Top 100 Best 6 Letter Names

Six letter baby names come from various origins.

Short and sweet six-letter names are easy to sound and really unique too.

As a parent, you are bound to look for the best sounding name for your child. You want what is best for your baby and it starts with the naming process - the right name for the right personality.

A name be it two lettered, three-lettered, or six lettered and the like, should resonate with your baby's personality and complement their character. If you are seeking a good six lettered name for your child, this list of top 100 baby names is ideal.

We've also got 3-Letter Names and 4-Letter Names covered, so take a look!

6 Letter Names For Girls

There are hundreds of six-letter feminine names to choose from.

Your baby girl needs a great name to start her life. These short names can be a really sweet choice for your baby girl.

1. Amelia (Germanic origin) meaning "Work", one of the prettiest 6-letter girl names.

2. Ariana (Latin origin) meaning "Holy"; one of the most popular girl names with 6 letters.

3. Astrid (Scandinavian origin) meaning "Beautiful"; amongst the rarest 6-letter names.

4. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "One who is wise"; the name of the Greek Goddess Of Wisdom & War.

5. Aubree (French origin) meaning "Elf ruler" one of the fitting 6-letter girl names.

6. Audrey (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "strength"; one of the prettiest 6-letter girl names.

7. Aurora (Roman origin) meaning "Dawn"; one of the prettiest 6-letter girl names fit for a princess.

8. Autumn (Latin origin) meaning "fall"; a beautiful 6-letter name.

9. Avalyn(English origin) meaning "Beautiful Bird"; a beautiful six-letter name.

10 .Aviana (Latin origin) meaning "Birdlike"; one of the most pleasant-sounding 6-letter names.

11. Bailee (English origin) meaning "Bailiff"; amongst the popular 6-letter names.

12. Camila (Latin origin) meaning "Acolyte"; one of the prettiest baby girl names.

13. Claire (French origin) meaning "Clear"; a pretty common 6 letter girl name.

14. Eileen (Greek origin) meaning "Torch"; one of the most popular female names.

15. Eliana (Hebrew origin) means "My God is Jahwe"; a beautiful Hebrew name.

16. Elliot (English origin) meaning "The Lord Is My God"; a popular spiritual name.

17. Elodie (French origin) meaning "Riches"; a rare French name.

18. Eloise (French origin) meaning "Famous Warrior", a pretty six-letter name.

19. Emelia (Latin origin) meaning "Industrious"; one of the prettiest six-letter female names.

20. Emerie (German origin) meaning "Home strength"; a beautiful six-letter name for a girl.

21. Emilee (English origin) meaning "Excel"; a pleasant-sounding 6-letter name.

22. Emilia (Hebrew origin) meaning "To rival"; one of the popular feminine names.

23. Ensley (Scottish origin) meaning "Solitary clearing"; one of the uncommon female baby names.

24. Esther (Hebrew origin) meaning "Star"; one of the prettiest and common girl baby names.

25. Evanna (Greek origin) meaning "God is gracious"; a pleasing name with a nice meaning.

26. Evelyn (English origin) meaning "Wishing for a child"; a pretty feminine name.

27. Everly (English origin) meaning "From the boar meadow"; one of the rare baby names to give your child.

28. Fatima (Arabic origin) meaning "One who weans an infant"; a meaningful Arabic name.

29. Gianna (Italian origin) meaning "The Lord is gracious"; a beautiful spiritual name.

30. Gloria (Latin origin) meaning "Fame"; a famous six-letter name.

31. Gracie (English origin) meaning "Grace Of God"; a popular 6 letter name.

32. Hailey (Hebrew origin) meaning  "Dweller in the hay meadow".

33. Hannah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Favor"; a beautiful female Hebrew name.

34. Kaylee (English origin) meaning "Pure"; one of the pretty-sounding names ever.

35. Kimber (English origin) meaning "Bold kin"; a great nickname if you name your girl Kimberly.

36. Kimora (American origin) meaning "From The Golden Meadow"; a rare American baby name.

37. Nevaeh (Irish origin) meaning "Heaven"; a delightful name.

38. Olivia (Latin origin) meaning "Olive"; a pretty common name for a baby girl.

39. Sophia  (Greek origin) meaning "wise"; a common English name.

40. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "Star"; a beautiful feminine name.

41. Violet (English origin) meaning "Purple/Blue Flower"; a common but charming female name.

6 Letter Names For Boys

(There are countless meaningful male names with 6 letters.

Searching for a meaningful name for your little boy? This list has many to choose from.

42. Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "Sea"; one of the popular boy names with 6 letters.

43. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "Brave"; one of the famous baby boy names.

