Top 107 Beautiful Hebrew Girl Names For Your Baby

Hebrew names are very popular as they are so beautiful.

According to Hebrew Scriptures,  people were named after the circumstances which suited them.

Hebrew people are Semitic-speaking Israelites. During the reign of the Roman Empire, Greek Hebraios were referred to as Jews in general.

Most of the Hebrew names are of Biblical origin. This is because the Bible has been mainly written in Hebrew. Hebrew names are very popular throughout the Western world, though their origins are often not known. Hebrew names are ancient and are some of the most popular names. They are very adorable and contain meanings. Hebrew first names first started being used after the exile to Babylon. There are over 3,000 active Biblical Hebrew names that are used worldwide, in today's times. Whether you are of Hebrew origin or someone who just loves the culture and wants to portray it through your child’s name, we have some of the top Hebrew baby girl names for you.

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Girl Names That Mean Gift From God

For your baby girl, consider a name that means “God’s gift”. Here are some elegant Hebrew names that mean the gift of god.

1. Anya meaning “Jehovah’s cloud”.

2. Dalia (Arabic, Hebrew origin) " flower, branch, gift”.

3. Dodie meaning "gift of God, well-loved gift".

4. Iva meaning “gift from God”.

5. Janina meaning “gift from God”. Janina Zione Gavankar is a popular actress and musician.

6. Janis meaning " God Yewaha is gracious". Janis Joplin the singer of 'Cry Baby'.

7. Joka meaning "gift from God".

8. Joyce meaning “belonging to God”. James Joyce was an Irish novelist, one of his famous works is 'Ulysses'.

9.  Micah meaning "one who resembles God, beautiful, gift of God". Actor Micah Stephen Williams is known for 'Good Luck Charlie'.

10. Mati meaning "gift of God Yahweh".

11. Shai meaning "gift, beautiful".

12. Yana meaning "God gifted, he answers".

Cute Hebrew Girls Names

Hebrew names are not just historical but very cute. Here are some cute baby girls names.

13. Avea meaning "birdlike".

14. Aviva meaning "spring-like". Actress Aviva Baumann is popular for her role as Nicola in the 'Judd Apatow'.

15. Alya (Hebrew, Turkish origin) meaning "oak tree, hallow, moonlight".

16. Bethany (Greek origin) meaning "house of figs". Taken from Hebrew name  Bet t'eina. Bethany Joy Lenz is famous for movies like 'Just My Type', 'Bottled With Love'.

17. Deborah meaning "a swarm of bees".

18. Elsa (Biblical origin) meaning "God is my oath". An abbreviated version of the Hebrew Elīsheba. Inspired by Queen Elsa from 'Frozen'.

19. Esther (Old Persian origin) meaning "star". Persian translation of the Hebrew name Hadassah. Inspired by the character of Esther from 'Vampire Diaries'.

20. Eve (English origin) referring to the first woman to ever walk on Earth. Derived from Hebrew Havah.

21. Ilana meaning "oak tree".

22. Joelle (French origin) meaning "Jehovah is his God". Derived from Hebrew Yō'ēl.

23. Leah meaning "weary, to tire".

24. Mariah (American origin) meaning "teacher". Derived from the Hebrew Moriya. Mariah Carey is given the title of 'Songbird Supreme' by Guinness world records.

25. Naamah meaning "sweetness, along with beauty and grace".

26. Naomi meaning "pleasantness". Naomi Scott is famous for her movie 'Aladdin'.

27. Rebecca meaning "servant of God". It is derived from the word 'Ribbqāh'. Rebecca Hall is known for movies like 'Iron Man 3', 'The Gift'.

28. Ruth meaning "compassionate friend". Actress Ruth Wilson is famous for 'Jane Eyre ', "Suburban Shootout'.

Joyful Hebrew Girl Names

Babies surely bring joy in our lives, baby names meaning joy can be the perfect name for your baby girl.

Names that mean joy can be the perfect naming options for your little bundle of joy. Here is a list of baby names for your beloved daughter meaning Joy.

29. Aby meaning "true, fathers joy". Diminutive of Abigale. The movie 'Aby' was released in 2017.

30. Abiah meaning "my father rejoices".

31. Diza meaning "joyous". Artist Diza is popular for hip-hop, rap music.

32. Gahl meaning "joy of my father".

33. Gayle meaning "cheerful, joyful, lively". Cris Gayle is a cricket player who plays for West Indies.

34. Geela meaning "eternal joy".

35. Gilal meaning "eternal joy".

36. Ghila meaning " joy of the lord".

37.  Hadah meaning "she who radiates joy, Yahwah is God".

38. Hadassas meaning "myrtle tree".

39. Hagia meaning "to fly swiftly, bird, festive, joyful".

40. Hagit meaning "festive, joyful".

41. Hanna meaning "garden, happiness, joy, grace". Hanna Baker from the popular series '13 Reasons Why'.

42. Hedva meaning "joy".

43. Jessy meaning "Jehovah exists, joyful, a flower, clever". American actress Jessy Hodges is best known for the web series 'Anyone but me' she played the role of Sophie Parker.

