Top 100 Best Bengal Cat Names With Meanings

Bengal cat is known to be the miniature version of tigers.

Bengal cats are so beautiful and exotic animals to keep as a pet.

They are a unique breed that has patterns and colors similar to that of a tiger. And despite their wild looks, they can be affectionate and can be your great cuddle buddy!

Bengal cats are hybrid between a domesticated cat and an Asiatic leopard. They ought to be the rarest breeds of a cat as they're more of a little baby tiger look-alike. That is what makes them even more in demand. They are not at all aggressive, as they are one of the sweetest and most loving creatures. But after bringing these little creatures as a pet, the next step would be to name them. Their names should be unique to honor their uniqueness. So, to help you with the names, here we present you with the list of some amazing Bengal cat names along with their meanings.

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Female Names For Bengal Cats

Bengal cat is not just rare but is also very elegantly beautiful.

Female Bengal cats are lovely, beautiful and make you want to pamper them. So, a gorgeous female name would be great for these sweet cats. Here, we present to you the list of female Bengal cat names:

1. Alexa (English origin) meaning "defending man."

2. Amber (English origin) meaning "color name". Amber makes up for a cute Bengal cat female name.

3. Annika (Sweden origin) meaning "Goddess". This name is the most powerful name as it is the name of a Goddess in Hindu culture.

4. Astras (Dindu origin) meaning "legendary supernatural weapon".

5. Ayla (Hebrew origin) meaning "oak tree".

6. Beth (English origin) meaning "house of God".

7. Blossom (English origin) meaning "blossom". This name is popular due to the name of one of the main characters from the iconic cartoon show 'Power Puff Girls'.

8. Chilly (English origin) meaning "cold". This can be a cute Bengal snow cat name.

9. Daisy (American origin) meaning "daisy flower; day's eye".

10. Diana (Greek origin) meaning "divine". It would make up for one of the elegant female Bengal cat names.

11. Dream (English origin) meaning "dreams".

12. Dusty (Old German origin) meaning "brave warrior; dusty".

13. Envy (English origin) meaning "jealous".

14. Foggy (English origin) meaning "fog".

15. Inky (English origin) meaning "resembling ink".

16. Jasmine (English origin) meaning "tropical plant with fragrant flowers".

17. Mia (Spanish origin) meaning "mine". This name is associated with a famous soccer player, Mia Hamm.

18. Misty (English origin) meaning "mist".

19. Nala (African origin) meaning "successful". This name became very popular due to a character from the movie, 'The Lion King'.

20. Paws (English origin) meaning "paw".

21. Pearl (English origin) meaning "a precious bead". A perfect name for your silver Bengal cat.

22. Sheba (Arabic origin) meaning "kingdom". It is derived from the famous Queen of Sheba.

23. Slate (English origin) meaning "slate stone".

24. Smudge (English origin) meaning "stain".

25. Tina (Latin origin) meaning "who loves everyone".

26. Tinsel (English origin) meaning "shiny; metallic".

27. Topaz (Latin origin) meaning "golden gem".

Male Names For Bengal Cats

Male Bengal cats are smart and playful. Giving them names which not only reflect their looks but also their personality would be an adorable gesture. Presenting to you the list of male Bengal cat names:

28. Alex (English origin) meaning "defending men".

29. Archie (German origin) meaning "brave; bold". A great option Bengal cat name if you are a fan of 'Archie' comic books.

30. Arthur (French origin) meaning "strong; noble".

31. Aslan (Turkish origin) meaning "lion". This name got popular due to one of the main characters from the movie 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

32. Atlas (Greek origin) meaning "endures; suffers".

33. Bagheera (Indian origin) meaning "tiger-like". This is the name of a black panther from the movie 'The Jungle Book'.

34. Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessed".

35. Billy (Old German origin) meaning "resolute protector". It is considered to be one of the coolest Bengal cat names.

36. Bongo (African origin) meaning "pride".

37. Charlie (English origin) meaning " free man.

38. Dexter (English origin) meaning "dyer of clothes". This name became popular due to a cartoon show called 'Dexter'.

39. Frank (French origin) meaning "happy".

40. Harley (English origin) meaning "from the Hare's wood". The name is linked to a super-villain Harley Quinn from DC Comics.

41. Harry (English origin) meaning "army ruler".

42. Loco (Spanish origin) meaning "crazy".

43. Mack (Gaelic origin) meaning "knife".

44. Maverick (American origin) meaning "someone who plays by their own rules".

45. Max (Latin origin) meaning "biggest; greatest".

46. Monarch (French origin) meaning "emperor; king".

47. Mouse (English origin) meaning "mouse".

48. Nemo (Latin origin) meaning "nobody". This name became famous due to the movie 'Finding Nemo'.

49. Nickels (Greek origin) meaning "to conquer".

50. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "comfort and rest".

