Top 100 Best Anime Dog Names

Giving your dog an anime name can be a great way to show your love for anime and dogs.

Naming your pet can often be as daunting as naming a baby.

Dogs are widely recognized as man's best friend. If you are a fan of the famous Japanese art form, anime, naming your puppy after your favorite anime characters can be a wonderful, unique option.

Anime is a hand-drawn, or computer-generated animation originated from Japan. There are many popular anime series, including 'Dragon Ball Z', 'Naruto', and many more. Many anime series also feature dogs, so why not combine your love of dogs with that of anime by naming your dog after its anime counterpart?

The most common breed of dog in the Japanese art form is the Shiba Inu breed, where "Inu" is the Japanese word for dog. Here we have crafted a list of many characters in anime whose names may suit your new pup.

For more naming ideas for your pet, take a look at these clever and creative pet names or these best big dog names.

Popular Anime Dog Names

Anime inspired dog names can be a great choice for your dog.

Anime fans may have come across a few popular and interesting dogs names in anime. Here we have compiled a list of the most popular anime dog names.

1. Akamaru (M) the name is composed of two words "Aka" meaning "red" and "maru", meaning "perfection", from the anime 'Naruto'.

2. Armageddon (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "a mountain or range of hills". A dog from 'Hayate The combat Butler'.

3. Bee (M), pronounced as bay, is a Labrador in the popular anime series 'Dragon Ball Z'.

4. Black Hayate (M) the word Hayate means "smooth" in Japanese. From 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

5. Ein (M) can be the pun word for the Japanese word 'Inu' meaning "dog". A good Japanese name for dogs from the anime 'Cowboy Bebop'.

6. Gin, (M) meaning "silver". From the anime 'Ginga Nagareboshi Gin'.

7. Guts (M) (English origin) meaning "determination". From the anime 'Kill la Kill'.

8. Heen (M) (Anglo-Saxon origin) is derived from the personal name 'Henning'. Heen is the anime dog from 'Howl's Moving Castle'.

9. Iggy (M) (Latin or Etruscan origin) meaning "fiery one". From 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'.

10. Kazuhito (M) meaning "peace" or "harmony". From 'Dog & Scissors'.

11. Koromaru (M) is composed of two words meaning "tiger" and "wolf". A dog from 'Persona 3'.

12. Maru (M) meaning "round" or "perfection". From the anime 'Kimi ni Todoke'.

13. Menchi (F) derived from the English word "mince". From 'Excel Saga'.

14. Pakkun (M) It is the abbreviation of 'Patrick-Kun', A nickname for someone named 'Patrick'. From the anime 'Naruto'.

15. Pluto (M) (Latin origin) meaning "lord of underworld". Pluto is the anime dog in the Japanese anime 'Black Butler'.

16. Sadaharu (M) meaning "auspicious". From the anime 'Gintama'.

17. Shiro (M) meaning "samurai" or "gentleman". Shiro is the anime dog name from 'Hoozuki no Reitetsu'.

18. Tadakichi-san (M) is composed of "Tadaki" meaning "precious" and "chan". From 'Azumanga Daioh'.

19. Tetsuya (M) meaning "devotion". From the anime 'Kuroko no Basket'.

20. Wanta (M) is the name of the small dog from the anime 'Elfen Lied'.

Male Anime Dog Names

Your male dog is also your best pal, so why not give him a unique name? An anime-inspired name is a rare and unique, perfect for your dog.

21. Akihiro meaning " bright" or "autumn" or "boy". From 'One-Piece'.

22. Akira meaning "sun" or "sunlight". From the anime film 'Akira'.

23. Alucard is 'Dracula' written backward. It can also mean "divine". From 'Hellsing'.

24. Apo means" one who moves forward". The anime dog name Apo from 'Space Brothers'.

25. Daisuke meaning " great help" or " big blessing". From 'D.N. Angel'.

26. Ichigo meaning "strawberry". From the anime 'Bleach'.

27. Itsuki meaning "that one moon". From '5-Toubun no Hanayome'.

28. Kira meaning "glittery" or "shiny". From 'Death Note'.

29. Lancer (Jewish origin) meaning "spear". From the anime series 'Fate/Stay Night'.

30. Michio meaning "man with strength of three thousand".  From 'Slave Harem'.

31. Nori meaning "to rule". From 'Rozen Maiden'.

32. Roka meaning "white crest of the wave". From 'D-Frag!'.

33. Sasuke meaning "assistant" or "help". From 'Naruto'.

34. Tadashi meaning "loyal" and "faithful". From 'Haikyuu!'.

35. Takeo meaning "warrior hero". From 'Ore Monogatari'.

36. Tatsuhiro meaning " dragon" or symbolizing "immense power". From 'Welcome to NHK'.

37. Tobimaru is composed of two words 'Tobi' meaning "to fly" and 'maru' meaning "full circle" or "perfection". It is the name of a Shiba Inu dog from the anime 'Sword of the Stranger'.

38. Toshio meaning "genius leader" or "hero". From 'Shiki'.

39. Zeke meaning "God will strengthen". From 'Highschool Of The Dead.'

Anime Girl Dog Names

If your puppy is a female and you want to find some cool Japanese female dog names, why not  try our list of anime girl names for dogs inspired by fantastic female characters.

