Top 106 Best Canadian Names

Here are the list of popular names in Canada.

A Canadian name for your new little Canuck will help harbor good feelings towards the country you love.

You can search for popular names in Canada that other parents have utilized, such as Liam or Emma, or look to the country itself for your new name inspiration. So many popular baby names, both traditional and unique, exist that you will adore for your new little one and want to add to your top names list.

Start your search for charming Canadian baby names that will imbue your child with a sense of patriotism for this good-spirited country.

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Top Popular Baby Names For Girls

The top Canadian names for girls provide lots of popular names to search that are as adorable as can be for your new bundle of joy.

1.Amelia (Latin Origin) means "work"

2.Aria (Italian Origin) meaning "solo melody"

3.Ava (Latin Origin) meaning "like a bird"

4.Charlotte (French Origin) meaning "free"

5.Chloe (Greek Origin) name meaning "blooming", perfect for a new bundle of joy

6.Emma (Latin Origin) meaning "universal"

7.Grace (Latin Origin) meaning "charm"

8.Hailey (English Origin) meaning "from the hay"

9.Harper (English Origin) meaning "harp player"

10.Isabella (Italian Origin) meaning "oath to God"

11.Layla (Arabic Origin) name for a "dark beauty", refers to "black" or "night"

12.Lily (English Origin) popular name after a flower that represents "pure" and "rebirth"

13.Mia (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "mine" or "dear"

14.Mila (Slavic Origin) meaning "gracious" or "dear one"

15.Olivia (Latin Origin) popular name meaning "olive tree"

16.Peyton (English Origin) comes from a "warrior's town".  This name is unisex so you can add it to your girls' or boys' names list.

17.Scarlett (English Origin) popular baby name after a shade of red

18.Sophia (Greek Origin) top name meaning "wisdom"

19.Victoria (Latin Origin) for "victory"

20.Zoe (Greek Origin) meaning "life" It's perfect for a new baby girl.

Top Popular Baby Names For Boys

A list of top popular and adorable names for boys.

You can opt for a top popular boys names like Liam for your new son or go for some other traditional boys names that are also on the popular list.

21.Asher (Hebrew Origin) one of the most popular names for a boy meaning "blessed"

22.Benjamin (Hebrew Origin) meaning "son of my right hand"

23.Colton (English Origin) meaning "Cole's town"

24.Connor (Irish Origin) meaning "desire"

25.Declan (Irish Origin) meaning "full of goodness"

26.Ethan (Hebrew Origin) top boy name meaning "strong"

27.Felix (Latin Origin) meaning "happy" or "lucky"

28.Hunter (English Origin) top name meaning "one who hunts"

29.Jackson (English Origin ) meaning "son of Jack"

30.Jacob (Hebrew Origin) meaning "to follow"

31.Kayden (Celtic Origin) meaning "son of Cadan" or "battle"

32.Leo (Italian Origin) meaning "lion"

33.Liam (Irish Origin) one of the most popular names in Canada, the name means "protection"

34.Logan (Irish Origin) meaning "descendant of warriors"

35.Lucas (Greek Origin) meaning "from Lucania"

36.Myles (Latin Origin) meaning "soldier"

37.Noah (Hebrew Origin) top name meaning "rest"

38.Oliver (English Origin) meaning "descendant of the ancestor"

39.Sebastian (Greek Origin) meaning "from Sebastia", also "venerable"

40.William (German Origin) top name meaning "willful protector"

French Canadian Names

If your native language living in Canada is French instead of English, or you are simply looking for some more beautiful names, then these adorable French-Canadian baby names for boys and girls may be for you.

41.Antoine (French Origin) meaning "highly praiseworthy"

42.Bastien (French Origin) meaning "revered"

43.Benoit (French Origin) meaning "blessed"

44.Cedric (Celtic Origin) meaning "bounty"

45.Charles (English Origin) top name meaning "free man"

46.Daphne (Greek Origin) meaning "laurel tree"

47.Elisaac  (Canadian Origin) combination of Eli and Isaac. Why not add it to your boys' names list?

48.Elodie (French Origin) name for "wealthy"

49.Etienne (French Origin)  means “crown", this is one of the boys names equivalent to Steven.

50.Genevieve (French Origin) meaning "woman of the family"

51.Henri (French Origin) top meaning "ruler of the home"

52.Jeremie (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Yahweh will exalt". Popular names such as this can be spelled differently by parents if they wish.

53.Lea (Hebrew Origin) meaning "weary"

54.Matheo (Hebrew Origin) means "gift of Yahweh ". It's one of the more popular names in Canada.

55.Pierre (French Origin) means “rock”; one of the boys names equivalent to Peter.

56.Renee (French Origin) name means "reborn"

57.Rosalie (French Origin) meaning "beautiful rose"

58.Stephanie (French Origin) top girls' name meaning "crown"

59.Theo (Greek Origin) means "divine gift". It's part of the boys' popular names list as many parents are choosing this name for their son.

60.Valerie (French Origin)  meaning "strength"

Use Canada As Your Baby Name Inspiration

If more common names like Liam or Ava aren't what you desire for your new child, get some inspiration from the country itself, both traditional Canadian names and unique Canadian names for boys and girls can be added to your growing wish list.

