Top 20 Arin Hanson Quotes All Games Grumps Fans Should Know

'Games Grumps' fans love Arin Hanson for his voice-acting in video games

Arin Joseph Hanson is an American Internet personality, voice actor, and animator.

Arin Hanson is also known by his Internet pseudonym Egoraptor and is popular for his internet animations. Arin Hanson is the cofounder and co-star of the popular Youtube 'Let's Play' web series 'Game Grumps'.

He is also a member of the video game based parody musical trio Starbomb.  He has also created various animated web series on his youtube channel 'Egoraptor' including 'The Awesome Series', in which he parodies several video game franchises as well as 'Sequelitis' in which he humorously and critically compares the quality of the video game to one of its sequels. He has also voice acted for many video games and various shows.

Arin Hanson co-founded 'Game Grumps' in 2012 together with Jon Jafari. In addition to hosting 'Game Grumps', he animated a number of 'Game Grumps' animated videos for the youtube channel. On Game Grumps Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan play video games and talk with comedic effect.

The popularity of the 'Game Grumps' led to live performances at Hollywood Improv in march 2016. The event led to many other performances in New York and other locations on the East Coast which also led to further shows across the United States and Internationally through their own touring company. 'Games Grumps' developed and published two of their own video games, such as 'Soviet Jump Game'.

Arin Hanson has narrated many game trivia episodes of 'Did you Know Gaming', a series of unclear facts in video games. He has also narrated some videos on 'Grand Theft Auto', 'Star Fox',  'Mega Man', 'Mario', 'Pokemon', and 'Kirby' series. You'll find plenty of meaningful 'Game Grumps' quotes, plus some Arin Hanson quotes about 'League Of Legends'.

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Arin Hanson Best Quotes

Arin Hanson fans are crazy about his 'Games Grumps' which is a 'Let's Play' web series hosted by Arin and Dan Avidan. These are some best quotes that all the 'Game Grumps' fans should know.

1. "You gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself..."

- Arin Hanson.

2. "[You gotta say] What am I willing to put up with today?"

- Arin Hanson.

3. "You could build the Parthenon in just 100 seconds."

- Arin Hanson.

4. "Well, I live on a planet called Earth. The population is six millbillion or something."

- Arin Hanson.

5. "How am I supposed to watch an anime on a sushi."

- Arin Hanson.

Funny Arin Hanson Quotes

Funny faces enjoying Arin Hanson quote game.

In this section, you can find all the funny quotes by Arin Hanson.

6. "You know what they say: A bee in the hand is, like, 'OW!'"

- Arin Hanson.

7. "I swear to god, there's like, 10 chickens in this game, that I have no idea about."

- Arin Hanson.

Stupid Arin Hanson Quotes

Here are some stupid quotes for all the 'Game Grumps' fans.

8. "Being different isDLJBh;ueavbj;asdfadskljbqj;kl dsfjkqfioedsaffaksd;jkbe QJBIEORBJERJLGE JFqerf *inhale* abaua;viofqkebm vk'uoh;l krvasdhv qofpuiborAJWIEGOJBaa/b/zbj8klwef aaaf *hiccup*."

- Arin Hanson.

9. "At the age of six, I was born without a face."

- Arin Hanson.

10. " I'll be able to put on all my shoes."

- Arin Hanson.

11. "Don’t judge me, I can make what I want - I can make my own sandwich."

- Arin Hanson.

Arin Hanson Inspirational Quotes

Here are some Arin Hanson inspirational quotes that all 'Games Grumps' fans should know.

12. "It's not cheating if you can do it."

- Arin Hanson.

13. "You can’t open up the story of my life and just go to page 738 and think you know me."

- Arin Hanson.

Arin Hanson Stupid Quotes

Some hilarious quotes for the YouTubers and 'Game Grumps' fans.

14. "I'm the video game boy! I'm the one who wins!"

- Arin Hanson.

15. "One day I went to the store, and I saw a guy named Geore. I said where was the G and he lost it in the war."

- Arin Hanson.

Arin Hanson Animation Quotes

These are some animation quotes for the game grumps fans.

This section is all about the animation quotes from the game.

16. "This time for real is real. This time is it, this done, we're everywhere. How many times?"

- Arin Hanson.

17. "If space is nothingness then how do we compare speeds other than to comparing planets by how speed they fast each other?"

- Arin Hanson.

Best Arin Hanson Quotes

Here are some best quotes from Arin Hanson for all the different group of gamers around, and group of Youtubers around.

18. "Everything's a joke."

- Arin Hanson.

19. "Hey guys. I'm smiling Arin turnip. Telling you to stay in school. Don't do drugs! Eat your teeth."

- Arin Hanson.

20. "I'm gonna need some ketchup for all those harsh-browns you're serving right now."

- Arin Hanson.

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