51. Oscar (Old Norse origin) meaning "gentle friend".

52. Rajah (Sanskrit origin) meaning "king". This is the name of a tiger from the famous Disney's 'Aladdin'.

53. Scooter (English origin) meaning "crazy; cool'.

54. Simba (Swahili origin) meaning "a lion". This is a popular name of the lead character from the movie 'The Lion King'. This makes up for one of the classic male Bengal cat names.

55. Will (English origin) meaning "resolute protector".

56. Xander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people".

57. Zorro (Spanish origin) meaning "sly fox".

Gender Neutral Names For Bengal Cats

Unisex names can be a unique option to name your mischievous little companion. Presenting to you the list of gender-neutral cat names.

58. Anchovy (English origin) meaning "small".

59. Ash (English origin) meaning "from the ash tree; happy". Ash is the name of a character from the famous TV series 'Supernatural'.

60. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning "peace-loving".

61. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame; fire". This makes up for a great fiery name for a Bengal cat or a tiger.

62. Butterscotch (English origin) meaning "sweet".

63. Disco (American origin) meaning "dance style; disco". This name makes up for a great name for your little Bengal cat rockstar.

64. Garfield (English origin) meaning "from the triangular field". 'Garfield' is a very popular TV series and a movie about a cat.

65. Ginger (English origin) meaning "reddish-orange color; liveliness".

66. Grey (English origin) meaning "color name".

67. Marble (French origin) meaning rock ". This name would be a perfect name for a Bengal marbled cat.

68. Norm (American origin) meaning "from the North".

69. Onyx (English origin) meaning "black gemstone".

70. Opal (Sanskrit origin) meaning "opal stone; gem". This name is associated with a precious gem.

71. Orion (Greek origin) meaning "mightier hunter". Orion was the name of a pet cat from the popular movie 'Men in Black'.

72. Pepper (English origin) meaning "hot spice". Popular American actress Pepper Binkley is known to have this name.

73. Prewitt (English origin) meaning "small; brave".

74. Rocco (Italian origin) meaning "rest".

75. Saber (French origin) meaning "sword".

76. Salem (Hebrew origin) meaning " peaceful; complete". This name is associated with the famous American TV series 'Salem".

77. Scar (English origin) meaning "scar". This name is best associated with Simba's evil uncle from the popular movie 'The Lion King'.

78. Shade (English origin) meaning "shade".

79. Shadow (English origin) meaning "shadow".

80. Silver Bell (English origin) meaning "silver bell". A great name for a silver Bengal cat.

81. Smokey (English origin) meaning "soul of the fire."

82. Soren (Scandinavian origin) meaning "thunder; severe".

83. Speckles (English origin) meaning "small marks". This is one of the cute cat names for your striped animal.

84. Spot (English origin) meaning " snuggle bug; gift of mine".

85. Sterling (English origin) meaning "little star".

86. Sunset (English origin) meaning "dusk".

87. Twilight (English origin) meaning "daughter of the light'. This name became famous due to the popular movie series 'Twilight'.

88. Zane (Hebrew origin) meaning " God is gracious".

Some Popular Tiger Inspired Names

Bengal cats get their name from Bengal tigers.

Bengal cats share their looks with the great Indian Bengal tiger, so good tiger names can also be a perfect choice to name your Bengal cat. Presenting a great list of some of the popular names for tigers or tiger-inspired names:

89. Ade (F) (Nigerian origin) meaning "royal". This female name gives a royal touch to a Bengal cat.

90. Cheetah (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the spotted one".

91. Dawon (M) (Hindu origin) meaning "lion". This name is associated with a sacred lion from Hindu mythology.

92. Hunter (M) (English origin) meaning "to hunt". This makes up for a good name for a tiger.

93. Mowgli (M) (English origin) meaning "created name". Mowgli is the name of the hero of the famous Rudyard Kipling book 'The Jungle Book'.

94. Leo (M) (Latin origin) meaning "lion".

95. Leopard (M) (Old French origin) meaning "leopard; male panther; lion".

96. Lion (M) (English origin) meaning "lion". This name would be perfect to refer to your little cat as king of the house.

97. Lynx (F) (Greek origin) meaning "brightness". This sweet name would be perfect for a female Bengal cat.

98. Ocelot  (F) (French origin) meaning "leopard-like cat; jaguar".

99. Tiger (M) (American origin) meaning "powerful cat". Perfect for your little tiger-like Bengal cat.

100. Tigress (F) (English origin) meaning "fierceness".

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