61.Calgary (Scottish Origin) one of the boys' names in Canada representing the city, but really means "pasture by the bay"

62.Edmon (French Origin) another boys' name, after the city, Edmonton, meaning "prosperous protector"

63.Edward (English Origin) after Prince Edward Island. Your search for popular names should include this one, meaning "wealthy guardian".

64.Jasper (English Origin) popular boys' name meaning "treasurer", also after Jasper National Park

65.Lawrence (Latin Origin) meaning "from Laurentium. It's part of the names in Canada list thanks to the river of the same name.

66.Magdala (Hewbrew Origin) means "tower". Inspired by Magdalen Islands.

67.Maple (Latin Origin) actually means “piece of cloth” (maple syrup and leaves are popular in Canada, so the name fits on your baby names list for girls perfectly)

68.Margaret (Greek Origin) traditional girls name meaning "pearl" (new inspiration stems from St. Margaret’s Bay)

69.Montreal (Canadian Origin) means "royal mountain", this is a new boys' name inspired by the city

70.Nadine (French Origin) for "hope" (inspiration from the word Canadian)

71.North (Anglo-Saxon Origin) represents an upward direction. Canada is a northern country, but it’s also known for its Northern Lights tours since they’re so visible within their beautiful skies.

72.Nova (Latin Origin) means “new”. Nova Scotia is a Canadian province.

73.Ottawa (Native American Origin) the capital of Canada, the name means “to trade”

74.Peace (Hebrew Origin) "to be peaceful", a new name inspired by the Peace River

75.Peggy (English Origin) means "little pearl". Your new reason for the name stems from Peggy's Cove.

76.Van (Danish Origin) simply means "of". You could use it after the city, Vancouver.

77.Winnie (Welsh Origin) means “fair one“, inspired by the Canadian city, Winnipeg

78.Yukon (Canadian Origin) meaning "great river", after the longest river in Canada

Cold Weather Names

Canada has its summer days, but the country is most well-known for its extremely cold and snowy weather. Search for new popular names in Canada that have been inspired by the cold season.

79.Carol (French Origin) meaning "song of happiness." Inspired by Christmas carols, which are popular at a time of cold weather.

80.Eira (Welsh Origin) name means “snow”,

81.Eirwen (Welsh Origin)meaning  “blessed snow”

82.Fjolla (Kosovo Origin) girls name meaning “snowflake”,

83.Fria (Spanish Origin) translates to “cold”

84.Froid (Latin Origin) one of the few boys names meaning "cold"

85.Frost (Nordic Origin) boys name meaning "born at the time of frost"

86.Lumi  (Nordic Origin) name for “snow”

87.Natasha (Russian Origin) popular name that represents Christmas Day

88.Nevada (Spanish Origin) name for boys or girls meaning “snow-covered”

89.Noel (Latin Origin) popular girl or boys name representing "birth" and "Christmas." It's perfect for a Canadian new baby born in winter.

90.Snow (English Origin) meaning "frozen rain", also a name for someone "light-haired"

91.Solstice (English Origin) means "position of the sun" (inspired in this case by winter solstice)

92.Winter (English Origin) popular name meaning "rebirth of spring." A baby name like Winter works well in the cold weather climate of Canada.

93.Yuki (Japanese Origin) representing both "snow" and "happiness"

Canadian Celebrities

Get inspired with this list of baby names from Canadian celebrities.

Search the names of celebrities you like for new inspiration. Plenty of famous names have come from Canada that can give you popular names to add to your list.

94.Alanis - like Morissette (Greek Origin) meaning "cheerful". She's from Ottawa.

95.Avril - like Lavigne (French Origin) meaning "the month of April". She's from Belleville.

96.Celine - like Dion (French Origin) meaning "Heaven". She was born in Charlemagne.

97.Elliot - like Page (English Origin) boys name means "with strength and right". He was raised in Halifax.

98.Hayden - like Christensen (English Origin) meaning "hedged valley." He's from Vancouver.

99.Jim - like Carrey (English Origin) is a diminutive form of James (Jim Carrey's real name is James). He's from Newmarket.

100.Justin - like Bieber (English Origin)  It's quite a popular boys name, meaning "just" (try Justina for a girl). He's from Stratford.

101.Keanu - like Reeves (Hawaiian Origin) meaning "cool breeze". He moved to Toronto at a young age.

102.Michael - like Myers, J. Fox, and Cera (Hebrew Origin) meaning "who is like God". It's a top boys' name. Myers is from Scarborough, Fox from Edmonton, and Cera from Brampton.

103.Pamela - like Anderson (English Origin) meaning "all honey". She's from British Columbia.

104.Ryan - like Reynolds and Gosling (Irish Origin) meaning "little King". It's one of the most popular names for boys in many areas. Reynolds grew up in Vancouver, Gosling in London.

105.Sandra - like Oh (English Origin) meaning "defender of the people". She was born in Nepean.

106.Seth - like Rogen (Hebrew Origin) meaning "appointed". He's from Vancouver.

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