44. Liron meaning "joy". Liron Yanconsky is a popular artist and a YouTuber.

45. Ron meaning "singing, exalted, on high, song of joy".

46. Rona meaning "light, rough island, my joy, wise ".

47.  Rinna meaning "joyous song". Lisa Deanna Rinna is best known for her role as Billie Reed in the soap opera 'Days of Our Lives'.

48.  Ronia meaning "joy, song, brightness, clarity". 'Ronia, the Robber's Daughter' is a book by author Astrid Lindgren which was published in 1981.

49.  Tirsa meaning "delight, sight of happiness, joy of life".

50. Yalda meaning "longest night of the year, birth, birth of the sun”.

51.  Zemil meaning "joyous melody".

52. Zohal meaning "joy".

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Strong Or Warrior

These beautiful Hebrew girls names meaning strength will inspire your baby girl and provide her with the strength to overcome all the difficulties in life.  

53. Aaren meaning "mountain of strength". She was a prophetess and first appears in the 'Book of Exodus'.

54. Ariel meaning "strength, courage". Ariel is a Disney princess from the movie 'Little mermaid'.

55. Avi meaning "God, sun, strength". Actress Avi Sagild is known for 'Quite Days in Clichy'.

56. Briah meaning "perfect, power, strength, force".

57. Gaby meaning "God is my strength". Gaby Hoffman is popular for movies like 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus'.

58. Gazah meaning "having great strength".

59. Hezir meaning "a woman of great strength".

60. Lonni meaning "lion's strength". Derived from Hebrew Alona.

6. Mordechai meaning "warrior".

62. Ozzie meaning "strength". From American television sitcom, 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet'.

63. Uzziye meaning "God's strength".

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Light

Names meaning light can be perfect for your little angel.

As Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” Here is a list of girl names which means light.

64. Eliora meaning "my God is my light."

65. Gayora meaning "valley of light.

66. Liora meaning "my light." Liora is the feminine form of the masculine Lior.

67. Ora meaning "light." Rita Ora is a famous British singer and actor.

68. Orit  meaning "light."

69. Orli meaning "light for me".

70. Yeir meaning "light."

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful In Hebrew

Beauty comes from within, being beautiful means having a good heart and a good soul. Here is a list of elegant Hebrew girl names which means beautiful.

71. Na'ava meaning "beautiful".

72. Noya meaning "divine beauty". 'Noya Noya' is a song by Lena Willikens.

73. Raanana meaning "fresh, luscious, beautiful." Feminine form of the name Raanan. Ra'anana is a city in southern Sharon.

74. Tiferet meaning  "beautiful".

75. Tifara meaning "God's appearance, beautiful".

76. Yaffa meaning  "beautiful".

77. Yafit meaning "worthy or beautiful."

Popular Hebrew Girl Names

Surprisingly Hebrew names are so popular and common that we didn't even realize that so many common names have originated from Hebrew. Here is a list of some Hebrew girl names:

78. Abarrane meaning "father of many".

79. Abigale meaning "father's joy".

80. Abilene meaning "land of meadows".

81. Aneta meaning "grace

82. Anna (Latin origin) meaning "grace". Latin form of Hebrew name Hannah.  'Pitch Perfect' famed actress and singer Anna Kendrick debuted in 1998 Broadway musical High Society.

83. Asahel meaning "made by God, happy".

84. Efa (Welsh origin) meaning "alive". Derived from Hebrew name Eva.

85. Eva meaning "giver of life".  Eva Mendes, is an American actress, started Her acting career  in the late 1990s.

86. Evike meaning "life".

87. Gevira meaning "lady" or "queen."

88. Isabella (Italian origin) meaning "consecrated or pledged to God".  Derived from Hebrew name Elisheba. There is a character named Isabella in the popular cartoon 'Phineas and Ferb'.

89. Kelila meaning "crown" or "laurels."

90. Leila, Leilah, Lila meaning "night."

91. Lida meaning "birth". Actress Lída Baarová is famous for 'Barcarolle'.

92. Marah meaning " bitterness".

93. Maria meaning "wished for child, rebellion, bitter". Mariah Carey is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was given the title of 'song bird supreme' by Guinness World Records.

94. Malkah meaning "queen."

95. Miriam (Biblical origin)  meaning "daughter of Amram and Jochebed". Miriam was described in the Hebrew Bible as the older sister of Moses.

96. Sarah meaning "princess". Actress Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the 'Hocus Pocus'.

97. Sela meaning "rock". Sela Ann Ward is famous for 'Sisters' and 'FBI".

98. Seraphina (Latin origin) meaning "ardent, fiery." Derived from the Hebrew word sĕrāphīm.

99. Talia meaning "gentle dew from heaven, by the water."

100. Zera meaning "beginning".

Hebrew Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Here are some baby girl names inspired by Nature.

101. Jael/Yael meaning "Ivex-mountain goat".

102. Jemima/Yemimah meaning "little dove". Jemima was the oldest of the three beautiful daughters of Job.

103. Lilac meaning "flower".

104. Nizana meaning "flower bud".

105. Orpah meaning "fawn"

106. Tahlia (Greek, Hebrew origin) meaning "to blossom, dew from god".

107. Talora meaning "morning's dew".

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