching up on this show. If you cannot watch the complete series, you can still know the experience and humorous antics the show offers to you. Dive in to read great, funny quotes by Archie Bunker up ahead.

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Famous Archie Bunker Quotes On Health

Archie Bunker was a funny character who made many of us laugh. How can he leave the sector of health without joking about it? So, here are some of the funny quotes from our dear Archie Bunker that can make us laugh. The pronunciation of the words or the way he has misspoken some words can actually make anyone laugh out loud.

1. "Could I get gangroon out of that?"

- Archie Bunker.

2. "In her elastic stockings, next to her very close veins."

- Archie Bunker.

3. "Don't be hollerin' at him, will ya, you'll give him a mental sterosis."

- Archie Bunker.

4. "You have turned into a pyronymphiac."

- Archie Bunker.

5. "How about what I done for you in the bottle there? Ya know, the eulogy test."

- Archie Bunker to the doctor.

6. "When a boy’s coming into poobertyhood."

- Archie Bunker.

Funny Archie Bunker Quotes On Government

Fake news just like Archie told us.

Politics is a segment that cannot be left untouched in comedy. It does not matter whether it is a show from the old days or the days from now, comedy will always touch politics. It can be a satire or to just make fun of how government works. Here are some Archie Bunker quotes on politics that can make you laugh.

7. "No taxation without regimentation."

- Archie Bunker.

8. "The rules are written by the bureaucraps."

- Archie Bunker.

9. "Some system of judaspudence we got here."

- Archie Bunker.

10. "Ya better keep a civilian tongue in your head."

- Archie Bunker.

11. "When you’re workin’ with invalids there, especially a lotta kinda decrapid old people."

- Archie Bunker.

12. "You ain’t got no qualifications."

- Archie Bunker.

13. "Ordinary tradegies of war."

- Archie Bunker.

14. "Making suppository remarks about our country."

- Archie Bunker.

15. "Legitimate reality company."

- Archie Bunker.

Archie Bunker Quotes To Edith

Couple fight represents the love between Archie and Edith Bunker.

Even the beloved wife Edith wasn't spared from the funny character's remarks. The way he talked and replied to her will make you crack a smile. Not only that, you can also get some Archie Bunker meathead quotes here. After all, that's what he used to call his son-in-law, right?

16. "Next time you want to time something, Edith, just let the sand run out of your head."

- Archie Bunker, 'All in the Family', Season 2: The Man in the Street.'

17. "Edith, somebody's gotta be dead; that's life."

- Archie Bunker, 'All in the Family', Season 4: Archie and the Computer.'

18. "This ain't something a man usually tells a woman: I love you, Edith."

- Archie Bunker, 'All in the Family', Season 4: Archie in the Cellar.'

19. Archie: "C'mon, give me your opinion, straight from the dingbat."

Edith: "Well, I think you should mind your own business."

Archie: "Who asked you?"

- 'All in the Family'.

20. Archie: "I wake up on a Saturday morning, I'm all alone. There's no note, no nothing. There's nobody here."

Edith: "Mike was home."

Archie: "Like I said, there was nobody here."

- 'All in the Family'.

21. Mike: "We're all family here."

Archie: "Don't remind me!"

- 'All in the Family'.

22. Mike: "Would you stand up and cheer if it was me at the door?"

Archie: "Well that depends, Meathead, on whether you was coming in or going out."

- 'All in the Family'.

Best Archie Bunker Quotes

Sometimes, comedy is not just about funny quotes. It can also fire up your brain and make you think about the statement. These are some of those brainy quotes by the character Archie. These can make you laugh but also make you think as these are pretty smart quotes.

23. "Like the old adverb you can lead a gift horse to the water but ya can't look in his mouth."

- Archie Bunker.

24. "Just 'cause there's snow in the basement don't mean there ain't no fire in the roof!"

- Archie Bunker.

25. "Maybe my mind chewed off more than the mind should bite."

- Archie Bunker.

26. "There’s an old saying, 'Ya don’t keep runnin’ after you catch the bus.'"

- Archie Bunker.

27. "The atheist religion don’t believe in the Bible."

- Archie Bunker.

28. "If everything is good in the henhouse, you see don’t have to go out for eggs."

- Archie Bunker.

29. "That woman is liable to come at you like Doberman’s Pincher."

- Archie Bunker.

30. "One good egg in a barrel of rotten apples."

- Archie Bunker.

31. "In fifty years, he never worked a day. To him, nine to five was odds on a horse."

- Archie Bunker.

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