Top 40+ Best Funny And Unique Fortnite Clan Names

Fortnite is played by millions of people and is one of the most loved games.

Fortnite is a world-renowned online video game.

Ever since its release in 2017, Fortnite has gained massive popularity among gamers of all age groups. The game has a couple of modes that involve Battle Royal, Tower Defense, and Creative Arena builder.

Gamers often form clans and play this game as a pack. Fortnite clans are a social group where players play and interact with one another. Since clans compete with one another in this video game, you must keep the very best of clans names to make your Fortnite clan intimidating. This can be done by naming them in a unique way or by keeping it funny. We have created a comprehensive list of some of the good, cool clan names for Fortnite.

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Funny Clan Names

The game and its various modes may be serious, but that is no excuse for not having a funny Fortnite Clan name.

1. Accurate Arrows - is a cool clan name for Fortnite for those who use bows and arrows compared to guns.

2. All Kill - Similar to the name, the clan decimates all their enemies.

3. Bad Boys - is a funny name for a group of Elite Shooters.

4. Best Blasters - this team is an expert in bombing and blasts their way through all obstacles.

5. Chicken Terminator - they will bring your chicken back. Just Kidding.

6. Heroic Hunks - this team comprises heroes who bring justice.

7. Legendary Noobs - it is a lovely deceiving name that will confuse the opponent clans.

8. Lost Blood - is a perfect name for a clan that is hell-bent on taking revenge against others.

9. Love to Kill - like all Fortnite clans, this clan has the knack for killing their opponents in unusual ways.

10. Lucky Destroyer - Be it a building, tower, or a car, this clan will destroy everything in their path.

11. Nibba Killers - is a cool Fortnite clan name for those who prefer trolls and seeks out memes in everything.

12. Predators Unleashed - if your team consists of an elite force, then unleash your squad and massacre your enemies.

13. Rogue Ninjas - a team of rogue players who don't play according to the rules.

14. Rowdy Romeos - they love the game like anything and are prepared to do anything to win.

15. Sweet Kills - nothing is sweeter than killing your opponents and winning the game. This can be a perfect choice if you love strategical warfare methods.

Unique Clan Names

A large variety of gaming platforms support Fortnite.

Uniqueness separates the best from others. Enlisted below are some of the best unique Fortnite clan names for you to use.

16. Abnormal Vigor - this will be an excellent Fortnite clan name if the team is a stealth attacker.

17. Agent47 - If you are a fan of 'Hitman games', then this name is a no-brainer and is among one of the best Fortnite clan names.

18. Calm Outlaws - this ranks high among the good clan names for Fortnite.

19. Championof7seas - there's no one as terrifying as them. The best of the clan names for Fortnite.

20. Cloudy Perpetrator - this can be the perfect deceiving name for clan who are strategic.

21. Deadshot - this clan never misses a kill.

22. DeathNote - this is a perfect Fortnite clan name if you love Anime and games.

23. Dizzy Irresistible - they attack from the front and leave no sides uncovered.

24. Evil Dead - if you love horror movies, then this should be your clan name.

25. Frightful Devils - The name itself is frightening for the enemies.

26. Grieving Warlords - From short skirmishes to full-fledged bombing, this clan is a master of all.

27. Insane Shooters - this clan uses snipers, and hence it justifies the games and clan name.

28. Medical Rebels - if a clan has maximum medics or healers, this name is perfect.

29. Wretched Veterans - this can be a perfect name for a team of legendary Fortnite players.

30. Zealous Lords - is a unique Fortnite clan name for a team of heroes.

Cool Clan Names

Fortnite clan wars are hugely popular in gaming culture.

Gamers are cool, and that can be depicted by having cool Fortnite clan names. Take a look below and choose one which appeals to you.

31. Av3ngerS - if you are a Marvel Avengers fan, then this should be your Fortnite clan name.

32. Candy Queens - one of the perfect names for a clan of an all-female gaming group. Beware of the Queens.

33. Complex Slayers - Gaming experts who also love Classical Mathematics.

34. CradleofFilth - For Black Metal music lovers and Masters of gaming.

35. Death Machine - the clans piles up dead bodies everywhere it goes.

36. ExiledShade - is a good name for a pro-Fortnite clan.

37. Fuzzy Pack - Is a unique name for a cool team of players.

38. Gothic Nightmare - Traditional emo Goth Dan's who also love Fortnite.

39. Gun Diggers - this is a funny Clan name for a group of master sharpshooters.

40. Headshooter - this clan loves headshots and Kills their opponents with ease.

41. KrakkenCalling - like ancient mythology, this clan reign terror on their opponents like the dangerous Krakken.

42. Optical Aces - Elite squad of players who prefers nothing but winning.

43. Organic Punks - they are the best defenders of towers and are skilled in explosives.

44. Physic Syndrome - Expert Battle Royal clan name with most kills as a specialty.

45. Radical Terror - Similar to their name, this notorious clan is known for ensuing Terror and fear in others' minds.

46. SuicideSquad - Elite team and a fan of the DC Universe.

47. VenomArcher - Fires Arrow laced with Venoms.

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