Top 120 Awesome Australian Girl Names

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Whether you reside in Australia or you simply want inspiration for baby or character names outside of your own country, this article provides you the names and meanings of the top 120 girl names in the country including the most popular names girls were given in the past five years.

You will probably meet quite a few Charlottes in Australia, as well as a few Willows and Lunas since those three names have topped the most common female Australian names list for the past five years. Olivia and Ava are other popular names for girls in Australia.

Australia has about 250 indigenous languages with more than 100 Aboriginal dialects. Some of these languages and dialects have become endangered, so use of their names provides a method of keeping alive the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander languages. In some cases, original spellings have been lost, largely due to European settlers misspelling them on documents. This list includes many beautiful traditional Australian baby girl names in this language amongst other more modern names. Many popular Australian names today tend to be of British origin since England was the first foreign nation to immigrate to the country.

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Popular Australian Girls' Names

Perhaps you want to know the current top girl names in Australia for ideas. Here are the top 10 girls’ names in use in Australia for 2019, the most recent year for which data is available so you can find out the most popular girl names. These most popular appear in order of popularity.

1. Amelia (Australian Origin) meaning “hardworking; industrious; fertile”

2. Isla/Islay (Australian Origin) meaning “rocky place”

3. Charlotte (English Origin) meaning “freeman”

4. Ava (Australian Origin) meaning “bird”

5. Olivia (Australian Origin) meaning “woman close to the olive tree”

6. Mia (Australian Origin) meaning “dear to all”; also a reference to the town Mia Mia

7. Lily (English Origin) meaning “a flower” references lilies of the valley or daylilies

8. Willow (English Origin) meaning “willow tree”

9. Sophia (Greek Origin) meaning “wisdom”

10. Zoe (Greek Origin) meaning “alive; life”

Traditional Australian Girls' Names

Pretty girl adorned with rose headband wearing her beautiful smile.

Names for girls in Australia often include the breathtakingly beautiful native names. In general, Australian Aboriginal languages place the accent on the first and the second to last syllable, although as some languages fell into disuse, the nation lost the original pronunciations for these Australian names for girls.

11. Aabroo (Australian Origin) meaning “fame”

12. Aaina (Australian Origin) meaning “mirror”

13. Aaishah (Australian Origin) meaning “lively person”

14. Aakifah (Australian Origin) meaning “devoted”

15. Aalaa (Australian Origin) meaning “highest”

16. Aalia (Australian Origin) meaning “exalted”

17. Aaliyah (Australian Origin) meaning “to ascend”

18. Aara (Australian Origin) meaning “adoring”

19. Aarani (Australian Origin) meaning “beautiful”

20. Aarzoo (Australian Origin) meaning “wish”

21. Aasimah (Australian Origin) meaning “protector”

22. Aasiya (Australian Origin) meaning “precious”

23. Aayla (Australian Origin) meaning “top of the mountain”

24. Abaigael (Australian Origin) meaning “gives joy”

25. Abeba (Australian Origin) meaning “flower”

26. Abena (Australian Origin) meaning “born on Tuesday”

27. Abi (Australian Origin) meaning “goddess”

28. Abigail (Australian Origin) meaning “leads a monastery”

29. Abilene (Australian Origin) meaning “a plain” referring to the geographical feature

30. Abla (Australian Origin) meaning “perfectly formed”

31. Adalet (Australian Origin) meaning “justice”

32. Adalyn (Australian Origin) meaning “noble”

33. Adanne (Australian Origin) meaning “mother's daughter”

34. Adeeba (Australian Origin) meaning “literary woman”

35. Adeena (Australian Origin) meaning “goddess”

36. Alinta (Australian Origin) meaning “fire”

37. Alira/Allira/Allyra (Australian Origin) meaning “translucent quartz”

38. Alisah (Australian Origin) meaning “great delight; great happiness”

39. Anele (Australian Origin) meaning “enough”; typically, the name given to the final child a couple has

40. Badia (Australian Origin) meaning “unprecedented”

41. Badiha (Australian Origin) meaning “insight”

42. Badra (Australian Origin) meaning “full moon”

43. Bahia (Australian Origin) meaning “nice”

44. Bahiya (Australian Origin) meaning “beautiful”

45. Baraa (Australian Origin) meaning “purity”

46. Basima (Australian Origin) meaning “smiling”

47. Bayan (Australian Origin) meaning “eloquence”

48. Celyse (Australian Origin) meaning “heavenly; lit from within”

49. Centaine (Australian Origin) meaning “individual; admirable; kind lover”

50. Ciji (Australian Origin) meaning a nickname for those with the initials C. G.

51. Cra (Australian Origin) meaning “decency; elegance”

52. Ella (Australian Origin) meaning “woman who enjoys life”

53. Evie (Australian Origin) meaning “woman who enjoys life”

54. Grace (Australian Origin) meaning “decency; special beauty”

55. Harper (Old English Origin) meaning “one who plays harp”

56. Ilina (Australian Origin) meaning “my God is Yahweh”

57. Iluka (Bunjalung Origin) meaning “by the sea”

58. Jedda (Noongar Origin) meaning “small wild goose”

59. Keira (Dharawal Origin) meaning “large lagoon; high mountain”

60. Killara (Dharug Origin) meaning “always there; permanent”; a suburb in Sydney also carries this name

61. Kylie (Noongar Origin) meaning “boomerang”

62. Kirra (Australian Origin) meaning “beautiful woman; life; dancing leaf; boomerang”; the word kirra appears in many Aboriginal peoples’ languages, hence the many name meanings and it’s also the name of a beach in Oz

63. Lowanna (Gumbaynggir/Palawa Origin) meaning “girl; woman”

64. Maali/Mali/Mahlee/Marli (Noongar Origin) meaning “black swan; old tree”

65. Medika (SA Origin) meaning “flower; blossom”

66. Ngarra (Dharug Origin) meaning “together with you”

67. Tarni/Tahnee (Kaurna Origin) meaning “sound of the surf”

68. Yindi (Yolngu Origin) meaning “child; sun”

Girls’ Names Inspired By Australian Nature

Australian culture remains one intrinsically tied to nature, especially its outback or wild lands. The bush country as it also gets referred to by it residents provides the inspiration for many popular names for girls.

