Top 100 Best Fantasy Cat Names

Magical cats have unique names and can bring magic into your life.

Magical or mystical names are extremely intriguing and can be a really great choice for your cat.

Be it through movies or books; everyone would like to have a magical touch in their lives. So, choosing the right fantasy name for a pet or a character can be both a taxing task as well as an exciting one.

Cats have a mysterious and naughty image. However, they also have been associated with witchcraft and hence, have a magical element to them. Dwell in the fantasy world with these cat names inspired by mythological, spiritual, astronomical, and magical names from pop culture.

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Magical Cat Names

If you are searching for cat names with a magical touch, check out this list of magical cat names.

1. Alatar (M) meaning "after-comer", is a wizard in the 'Lord of the Rings' series.

2. Allanon (M) after the powerful male wizard from 'The Elfstones of Shannara.'

3. Amethyst (F) (Greek origin) meaning "purple quartz gem", is a perfect choice for a female cat with blue eyes.

4. Arpina (F) (Armenian origin) means "rising of the sun".

5. Arya (M/ F) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "honorable". From Arya Stark from 'Game Of Thrones'.

6. Circe (F) (Greek origin) meaning "hawk", after the Greek Sorceress, who turned shipwreck men into animals.

7. Glinda (F) (Welsh origin)meaning "fair", after Glinda the Good Witch from 'The Wizard of Oz'.

8. Merlin (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress", a great wizard, is a great choice for a magical male white cat.

9. Midnight (M/F) is a great choice for a black furry cat with magical powers.

10. Phoenix (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "deep red". This cat name inspired by the mythical bird is a perfect choice for a cat name.

11. Prospero (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "fortunate", after a sorcerer in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

12. Severus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "stern", after Severus Snape, a wizard from 'Harry Potter'.

13.Theodora (F) (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God", after the wicked witch from 'The Wizard of Oz'.

14. Ursula (F) (Latin origin) meaning "little bear", after the sea witch from the movie 'The Little Mermaid'.

15. Vega (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "swooping eagle", after the fifth brightest star in the universe.

16. Yennefer (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "fair one", after a witch from 'The Witcher' series.

Mythical And Mythological Cat names

(Mythical cat names have a unique and divine vibe to them.

This list of mythical cat names includes names inspired by myths and legends.

17. Athena (F) (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of wisdom".

18. Amunet (F) (Egyptian origin) meaning "the hidden one", after the Egyptian primordial Goddess of mystery.

19. Avallach (M) (Celtic origin) meaning "apple orchard", after the King of Avalon from Arthurian legend.

20. Bastet (F) (Egyptian origin) meaning "she of ointment jar", is the Egyptian Goddess of cats.

21. Cassandra (F) (Greek origin) meaning "helper of men", is a Greek prophetess who could see the future.

22. Echidna (F) (Greek origin) meaning "viper", after the name of a monster from Greek mythology.

23. Freya (F) (Norse origin) meaning "noblewoman", after the Norse Goddess of love and fertility.

24. Griffin (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "strong in faith", after a legendary mythological creature.

25. Lilith (F) (Latin origin) meaning "belonging to the night" refers to a demon.

26. Maia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "sublime", after the Goddess of spring in Roman mythology.

27. Niamh (F) (Irish origin) meaning "radiance", after the Goddess of the sea in Irish mythology.

28. Orion (M) (Greek origin) meaning "rising in the sky", after a hunter from Greek mythology.

29. Osiris (M) (Egyptian origin) meaning "powerful", after the Egyptian lord of the underworld.

30. Remus (M) (Latin origin) after one of the twin brothers who founded Rome.

31. Romulus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "citizen of Rome", after one of the twin brothers who founded Rome.

32. Sekhmet (F) (Egyptian origin) meaning "power" or "might", after the Egyptian lioness Goddess of war.

33. Thoth (M) (Egyptian origin) meaning "he who is like the ibis", after the Egyptian God of the moon.

34. Vesta (F) (Latin origin) meaning "pure", after the Roman Goddess of family.

35. Zeus (M) (Greek origin) meaning "God", is the ruler of all gods in Greek mythology.

Mystical And Unique Names For Cats

Check out this list of magical and unique names for cats.

36. Achak (M/F) (Algonquian origin) meaning "spirit".

37. Ambrosia (F) (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

38. Atlantis (M) (Greek origin) meaning "island of Atlas", after the fictional magical Island.

39. Azrael (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "angel of God", is the Archangel of death in Judaism and Islam.

40. Celestine (F) (Latin origin) means "of the sky".

41. Crookshanks (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "bend leg-bone", after Hermione Granger's pet cat from 'Harry Potter'.

42. Kismet (M/F) (Arabic origin) means " fate".

43. Kneph (M) (Egyptian origin) means "spirit".

44. Nyx (F) (Greek origin) meaning "night", after the Greek Goddess of night, would suit a black cat.

45. Rune (M/F) (Norse origin) meaning "secret". It is a letter or mark used as a mystical or magic symbol.

46. Saturn (M) (Latin origin). This cat name inspired by a planet is one of the best names for cats.

47.Tarot (M/F) (French origin) after the fortune-telling cards used by witches or seers.