40. Ai meaning "love" or "affection". From 'Hell Girl'.

41. Akame meaning "red-eye"; associated with the Japanese dog Akame from the anime 'Ginga Densetsu Weed'.

42. Akemi meaning "bright" or "beautiful". From 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'.

43. Ayame meaning "iris". From the anime 'Samurai Harem'.

44. Etsuko meaning "joyous child". From 'Aishiteruze Baby'.

45. Hinata meaning "sunflower" or "Facing the sun". From 'Naruto.'

46. Hiromi meaning "generous beauty". From 'Erased'.

47. Izumi meaning "spring" or "fountain". From the anime 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

48. Katsumi meaning "victorious beauty". From 'Kamen Rider'.

49. Kiko meaning " honorable". From 'Darker than Black.'

50. Mana meaning "love" or "affection". From 'Dragon Half'.

51. Mikasa meaning "beautiful" or "flower blossom". From 'Attack on Titan'.

52. Nami meaning "beautiful" or "red apple" or "wave". From anime 'One Piece'.

53. Orihime(Japanese origin) meaning "weaving princess". From 'Bleach'.

54. Ren meaning "lotus" or "love". From 'DearS'.

55. Rik meaning "true fragrance". From 'Di Gi Charat Nyo'.

56. Sakura meaning "cherry blossom". From the anime 'Naruto'.

57. Saya meaning "sand". From 'Highschool of the Dead'.

58. Shinju meaning "pearl". From 'Naruto'.

59. Wakana meaning "harmony" or "music" or "complete". From 'Nurarihyon no Mago'.

Unisex Anime Names

You don't have to name your dog according to its gender and instead could opt for a gender-neutral name. Below we have compiled several anime names for dogs that are gender-neutral.

60. Aibo meaning "companion". From 'Kino's Journey'.

61. Beta (Greek origin) meaning "oath of God". From the anime 'Dream Hunter Rem'.

62. Chihiro meaning "a thousand searches". From 'Danganronpa'.

63. Chiro (Spanish-Greek origin) meaning "sacred name". From 'Magimoji Rurumo'.

64. Gill (Hebrew origin) meaning "joy" or "gladness". From 'Ruin Explorers'.

65. Gogo meaning "afternoon". From 'Out of Sight'.

66. Hibiki meaning "echo" or "Sound". From 'Vandread'.

67. Ichi meaning "one". From 'Ichi the Killer'.

68. Katsu meaning "victorious". From 'Two Souls'.

69. Kuromaru meaning " black spot" or "bull's eye". From 'Nuarihyon no Mago'.

70. Masumi meaning "true clarity". From 'K-ON!'.

71. Nao (Japanese origin)meaning " honest" or "esteem". From the anime 'Charlotte'.

72. Shiki meaning "four seasons" or "sword" or "fighting spirit". It is the name of a popular anime.

73. Sora meaning "sky". From 'Digimon Adventure'.

74. Takara meaning "treasure". From 'Lucky Star'.

75. Toto meaning "fish" or "time". From 'Deadman Wonderland'.

76. Wakame meaning "peace" or "harmony". From anime 'Sazae san'.

77. Yuuki meaning "snow" or "happiness".From the anime 'Shiki'.

Unique Japanese Dog Names

(Anime dog names are a unique way to name your dog.

Giving your dog a unique name is always fun. Browse our unique Japanese dog names from animes below.

78. Aizen (M) is the name of a Buddhist deity considered as the "God of love". From the anime 'Bleach'.

79. Arata (M) meaning "new" or "fresh". From 'Arata: The Legend.'

80. Asuka (F) meaning "tomorrow" or "fragrance". From 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.

81. Eri (F) meaning "blessed prize". From the anime 'Hero Academia'.

82. Hachibei (F) meaning "eight" or "bee". From  'Ouran Highschool Host Club'.

83. Haru (M) meaning "springtime" or "Sunshine". From 'Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun.'

84. Hiro (M/F) meaning "prosperous" or "generous" or "tolerant". From 'Inu Yashiki'.

85. Inuyama (M/F) meaning "dog mountain". From 'GeGeGe no Kitarō'.

86. Jun (M/F) meaning "genuine" or "pure" or "obedient". From 'Devilman Lady'.

87. Kaede (M/F) meaning "maple leaf". From 'Danganronpa 3'.

88. Katara (F) meaning "water droplet" or "drop". From the television series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'.

89. Kiyomi (F) meaning "pure beauty". From 'Deathnote'.

90. Rikuto (M) meaning "land". From 'Assassination Classroom'.

91. Ryuuko (M) meaning " dragon child". From 'Kill la Kill'.

92. Sayuri (F) meaning "small lily". From 'Keroro Gunso'.

93. Seiji (M) meaning "lawful". From the anime 'Renai Bōkun'.

94. Seiko (F) meaning "accomplish" or "truth". From 'Danganronpa 3'.

95. Yuuzou (M) meaning "bold third son". From the anime 'Koko Ni Aru, Kimi no Oto'.

Anime Names From Around The World

Although most anime characters are of Japanese origin, there are still a few characters whose names are derived from other languages. See below for further inspiration.

96. Chuck (M/F) (English origin) meaning "free man". From 'Beyblade Burst Surge'.

97. Ezra (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning " help" or "helper"; a cool anime dog name inspired by Ezra Scarlet from 'Vandread'.

98. Fenrir (M/F) (Norse origin) meaning "fame-wolf". From the anime 'Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite'.

99. Korra (F) (Greek origin) meaning "maid. From the animated series 'Legend of Korra'.

100. Mustang (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "ownerless beast". From 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

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