69. Aase (Australian Origin) meaning “tree covered mountain; God”

70. Aayla (Australian Origin) meaning “mountain peak”

71. Acacia (Australian Origin) meaning “accacia tree”

72. Alirah (Australian Origin) meaning “quartz stone”

73. Allirea (Australian Origin) meaning “quartz”

74. Alyne (Australian Origin) meaning “sun’s ray; fair-haired, harmonious person”

75. Chloe (Australian Origin) meaning “blooming green shoot; fresh, ripe shoot”

76. Coen/Koen (Hebrew Origin) meaning “thunder”

77. Jarrah (Noongar Origin) meaning “a red eucalyptus tree”

78. Jiemba (Wiradjuri Origin) meaning “Venus; laughing star”

79. Minjarra (Ngarrawanji Origin) meaning “bush plum”

80. Waru (Pintupi/Luritja/Kalkadoon Origin) meaning “fire; the Milky Way”

81. Yarran (Wiradjuri Origin) meaning “Acacia tree”

Girls' Names Inspired By Places In Australia

Many popular baby names stem from place names in Australia whether named after a town, city, or beach. These baby names inspired by Australian places provide an ideal choice for lovely girl names.

82. Adelaide (Australian Origin) a reference to the city

83. Ballina (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

84. Callanna (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

85. Collerina (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

86. Kiara (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

87. Kyabra (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

88. Mia (Australian Origin) a reference to the town of Mia Mia

89. Sydney (Australian Origin) a reference to the place name Sydney, Australia home to the famed opera house

90. Talia (Australian Origin) a reference to the town

91. Victoria (Australian Origin) a reference to the region

A fabolous photo of the majestic Sidney Opera House.

Names Of Popular Australian Celebrities

Some of the most famous girl names you will find in Australia are well known by the rest of the world too, since many famous film and television actresses and singers come from Down Under. These girls' names also rank as some of the most common girl names in the nation.

92. Abbie rapper/actress Abbie Cornish who performs under the name Dusk; (American Origin) meaning "father's joy"

93. Cate actress Cate Blanchett; (Greek Origin) meaning "pure"

94. Greta actress Greta Scacchi; (German Origin) meaning "pearl"

95. Holly actress Holly Valance; (English/Irish Origin) meaning "dwelling in the hollow"

96. Jackie actress Jackie Weaver; (English Origin) meaning "supplanter"

97. Jacinda actress Jacinda Barrett; (English Origin) meaning "hyancinth"

98. Judy actress Judy Davis; (Hebrew Origin) meaning "praised"

99. Kylie musician/singer Kylie Minogue best known for her cover of “Locomotion”; (Noongar/Irish Origin) meaning "boomerang; graceful"

100. Margot actress Margot Robbie; (French Origin) meaning "pearl"

101. Melissa actress Melissa George; (Greek Origin) meaning "bee"

102. Miranda actress Miranda Otto; (Latin Origin) meaning "worthy of admiration"

103. Naomi actress Naomi Watts; (Hebrew Origin) meaning "pleasantness"

104. Nicole actress Nicole Kidman best known for “The Others” and “Eyes Wide Shut”; (Greek  Origin) meaning "people's victory"

105. Olivia singer/actress Olivia Newton-John best known for “Grease” and her Top 40 country and pop hits such as “Hopelessly Devoted”; (Latin Origin) meaning "olive"

106. Portia actress Portia de Rossi best known for “Sex and the City”; (Latin Origin) meaning "hog, pig, doorway "

107. Rachel actress Rachel Griffiths; (Hebrew Origin) meaning "ewe"

108. Rebel actress Rebel Wilson; (English/American Origin) meaning "rebellious one"

109. Rose actress Rose Byrne; (Latin Origin) meaning "the flower the rose"

110. Tahnee fashion model Tahnee Atkinson, winner of the 2009 Australia's Next Top Model competition; (Kaurna Origin) meaning "light brown"

111. Toni actress Toni Collette; (English Origin) meaning "worth of praise; priceless one"

European Baby Names Popular As Australian Girls' Names

Many European female names have remained popular in Australia and one American girls’ name has joined the list. You can find them on many a list of girls names, but in Oz you probably see them combined with an Aboriginal name to create more interesting girl names. Some of these refer to plants common to the country of origin in keeping with the importance of nature to Australians.

112. Daisy (English Origin) a reference to the daisy flower

113. Eden (English Origin) meaning “unspoiled paradise; place of great happiness”

114. Everly (English Origin) meaning “boar meadow”

115. Hallie (English Origin) meaning “heroine”

116. Ivy (English Origin) a reference to the creeping ivy vine

117. Jasmine (English Origin) a reference to the jasmine flower

118. Lara (American Origin) meaning “famous”

119. Remi (French Origin) meaning a “from Rheims”

120. Ruby (English Origin) a reference to the red gemstone

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