Top 100 Best Car Names For Girls

Giving a unique car name to your little girl shows your love for her.

As a fan of automobiles, many modern parents want to give unique car names to their children.

Some car names are trendy and classical at the same time and make for great baby names. If you want to look for names for girls that are inspired by names of cars, look no further.

This list also includes girls names for cars. If you have a female car and want to give it a quirky name, you can check out some car names in the list below. A girl name can be a perfect name for girl car names. These are not only names for a car, but also names of girls inspired by various motor car companies. If you want to name your baby girl after a car, we have got you covered. Read on for the perfect car names for girls.

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Baby Girl Names Inspired By Cars

Here is a list of girl names that have perfect inspiration from cars or car companies.

Car names can be clipped easily and be used as a great nickname.

1. Acadia (French origin) meaning "native of Acadia". The GMC Acadia is a great SUV that is known to be easy to drive.

2. Alantra (Greek origin) meaning "powerful". Alantra comes from the word "Elantra" which is a popular Hyundai car.

3. Alfa (Greek origin) meaning "a new beginning". Alfa Romeo Automobiles is a famous Italian premium car manufacturer known for manufacturing sporty vehicles.

4. Aria (Persian origin) meaning "noble". Aria was a car introduced a few years back by Tata.

5. Ariel (Spanish origin) meaning "Lion of God". Ariel Motor Company is a UK based automobile company.

6. Aspen (English origin) meaning "poplar tree". The Dodge Aspen was a popular car in the 1970s and 1980s.

7. Astra (Greek origin) meaning "from the stars". The Vauxhall Astra is known to be a comfortable family car.

8. Auburn (American origin) meaning "reddish brown". Auburn was a brand name of American automobiles produced from 1900 through 1937.

9. Audi (German origin) meaning "listen". Audi is a German car manufacturer with some premium designs.

10. Aurelia (Latin origin) meaning "golden". The Lancia Aurelia is a vintage car known especially in Italy.

11. Avanti (Indian origin) meaning "endless". Avanti is a great sports car that can seat four people.

12. Beretta (Italian origin) meaning "a gun". Beretta was one of the first convertibles manufactured by Chevrolet.

13. Cam (Scottish origin) meaning "a crooked nose". The name is sure to remind you of the popular American pony car- Camaro.

14. Camry (Scottish origin) meaning "a crooked nose". Camry is a great car manufactured by Toyota which is known for its amazing resale value.

15. Caprice (French origin) meaning "whimsical". Caprice was a line of cars introduced by Chevrolet.

16. Catalina (Spanish origin) meaning "pure". The Pontiac Catalina is an automobile which was part of Pontiac's full-sized line from 1950 to 1981.

17. Catherina (Greek origin) meaning "pure". Catherina designed by Sixten Sason was a famous automobile prototype.

18. Celica (American origin) meaning "celestial". Celica was a car produced by Toyota.

19. Cheyenne (Indian origin) meaning "a tribe". Cheyenne is a popular model of a car produced by Chevrolet.

20. Clio (Greek origin) meaning "made famous". Clio is a popular and fancy car by the French manufacturer, Renault.

21. Danica (Croatian origin) meaning "morning star". Danica Patrick is a popular woman car racer.

22. Eleanor (Arabic origin) meaning "God is my light". Eleanor is a customized Ford Mustang.

23. Elise (French origin) meaning "God is my Oath". The Lotus Elise is a great two-seater sports car.

24. Fabia (Latin origin) meaning "bean grower". Fabia is a Skoda car known for its high mileage.

25. Felicia (Latin origin) meaning "happy" or "lucky". Felicia is the name of a sports car produced by Skoda.

26. Giulia (Italian origin) meaning "youthful". The Giulia is one of the most popular luxury sedans ever made.

27. Holly (English origin) meaning "holy". A variation of the name of the Holley Motor Car Company, the name has a festive spirit to it.

28. Infiniti (American origin) meaning "infinity" or "endless". Infiniti is the name of an upscale automobile manufacturer from Japan.

29. Janet (French origin) meaning "little Joan". Janet was the first woman to drive in Daytona and Indianapolis auto race.

30. Kia (African origin) meaning "hill". Kia has some of the most reliable cars ever produced.

31. Kona (Hawaiian origin) meaning "lady". The Kona Electric will be the first all-electric SUV in India.

32. Lancia (Italian origin) meaning "lady warrior". Lancia is a great brand known for its racing heritage.

33. Laura (Latin origin) meaning "bay laurel plant". Laura is a strong and resilient Skoda sedan car.

34. Liana (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God has answered". Liana is an old Suzuki car made again in 2007.

35. Liz (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath"

36. Lotus (Greek origin) meaning "lotus flower". The Lotus Elise is a great two-seater sports car.

37. Megane (Greek origin) meaning "a perfect sized pearl". This is the name of a Renault model.

38. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning "dark". The name Melanie Troxel is an association created by National Hot Rod after a five career win in 2009.

39. Mercedes (Latin origin) meaning "favor" or "pity". Mercedes Benz is a premium and popular car brand known for its luxury cars and commercial cars, both.

