Top 100 Best Egyptian Names For Boys

A meaningful name can also help define your baby's character and nature.

Many mythological and ancient names can inspire you; so, if love nature, Egyptian Pharaohs and culture, and want a name that can express the same value, then one of these names on our list may be perfect.

Both boys and girls from the country of the Nile river are said to be so beautiful and so are their names. To give your child the most beautiful name, you don't have to be from the region or faith. All you need is a good sense of what's in fashion and what the name should mean for your boy.

If you are looking to give a meaningful and significant name to your child, then you must select a good Egyptian name for your boy. Egyptian baby names are rare and meaningful. They can be ancient yet at the same time be strong and relevant to today's era which is particularly why they are great for baby boys.

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Most Common Egyptian Boys Names

Some of these names are very common in Egypt, but that doesn't mean that is not great for your little one.

If you looking for the most common names in Egypt for your baby boy that are ancient but are also perfect for your little one, then choose an ancient Egyptian name for your 'sun':

1. Abasi (Egyptian origin) means “stern”. For your son who is stern yet obedient.

2. Abayomi (Egyptian origin) means “someone who brings joy”.

3. Abanoub (Egyptian origin) means “father or king of gold”.

4. Abubakar (Egyptian origin) means "another unique Egyptian baby name, this one means “noble”.

5. Akl (Egyptian origin) means "it means “food” and “intelligence or wisdom”.

6. Baako (Egyptian origin) means “firstborn baby”.

7. Baahir (Egyptian origin) means “dazzling or brilliant”. It is one of the most common names used in Egypt.

8. Babu (Egyptian origin) means “the first child of Osiris”.

9. Babajide (Egyptian origin) means "father is coming home"

10. Bahadur (Egyptian origin) means “fighter”. In Indian culture the name means strong. It is one of the most common prefixes used in Nepal.

11. Bahman (Egyptian origin); means “well-spirited”, it has gained popularity in Egypt as well. It is also the 11th month of the Iranian calendar.