Cat Names In Fantasy Popular fiction

There are many magical cats throughout popular culture. Choose from this list of magical cat names from famous movies, novels, or comics.

48. Aslan (M) (Turkish origin) means "lion", the majestic feline from 'Chronicles Of Narnia'.

49. Bagheera (M) (Indian origin) meaning "leopard", is the black panther from 'The Jungle Book'.

50. Balerion (M) is the kitten of Rhaenys Targaryen from 'A Game of Thrones'.

51. Binx (M) is the immortal black cat from the film 'Hocus Pocus'.

52. Cheshire (M) is the cat from the popular franchise 'Alice in Wonderland'.

53. Greebo (M) is the foul-tempered cat from 'Discworld' books.

54. Minerva (F) (Latin origin) meaning "Goddess of wisdom". Minerva McGonagall from the 'Harry Potter' series can transform herself into a cat.

55. Ren (M) (Japanese origin) meaning "lotus". Master Ren is the talking cat from 'Monstress'.

56. Salem (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "peaceful", a  troublemaking cat from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

57. Spot (F) is the pet cat of Data from 'Star Trek' franchise.

Spiritual Cat Names

If you like your cat having a spiritual side, why not give them a name inspired by spirituality? Check out these Spiritual Cat names that we have arranged for you.

58. Akh (M/F) (Egyptian origin) meaning "highest form of the soul".

59. Astral (M) (Latin origin) meaning "related to stars".

60. Aura (F) (Latin origin) means "glowing light", spiritual energy surrounding an animal or object.

61. Bodhi (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightenment", from Buddhism.

62. Enid (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "soul".

63. Karma (F) (Indian origin) means "destiny".

64. Nirvana (M/F) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "bliss".

65. Salmon (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who seeks spirituality".

66. Wanageeska (M) (Native American) meaning "white spirit". This long name is a unique name for a male cat.

67. Seraphina (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "fiery".

68. Shaman (M/F) (Indian origin) meaning "holy man", is an emissary who interacts with the spiritual realm.

Mystical Cat Names From Astronomy

Cat names inspired by astronomy bring the cosmic magic with them.

Astronomical terms themselves have a fantasy-like aura. Here we have compiled a few cat names associated with astronomical terms.

69. Altair (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "bird", is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila.

70. Andromeda (F) (Greek origin) meaning "ruler of men", the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy.

71. Aquila (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "eagle", after a constellation in the celestial equator.

72. Aurora (F) (Latin origin) meaning "dawn", refers to polar lights.

73. Centauri (M) (Latin origin) after 'Alpha Centauri', the closest solar system to Earth's solar system.

74. Cressida (F) (Greek origin) meaning "gold", a moon of Uranus, is a great choice for female cat names.

75. Deimos (M) (Greek origin) meaning "dread",  after a moon of the planet Mars.

78. Lyra (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "lyre",  a constellation in the northern hemisphere.

77. Nashira (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "bringer of good news", after the giant star in the constellation of Capricornus.

78. Nebula (M) (Latin origin) meaning "mist", after the giant cloud of dust and gas in space.

79. Sirius (M) (Greek origin) meaning " glowing", after the brightest star in the universe.

80. Themis (M) (Greek origin) meaning "divine law", is the name of a group of asteroids.

Mystical Names For Female Cats

If you are searching for some transcendent female names of cats, you have come to the exact place. Here is a list of such female names.

81. Aja (Czech origin) meaning "cold spring", after the Goddess of forest in Yoruban mythology.

82. Asterope (Greek origin) meaning "lightning", after the name of an asteroid.

83. Bellatrix (Latin origin) meaning "female warrior".

84. Chimera (Greek origin) meaning "she-goat", a mythological hybrid monster.

85. Elvina (Old English origin) meaning "good elf".

86. Isolde (German origin) meaning "she who is gazed upon".

87. Katniss meaning "an aquatic plant", is the protagonist of 'The Hunger Games'.

88. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "moon". This name is associated with Luna Lovegood from 'Harry Potter'.

89. Peach (English origin) meaning "peach", after Princess Peach in Nintendo's 'Super Mario' Franchise.

90. Tinker Bell meaning "ringer of bell", after the fairy from 'Peter Pan'.

91. Valkyrie (Norse origin) meaning "chooser of the slain", after the Norse mythological female warriors.

Mystical Names For Male Cats

A male cat with a mysterious vibe is quite interesting and makes the cat stand out. We have compiled a few mystical male cat names for you.

92. Aerglo referring to the faint light emitted by stars in the night sky.

93. Anubis (Greek origin) meaning "Egyptian God of death".

94. Caesar (Latin origin) meaning "short hair", after the Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar.

95. Gandalf (Norse origin) meaning "staff-elf", a powerful wizard from 'The Lord of The Rings'.

96. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "lion", after one of the zodiac signs.

97. Mjolnir (Norse origin) meaning "hammer of Thor".

98. Vagus (Latin origin) meaning "wanderer" is a perfect name for a stray cat.

99. Voldemort (French origin) meaning "theft of death", from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

100. Xanthos (Latin origin) meaning "yellow". This male cat's name would suit a mystical ginger cat.

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