40. Milka (German or French origin) meaning "ruler". Milka Duno is a Venezuelan race car driver who competed in the IndyCar Series, and competes in the ARCA Racing Series.

41. Porsche (German origin) meaning "offering". Porsche is a German luxury and sports car manufacturer.

42. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "wood clearing". The Riley RM Series is an executive car that was produced by Riley.

43. Sahara (Arabic origin) meaning "desert". Sahara was the name of a jeep which was named after the Sahara Desert.

44. Savanna (Spanish origin) meaning "open plain". It was a name used by General Motors, inspired by the Savannah Grasslands.

45. Shelby (English origin) meaning "From The Town In The Hollow". The Shelby Mustang was one of the fastest cars seen. One of the great girl names for your baby girl which is also a car name.

46. Sienna (Latin origin) meaning "to be old". Sienna is a very recent car launched by the famous motor car company, Toyota.

47. Sierra (Spanish origin) meaning "mountain range". Sierra is a powerful big car produced by Tata.

48. Tesla (Greek origin) meaning "someone that belongs to Thessaly". The brand, lead by Elon Musk, is known for its cutting edge electric technology for cars.  A unique name for a car and girl.

49. Victoria (Latin origin) referring to a victory. Victoria is a popular sedan used mostly by the American Police.

50. Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "west wind". The Ford Zephyr manufactured by motor company, Ford of Britain. A great name for your female car.

Names For Girly Cars

Certain names can be really great for female cars.

There are certain names that may not be related to a motor car company but brings a great sass to your car. Are you looking for names that start with car names? This list can help:

51. Alexa (American origin) meaning "defender of the people".

52. Betty (English origin) meaning "God is my Oath".

53. Bonbon (European origin) meaning "something sweet".

54. Bubbles (English origin) meaning "bubbly" or "happy".

55. Cabby (English origin) meaning "someone who drives a taxi".

56. Carla (Old English origin) meaning "a free woman".

57. Claire (French origin) meaning "clear".

59. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning "white".

60. Honey (British origin) meaning "nectar".

61. Ivy (English origin) meaning "faithfulness".

62. Jeremy (English origin) meaning "God will uplift".

63. Juicy (English origin) meaning "sweet".

64. Lexy (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men".

65. Lizzie (Latin origin) meaning "my God is abundance".

66. Matilda (English origin) meaning "might" or "strength".

67. Melissa (Greek origin) meaning "honey bee".

68. Merlot (French origin) meaning "wine and flowers".

69. Mustang (Spanish origin) meaning "horses".

70. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasantness".

71. Natalia (Latin origin) meaning "the day of Christmas".

72. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new".

73. Pearl (English origin) meaning "pearl" or "white".

74. Poppy (English origin) meaning "poppy flower".

75. Princess (English origin) meaning "princess".

76. Rosie (Latin origin) meaning "rose".

77. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red".

78. Sassy (English origin) meaning "bold" and "spirited".

79. Sherry (American origin) meaning "darling".

80. Stella (Italian or Latin origin) meaning "star".

Gender-Neutral Car Names

Some motor car company names can be perfect baby names. If you want a girl name that is also a car name and can be used for either gender, here is the perfect list:

81. Aston (English origin) meaning "noble stone". Aston Martin produced great British made luxury cars that are known for speed.

82. Cadillac (French origin) meaning "little fighter". Cadillac, a division of the General Motors automobile company.

83. Cavalier (Latin origin) meaning "horseman". The Cavalier name originated from GM's then-British subsidiary Vauxhall.

84. Coco (American origin) meaning "chocolate" or "anything sweet".

85. Cooper (Latin origin) meaning "cask". Cooper comes from the car Mini Cooper, which is one of the most popular small cars in the world.

86. Chevy (French origin) meaning "knight". Chevy is the short form of Chevrolet.

87. Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross". Chevrolet Cruz is a great sedan car.

88. Dale (German origin) meaning "valley". Dale is known to be one of the most lightweight cars ever produced.

89. Derby (English origin) meaning "from the deer park farm".

90. Discovery (English origin) meaning "discovery". Discovery is a great SUV known for its off-road capabilities.

91. Dorris (Greek origin) meaning "gift". The Dorris Motor car was founded in Nashville by a man named Dorris.

92. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "echo". Echo was a car manufactured by Toyota.

93. Hunter (English origin) meaning "one who hunts". Hunter is a popular car brand in the United States.

94. Jazz (American origin) meaning "A style of music". Jazz is a hatch-back Honda car with unique colors.

95. Jetta (Latin origin) meaning "jet black". Jetta is a popular 5 seater sedan car by Volkswagen.

96. Lexus (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men". Lexus is a popular Japanese luxury car brand. Lexy is a good girl's name and nickname inspired by a car.

97. Nash (English origin) meaning "dweller by the ash tree". The Nash Rambler is a North American automobile that was produced by Nash Motors.

98. Nissan (Hebrew origin) meaning "miracle". Nissan is one of the most well known Japanese motor companies.

99. Noble (Irish origin) meaning "high born". Noble is an English automotive company.

100. Ranger (English origin) meaning "forest protector". Ford Ranger is known to be one of the most spacious and comfortable cars.

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