12. Baniti (Egyptian origin) means “teacher”, someone who is knowledgeable and wise.

13. Bes (Egyptian origin) means “brings joy”. A sweet and simple name for your bundle of joy,

14. Braheem (Egyptian origin) means “father of multitudes”.

15. Bassel (Egyptian origin) means “heroic, brave, or courageous”

16. Chafulumisa (Egyptian origin) means “fast”. A long yet powerful Egyptian name for your baby.

17. Cairo (Egyptian origin) means “victorious”.

18. Cepos (Egyptian origin) means “pharaoh”. A great baby name for a baby who is as powerful as the sun.

19. Donkor (Egyptian origin) means “someone humble”.

20. Dakarai (Egyptian origin) means “joy or happiness”.

21. Darwish (Egyptian origin) means “a saint”.

22. Djoser (Egyptian origin) means “divine of the body”.

23. Ebo (Egyptian origin) means "born On Tuesday".

24. Ebonee (Egyptian origin) means "black".

25. Eshe (Egyptian origin) means "life".

26. Fadil (Egyptian origin) means "generous".

27. Femi (Egyptian origin) means "love" A name of African origin, Femi is also a popular name in Egypt.

28. Fukayna (Egyptian origin) means "intelligent".

29. Funsani (Egyptian origin) means "a request".

30. Gahiji (Egyptian origin) means "hunter".

31. Garai (Egyptian origin) means "settled".

32. Gyasi (Egyptian origin) means "wonderful".

33. Haji (Egyptian origin) means "born during the pilgrimage".

34. Hasani (Egyptian origin) means "handsome".

35. Heru (Egyptian origin) means "sun god".

36. Horus (Egyptian origin) means "god of the sky".

35. Ishaq (Egyptian origin) means "laughs".

36. Issa (Egyptian origin) means "God saves".

37. Idogbe (Egyptian origin) means "brother of twins".

38. Jabari (Egyptian origin) means “a man known for his bravery”.

39. Jafari (Egyptian origin) means "creek".

40. Jumoke (Egyptian origin) means "loved by all".

41. Karim (Egyptian origin) means "noble and generous".

42. Lateef (Egyptian origin) means “a person who has a mild and kind nature”.

43. Masuda (Egyptian origin) means “a joyful and happy boy”.

44. Moshe (Egyptian origin) means "variant of Moses".

45. Msrah (Egyptian origin) means "sixth born".

46. Mukhwsna (Egyptian origin) means "twin".

47. Mahmoud (Egyptian origin) means "one who is praised by people".

48. Mido (Egyptian origin) means "praiseworthy".

49. Naeem (Egyptian origin) means "benevolent".

50. Nassor (Egyptian origin) means "victor".

51. Nizam (Egyptian origin) means "disciplined".

52. Oba (Egyptian origin) means "king".

53. Okpara (Egyptian origin) means "firstborn".

54. Osahar (Egyptian origin) means "God hears me".

55. Ottah (Egyptian origin) means "third-born".

56. Osaze (Egyptian origin) means "loved by God".

57. Paki (Egyptian origin) means "a witness".

58. Quasshie (Egyptian origin) means "born on Sunday".

59. Sa’d (Egyptian origin) means “someone with good fortune and luck”.

60. Saadah (Egyptian origin) means “a feeling of happiness and elation”.

60. Shakir (Egyptian origin) means “grateful”. It also means savior in Hebrew.

61. Taafeef (Egyptian origin) means “the praise of God or his hymn”, and this could be a good option for parents looking for a religious name.

62. Tarik (Egyptian origin) means "name of a warrior".

63. Tau (Egyptian origin) means "lion". An Egyptian name for your son who is powerful and magnificent like the lion.

64. Teremun (Egyptian origin) means "loved by his father".

65. Thoth (Egyptian origin) means "God of the moon".

66. Tor (Egyptian origin) means "king". Choose this great baby names for the king of your heart.

67. Thabit (Egyptian origin) means "strong".

68. Usi (Egyptian origin) means "smoke".

69. Ur-Atum (Egyptian origin) means “great”.

70. Uthman (Egyptian origin) means “friend of Prophet Muhammad”.

71. Waaiz (Egyptian origin) means “a person who is a capable advisor or preacher”.

72. Wamukota (Egyptian origin) means "left-handed".

73. Yahya (Egyptian origin) means “given by God”.

74. Yafeu (Egyptian origin) means "bold". A great Egyptian name for baby boys.

75. Zahur (Egyptian origin) means “flower”. This Egyptian name will be a perfect boy names.

76. Ziyad (Egyptian origin) means "he shall add".A short and cute name for equally cute baby.

77. Zosar (Egyptian origin) means “royalty and abundance”.

78. Zuberi (Egyptian origin) means “strong”

79. Zaid (Egyptian origin) means "he shall add". A great name for your baby boy.

80. Zoser (Egyptian origin) means "name of a Pharaoh".

Boy Names Based On Egyptian Mythology

The name of a Pharaoh can be a perfect name for your baby boy.

Baby names that are based on Egyptian Mythology are a wonderful way to honor the culture and legacy of pharaohs if the land of pyramids.

81. Abrax (Egyptian origin) means “the great archon from mythology”.

82. Aharon (Hebrew origin) means "high mountain". A variant of the name Aharon is used in the Hebrew Bible.

83. Ammon (Egyptian origin) means "hidden". In ancient Egypt, Ammon is a place near the Dead Sea.

84. Akhenaten (Egyptian origin) means “devoted to Aten or the spirit of Aten”. Aten is the sun disk in Egyptian mythology.

85. Amenhotep (Egyptian origin) means "peace of Amon". It is derived from the Egyptian God Amon who is the God of sun and air.

86. Echidna (Egyptian origin) means "mythical monster".

87. Geb (Egyptian origin) means "mythical earth god".

88. Hager (Egyptian origin) means "flight or stranger". It is probably derived from Hagar, the biblical name.

89. Heh (Egyptian origin) means "God of the immeasurable". One of its kind Egyptian baby names.

90. Horus (Egyptian origin) means "the distant one." In Egyptian mythology, Horus is the sky god”

91. Imhotep (Egyptian origin) means ‘he comes in peace”. In Egyptian culture, Imhotep also designed the pyramid at Saqqara.

92. Khnurn (Egyptian origin) means “reborn sun”.

93. Menes (Egyptian origin) means “he who endures”. Name your baby boy after the name of a pharaoh, who was powerful and loved.

94. Nun (Egyptian origin) means "God of the ocean". A great name for your son because in Hebrew it means heir.

95. Osiris (Egyptian origin) means "God of the dead". Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld.

96. Ra (Egyptian origin) means "the sun". In Egyptian mythology, he is also the creator of sky and earth. When he was bit by a poisonous snake, goddess of healing, protection, and magic, Isis, took Ra's pain and power after he told her his secret name, which is still unknown to any mortal or immortal creature.

97. Rameses (Egyptian origin) means “son of God”. It is also the name of various pharaohs in Egypt.

98. Shabaka (Egyptian origin) means "network." It is also the name of a celebrated Egyptian king.

99. Sethos (Egyptian origin) means "satisfaction." It is also the name of an Egyptian prince.

100. Thutmose (Egyptian origin) means “born of the god Thoth”. It is also the name of various pharaohs in Egypt.

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