Top 100 Best Anime Cat Names

Anime cat names could be perfect for your kitten.

Cats in anime are some of the most interesting characters to watch out for, not only for their cuteness but also for their quirkiness.

There are numerous anime about cats where these loving creatures have a name that’s very unique, rare, and fun to hear. These cat names are not only perfect for these anime characters but also for your pets.

Finding a name for your pet cat can be very tough sometimes. You need to decide which name goes best with their personality, as you wouldn’t want to name your cat something that doesn’t go well with their persona. If you are an anime fan or a cat anime fan, you might want to draw inspiration from these famous cats. The names are great and can be used for numerous different pet cats. Here are 100 anime cat names with their meanings for you to choose from.

For more inspiration, take a look at these Japanese cat names and these Siamese cat names.

The Cutest Anime Cat Names For Female Cats

The female anime cats in an anime show provide some of the most fun names you could choose for your cat. The cat characters are super fun and witty. So, if you are looking for anime cat names or Japanese names for cats specifically for your female cat, this is the best place to start from. This list also has three Sailor Moon cat names.

1. Artemis, the angelic and cutest cat from 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon'.

2. Chi, the fun and quirky anime cat in 'Chi’s Sweet Home'. Her name means "wisdom," and it is one of the best Japanese cat names.

3. Chomusuke, a black cat from the famous anime show 'Konosuba' makes for a great cat name.

4. Diana, another angelic and cute cat from 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon'.

5. Kirara, this anime cat from the anime 'InuYasha' is super appealing.

6. Luna, the white anime cat from the famous anime show 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon'.

7. Blair, from the anime 'Soul Eater', this is a black cat that is a powerful monster cat.

The Cutest Anime Cat Names For Male Cats

If you have a male cat, chances are you want to give them a perfect name. Again, drawing inspiration from anime is a great option here. If you are looking for Japanese names for a cat or anime cat names for your cat, here are some great suggestions. This list includes cat names from 'Dragon Ball', 'Fairy Tail', 'Code Geass' and more.

8. Anpu, an incredibly boisterous cat from 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki'.

9. Aria, the smart yet a little silly President cat from 'Aria The Animation'.

10. Arthur, the normal yet cute cat from 'Code Geass', is one of the best Japanese cat names.

11. Baron, the snazzy little cat from 'The Cat Returns'.

12. Buyo, is the troublemaker cat from the anime show 'Inuyasha'.

13. Happy, the funny blue cat from 'Fairy Tail'.

14. Jibanyan, the ghost of a cat from 'YouKai Watch'.

15. Jiji, the cautious and humble cat from 'Kiki’s Delivery'.

16. Kamineko, the sneaky cat in 'Azumanga Daioh'.

17. Karupin, the funny and unrealistic cat from 'The Prince Of Tennis'.

18. Kaya, the hilarious cat from 'Ghost Stories', is the perfect cat name.

19. Korin, the immortal cat who trained Goku in 'Dragon Ball', is one of the best Japanese cat names.

20. Kuro, the incredibly cunning cat from 'Blue Exorcist'.

21. Kuroneko, the perfect black cat anime name from the anime 'Trigun'.

22. Madara, the prideful cat from 'Natsume’s Book Of Friends'.

23. Maya, the wild cat from 'Azumanga Daioh' who loves head pats, is one of the best Japanese cat names.

24. Meowth, if you are looking for 'Pokemon' cat names, this name is your best option.

25. Neko, albeit the Japanese word for ‘cat,’ he is called Neko sensei in 'Princess TuTu'.

26. Nekobasu, the incredibly fierce and quirky cat from 'My Neighbor Totoro'.

27. Neko-gami-sama, a relatively long yet one of the most perfect Japanese cat names from 'Pani Poni Dosh'.

28. Nekotalia, from the anime show Hentalia, is another great cat name.

29. Poyo, the cuddly furball cat from 'Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki'.

30. Puck, the happy-go-lucky cat from 'Zero'.

31. Sakamoto, from 'Nichijou', is another perfect name for a male cat.

32. Shamisen, the stray cat from 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'.

33. Sorata, is a perfect name for white and black since he is the same way in 'Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi'.

34. Tama, one of the cutest cats in the anime show 'Sazae-San'.

Anime cat names are a great option.

Names Of Female Anime Characters

While there might be limited anime cat characters, you can still draw inspiration from other female anime characters to figure out names for your female cats. Here are some of the best-suited female anime character names that will also suit your female cat very well.