44. Ashton (English origin) meaning "ash tree town"; a popular 6 letter boy name.

45. August (Latin origin) meaning "Venerable"; one of the common but appealing 6 letter boy names.

46. Austin (Latin origin) meaning "Great"; one of the commonly used 6-letter boy names.

47. Bryson (Celtic origin) meaning  "The son of Brice"; a great name if the father is named Bryce.

48. Calvin (Latin origin) meaning "Bald"; a common but appealing 6-letter boy name.

49. Camden (English origin) meaning "From The Valley Of The Camps"; a rare and unique six-letter boy name.

50. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "Free Man"; amongst the popular six letter baby names.

51. Carson (English origin) meaning "Carr's son"; one of the pleasant six-letter boy names for your son.

52. Carter (English origin) meaning "One who transports goods by cart"; one of the most common 6 letter boy names.

53. Colton (English origin) meaning "Cole's Town"; one of the rare 6 letter boy names.

54. Connor (Irish origin) meaning "Lover of wolves"; amongst the commonly used baby names for boys.

55. Cooper (English origin) meaning "Maker and repairer of wooden vessels"; another common but great choice for 6 letter boy names.

56. Damian (Greek origin) meaning "To Tame"; a grim name with a lot of gravity.

57. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength from God"; one of the most common Hebrew names.

58. Declan (Irish origin) meaning "Man of prayer"; one of the rare six-letter names for baby boys.

59. Easton (English origin) meaning "Enclosure"; one of the rare and habitational names for boys.

60. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Yahweh"; another great choice for a Hebrew name for baby boys with a spiritual name meaning.

61. Emmett (English origin) meaning "Entire"; one of the coolest names to give your little man.

62. George (Greek origin) meaning "Farmer"; another Greek occupational name for your boy.

63. Hudson (English origin) meaning "Son of Hudd"; a common male English name.

64. Hunter (English origin) meaning "One who hunts"; an intimidating name for a boy.

65. Isaiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Salvation is in God"; a beautiful male Hebrew name.

66. Jasper (English origin) meaning "Treasurer"; a male name which is also the name of a precious stone.

67. Jaxson (English origin) meaning "Son of Jack"; a quirkier version of the name Jackson.

68. Jayden (Hebrew origin) meaning "to be Thankful"; a beautiful name for a baby boy.

69. Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning "He will add"; a popular choice amongst Biblical names for sons.

70. Joshua (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is salvation"; another well-liked Biblical male name.

71. Josiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Jehovah has healed", an uncommon but likeable spiritual name.

72. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "Youthful"; a well-liked sweet male name.

73. Justin (Latin origin) meaning "fair"; a charismatic and popular male name.

74. Kaiden (American origin) meaning "Fighter"; a handsome name for a handsome boy.

75. Kayden (Scottish origin) meaning "From the wetlands"; an uncommon but pleasing name for a baby boy.

76. Landon (English origin) meaning "long hill"; a very common and sought-after name for baby boys.

77. Maddox (English origin) meaning "fortunate"; one of the rare but currently well sought-after names for sons.

78. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "Gift from God"; a common but beautiful male name for a baby boy.

79. Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "an olive tree"; a great name for a boy especially if you have a daughter named Olive.

80. Parker (English origin) meaning "park keeper"; a popular choice amongst baby names especially for Spiderman fans.

81. Robert (Germanic origin) meaning "Fame"; a very popular choice of name for a baby boy.

82. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God heard"; another sought after name for newborn sons.

83. Sawyer (English origin) meaning "One who saws"; although mostly used as a surname or a middle name, it will also sound unique as a first name.

84. Thomas (Aramaic origin) meaning "Leader"; an ambitious name for an infant son.

85. Waylon (English origin) meaning "Land By The Road"; an uncommon but unique name.

86. Wesley (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "Western lea"; a quirky and edgy male name.

87. Weston (English origin) meaning "From The West Town"; a rare name for a boy.

88. Xander (Greek origin) meaning "a protector of men"; short name for Alexander.

6 Letter Gender-Neutral Names

Many parents look for unisex names for their children. Here are a few 6-letter unisex names for your kid:

89. Averie (Germanic origin) meaning "Powerful elf"; one of the most common 6 letter names that start with 'a'.

90. Brooks (Scottish origin) meaning "Stream"; a pleasant-sounding 6 letter unisex name.

91. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "fair"; a cute baby name.

92. Flavie (Roman origin) meaning "Blonde"; a perfect name for a baby with blonde hair.

93. Harper (Scottish origin) meaning "a player of Harp"; a famous name of an author.

94. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "Descend"; a common and cool gender-neutral name.

95. Legend (English origin) meaning "History"; one of the rare names for babies. A great choice for a middle name as well.

96. Peyton (English origin) meaning "Fighting man's estate"; a powerful name.

97. Reagan (Gaelic origin) meaning "Sovereign, king"; an intimidating name for a future leader.

98. Skylar (American origin) meaning "Scholar"; a cool and pretty name.

99. Vivian (French origin) meaning "Alive"; a delightful name.

100. Willow (English origin) meaning "Slender"; one of the most charming six-letter names.

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