Top 30+ Best Baby Names From Songs To Inspire You

Many of our favorite songs have names which can be used as baby names.

Naming your newborn after a popular song is bound to result in a cool name that your child will appreciate for years to come.

Perhaps you have a favorite song that you want to name your baby after. Or you are simply looking to the world of music for special baby name inspiration.

Countless parents with musical backgrounds go for baby music names from the world of music inspired by famous songs sung by celebrated bands and singers like The Beatles,  Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Leonard Cohen. Songs like Hey Jude and Suzanne have touched the hearts of millions. A musical name creates a feel good factor for your child and provides them with a favorite song for life! This list of baby names from music will earn you the 'cool parent' title.

Did you know? Mary is the most used name in song titles! (Think Proud Mary, Hail Mary, Hello Mary Lou and many more!)

For more naming inspiration take a look at these musical baby names or these literary names.

Girls' Names In Songs

Choosing girl names from songs for your newborn is a beautiful way to name your baby girl. Enjoy this list of musical girl names.

1.Angelina (Greek/English Origin) meaning "angel" or "messenger," based on one of the most melodious songs, Farewell Angelina, by Bob Dylan.

2.Annie (English Origin) meaning 'gracious' or 'merciful.' Based on Annie's Song, which is a beautifully written song by John Denver.

3.Cecilia (Latin Origin) meaning "blind to one's own beauty", is a song name by Simon and Garfunkel.

4.Billie Jean (British Origin) meaning "resolute protector." Based on Billie Jean, a popular upbeat number by Michael Jackson.

5.Corrina (Latin Origin) meaning "maiden" or "spear," based on the beautiful number Corrina, Corrina, by Bob Dylan.

6.Delilah (Hebrew Origins) meaning "delicate," based on a popular Grammy award-winning song by Plain White Ts, Hey There Delilah.

7.Eleanor (French Origin) meaning "moonlight." Eleanor was popularized by The Beatles for their popular number entitled Eleanor Rigby. Eleanor Rigby is a song that touched millions of hearts.

8. Lucy (English/French origin) meaning "born at dawn or daylight." The name appears in the song title Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles.

9.Rhiannon (Welsh Origin) meaning "great Queen" is the title of a song by Fleetwood Mac. It is a rare unique name fit for your unique little girl as well as a great song by Fleetwood Mac.

10.Virginia (Roman Origin) meaning  "maiden" based on Sweet Virginia by the Rolling Stones. Even though the lyrics are questionable, it is an unforgettable song that also alludes to the state of Virginia.

Unique Boys' Names From Songs

You can give your boy a unique name from your favorite song.

If you love music, it only fits to name your little boy after a famous song. Here is a list of baby names inspired by music to help you choose that special name.

11.Adam (Semitic Origin) meaning "the ground". This name was made popular by Bruce Springsteen, who wrote the song Adam Raised A Cain.

12.Hollis (English Origin) meaning "near the holly." This name appears in Ballad Of Hollis Brown, written by Bob Dylan. The name Brown can be used as a middle name to add a more dramatic effect to your son's name.

13.Ben (Anglo-Saxon Origin) meaning “blessed.” It is a name popularized by Michael Jackson in his famous number Ben.

14.Stu (Middle English) meaning "guardian." The name appears in the song title, Boogie With Stu by Led Zeppelin.

15.Brutus (Latin Origin) meaning "heavy" or "muscular." As opposed to the Shakespearean character in Julius Caesar, the name was popularized by the song Even You Brutus? by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

16.Gulliver (English Origin) meaning "glutton." Apart from Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels, the name also appears in the song Gulliver by Elton John.

17.Hank (American Origin) meaning "ruler of the home"; the name appears in the song title, Hank It by Justin Moore.

18.Joe (English Origin), meaning "God will increase." David Bowie popularized this name through his song Joe The Lion.

19.John (Hebrew Origin) meaning "has been gracious." The music industry has various talented musicians and artists named John, Lennonn and Denver being the most popular. It also appears in the song John Sinclair by John Lennon.

20.Jack (Middle English) meaning "God is gracious." This name was popularized through the song Jumpin' Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones.

Unique Non-Binary Names From Songs

(If you are a music lover, you can find many non-binary names from the songs you love.)

Some parents want their child's name to be gender neutral. Here are a few groovy music-related names that will rock your world.

21.Andy (Greek Origin) meaning "brave". This name appears in the song title, Andy Warhol by David Bowie. It is usually a diminutive form of either Andrea or Andrew, hence, making it a perfect gender neutral choice.

22.Charlie (Old English Origin) meaning "free man." Both Coldplay and The Coasters have written a song entitled Charlie Brown. Although a male name, it is also a popular choice now for females as well.

23.Jude (Hebrew Origin) meaning "praised." The name was made extremely popular by The Beatles in one of their most popular songs, Hey Jude.

24.Judas (Greek Origin), meaning "praised," appears in The Verve's song title Judas.

25.Levon (Armenian Origin), meaning "lion," is also the song title, Levon by Elton John.

26.Luka (Latin Origin) meaning “bringer of light,” a name made popular by Luka by Suzanne Vega.

27.Taylor (Old French) meaning "cutter." A gender neutral name that appears in the song title Prayer For Taylor by Michael W. Smith. Also the name of Taylor Swift, a famous pop singer.

28.Raoul (Spanish Origin) meaning "wolf counsel." The name is addressed in the song Raoul by The Automatic.

29.Stevie (Greek Origin) meaning "crown." This gender neutral name appears in the song Stevie by Kasabian. The music industry was also gifted with two famous and talented artists: Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder.

30.Teddy (English Origin) meaning "divine gift." With the song entitled Teddy Boy by Paul McCartney, this name can also be gender neutral.

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