35. Alita, the battle cyborg from 'Angel Alita'.

36. Amane, the powerful and fierce female anime character from 'Death Note'.

37. Asuna, the female anime character from 'Sword Art Online'.

38. C.C., from the anime show 'Code Geass'.

39. Dejiko, the female protagonist of the anime series by the same name.

40. Eri, the high-spirited female anime character in 'Chinpui'.

41. Haruhi, the female lead in the anime 'Ouran High School Host Club' series.

42. Haruna, from the series 'To Love Ru'.

43. Hinako, from the anime series 'Training With Hinako'.

44. Hinata, from the Hyuga clan of 'Naruto'.

45. Homura, the mysterious magical girl from 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'.

46. Ino, the kunoichi from the Yamanaka clan in 'Naruto'.

47. Iria, the bounty hunter in 'ZeiramThe Animation'.

48. Izumi, the master alchemist in 'FullMetal Alchemist'.

49. Kamiya, or Kamiya Kaoru from 'Rurouni Kenshin'.

50. Konata, the female chief of the 'Lucky Star' crew.

51. Kiyomi, the female character in 'Death Note'.

52. Madoka, the gentle and generous protagonist from 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'.

53. Misa, the central female character in 'Macross'.

54. Misato, the fierce and powerful Major in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.

55. Riza, also known as Hawkeye in the 'FullMetal Alchemist'.

56. Sakura, the female lead in 'Naruto', whose name means "cherry blossom."

57. Tohru, from the anime series 'Fruits Basket'.

58. Tomie, from the horror series 'Junji Ito'.

59. Tomoko, the female lead in 'No Matter H'.

60. Yuko, the powerful witch from 'xxxHolic'.

(Your cat deserves a cute anime cat name.

Names Of Male Anime Characters

The names of male anime characters from shows such as 'Dragon Ball', 'Sazae-San' and more are great options to choose names for your cat from. Choose from this great list of names for your adorable male cat.

61. Alphonse, popularly known as the brother of the great and all-powerful 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

62. Astro, popularly known as Astro Boy, is a robot with supernatural powers.

63. Atsushi, the Armed Detective Agency member in 'Bungo Stray Dogs'.

64. Dio, the humanoid in 'Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure'.

65. Gaara, the chief of the Sand village in the anime series 'Naruto' is the perfect name for a cat.

66. Gohan, the elder son of Goku in 'Dragon Ball', is another great name for a male cat.

67. Goku, the fierce and kind name is a great cat name.

68. Hao, from the anime 'Shaman King'.

69. Hiro, the super genius in 'Big Hero 6'.

70. Itachi, the most powerful Uchicha clan ninja to ever exist in 'Naruto'.

71. Kenshiro, from the 'Fist Of The North Star', is a great cat name.

72. Kyoya, the anti-hero from the anime series 'Reborn'!

73. Natsu, the ‘salamander’ in 'Fairy Tail'.

74. Renji, the fierce and powerful lieutenant from 'Bleach'.

75. Ryoma, the popular character from the anime series 'The Prince of Tennis'.

76. Shinji, another character from 'Neon Genesis Evangelion', is a great cat name.

77. Shinn, from the anime show 'Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny'.

78. Shinya, the cyberpunk police officer in 'Psycho-Pass'.

79. Tadashi, a super intelligent robotics genius in 'Big Hero 6'.

80. Yoichi, more popularly known as Hiruma, is a great cat name.

Best Options For 'Pokemon' Cat Names

When nothing else comes to mind, looking at 'Pokemon' for cat names is a great option for you. The incredibly adorable Pokemons make for some of the cutest cat names and can also suit your cat’s personality perfectly. If you are looking to name your cat something cute, these Pokemons should be a great inspiration for you.

81. Abra, the psychic Pokemon.

82. Ash, popularly known as Ash Ketchum or Satoshi.

83. Butterfree, the flying Pokemon.

84. Caterpie, the bug Pokemon with a dust shield.

85. Chansey, the one who heals.

86. Cleffa, with the cute charm and magic guard.

87. Cubone, with the rock head.

88. Diglett, another cute ground-type Pokemon skilled at sand veils.

89. Jigglypuff, one of the cutest fairy Pokemon.

90. Lolipup, with a vital spirit that looks like a dog.

91. Marill, an incredibly powerful water-type Pokemon, is super adorable.

92. Mewtwo, the most powerful psychic Pokemon there is.

93. Misty, a female character who loved Togepi.

94. Pichu, the electric Pokemon who evolves into Pikachu.

95. Pikachu, the electric Pokemon who Ash loved, is also arguably the most powerful.

96. Skitty, the kitten-type Pokemon who had an ability of cute charm.

97. Snorlax, the adorable sleeping Pokemon with abilities of thick fat and immunity.

98. Squirtle, the water-type Pokemon skilled at torrent attacks.

99. Togepi, the fairy-type Pokemon.

100. Vulpix, the graceful and adorable fire-type Pokemon skilled at flash fire attacks.

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