Top 100 Best Italian Cat Names

There are a lot of striking names for cats in Italian.

Are you looking for the purrfect name for your little bundle of fur?

Being a home of 63 million, Italy is known for its design, food, music and dialect. Regardless of whether you're Italian by heritage, you've visited there, or you simply love Italy, drawing from one of the most delightful dialects on the planet, we compiled a list of names that will be incredible for your feline.

Whether you are an admirer of the way of their life or you are simply intrigued by their language, we can help you in selecting the best and most extraordinary Italian feline names. Below we have listed 100 fantastico Italian names that we believe are perfect for your new kitten!

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Best Italian Male Cat Names

It's time for you to name your little furball. We have compiled a list of popular Italian male cat names and we hope to help you find the perfect one!

1. Adamo: meaning "the first man". Suits a red-haired Italian cat

2. Adolfo: meaning "glorious wolf".

3. Aceto: means "vinegar"; a unique cat name for a male cat who helps you relax and makes your exhausting life fun.

4. Alfredo: refers to "a guide of mythical beings"; the name suits a clever feline.

5. Alphons: means "respected" and "prepared".

6. Amadeus: the name means "an admirer of God". It is inspired by the celebrated composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

7. Alberto: means "bright" or "noble".

8. Aristoteles: reminds you of the celebrated Philosopher.

9. Arturo: means "bear"; a unique name for cats who are very mindful.

10. Attila: means "little dad".

11. Barone: means "a nobleman". A popular and beautiful cat name for a valiant feline.

12. Bimbo: means "an attractive woman". A stunning name for your little Italian cat.

13. Callisto: means "a nymph that was loved by the Greek God Zeus. It is a perfect name for an attractive cat.

14. Dante: meaning "persevering". Also this is the name of a famous Italian poet who is known for some of the finest literary works.

15. Elmo: means "a cap" which suits a watchman cat.

16. Edoardo: meaning "rich gatekeeper". A perfect choice of name for your cat.

17. Filippo: means "horses' friend". Ideal for a cat who wants to play with ponies.

18. Flavio: means "someone with yellow-colored hair". Ideal for a feline with brilliant shaded hair.

19. Freccia: means "to dash". Great for your quick and swift cat.

20. Galileo: was a well-known Italian physicist and stargazer, Galileo Galilei.

21. Gavino: means "a white falcon". Suits a quick and swift white cat.

22. Lupo: means "wolf". Ideal for a slightly savage feline.

23. Pablo: means "humble". Suits a modest cat.

24. Quasimodo: After Italian artist Salvatore Quasimodo.

25. Riccardo: meaning "powerful King or ruler".

26. Ruvido: meaning "rugged or rough". For a cat who doesn't care.

27. Salice: meaning "willow". Great for a cute male Italian cat.

28. Saturnino: meaning "little Saturn".

29. Silvestro: meaning "of the forested areas".

30. Sonno: meaning "rest"; suits a feline who likes to lie on the sofa the entire day.

31. Stregatto: meaning "sorceress cat". It's a pretty awesome name for a cat.

32. Tazio: meaning "ruler".  

33. Ugo: meaning "spirit" and "mind".

34. Valerio: meaning "strong, bold".

35. Vincenzo: meaning "vanquishing".  

36. Vitale: meaning "life". Suits a feline who's brimming with life.

37. Vito: meaning "life". It is believed to originate from the Latin name "vitus", which means "life-giver".

38. Zitto: meaning "quiet". A stylish-sounding name that's perfect for cats that like to keep to themselves.

Italian Female Cat Names

Your female cats deserve the purrrfect name. That is why, to make your task easier, we have created a list of popular and beautiful Italian female cat names. All you have to do is sit and browse through some beautiful names for female cats as you come across the perfect one for your purry friend.

Italian cat names are very popular among cat owners around the world.)

39. Adelasia: meaning "of noble birth or qualities".

40. Alba: means "dawn".

41. Albina: means "white". Suits a feline with a white coat.

42. Alda: means "elder" or "old".  

43. Allegria: means "cheerful". It's an upbeat cat name.

44. Benedetta: means "blessed".

45. Bertina: meaning "blessed". The name originates from Hebrew, where it means "God is my pledge".

46. Callisto: means "beautiful". Also the name of one of Jupiter's natural satellite.  

47. Capricia: means "playful". A good name for a perky cat.

48. Carla: means "zestful and lively". Great name for a cat that's full of life.

49. Chiara: meaning "splendid light". Consider this name if your cat's fur coat is bright.

50. Consolata: meaning "consoled".

51. Cosima: meaning "decency" and "orderliness". Ideal for a feline that likes to keep her fur coat neat and tidy.

52. Delfina: meaning "a lady from Delphi". Delphi is a place in Greece.

53. Desideria: meaning "the ideal one".

54. Eleonora: meaning "focusing light".

55. Elisabetta: meaning "God of abundance" or "pledged to God". It originates from the Hebrew name Elizabeth.

56. Elnora: meaning "light". It is a simple but beautiful name.

57. Eloisa: meaning "a renowned warrior".

58. Emiliana: meaning "adversary".

59. Felicita: meaning "happiness". Great for a feline who gives you joy.

60. Fernanda: meaning "bold journey". Suits a courageous little feline.

61. Fiorella: meaning "little blossom".

62. Geltrude: meaning "weapon".

63. Genevra: meaning "white wave". It was originally used to refer to fair females.

64. Giachetta: meaning "one who takes the place of another". The name has Biblical connotations.

65. Giorgia: meaning "rancher".

66. Imelda: meaning "powerful and fierce female warrior".  

67. Ines: meaning "holy". Perfect for your blameless and unadulterated feline.

68. Lauretta: means "honor and strength". It symbolizes the laurel tree.

69. Leonora: meaning "light".

70. Nicola: meaning "the triumph of individuals".

71. Paloma: meaning "white bird".

72. Paola: meaning "humble".

73. Serena: meaning "tranquil and calm". Ideal for a cat that likes to spend time on her own.

74. Teodora: meaning "blessing from God".

75. Trilby: For your catlike who appreciates tuning in to music

76. Valeria: meaning "strong and valiant".

77. Ysabel: meaning "scared to God".

Italian Black Cat Names

These are some of the very popular cat names that are suitable for your Italian companion. If you are a proud owner of a black cat, then choose from our list of unique names for cats.

78. Mora: (F) meaning "blackberry". Perfect for a female Italian cat.

79. Otello: (M) derived from the name of Shakespeare's character; popular name for a male cat

80. Emo: (M) meaning "emotionally gripping".

81. Carbone: (M) meaning "coal". A very popular name for cats.

82. Notte: (F) meaning "night". A great name if your cat has lustrous black fur coat.

83. Bandito: (M) meaning "desperado". One of the most popular Italian cat names for male cats.

84. Cagliostro: (M) meaning "adventurer".

85. Nero: (M) meaning "dark, like night". A beautiful cat name for a male cat.

86. Espresso: (M/F) like the coffee; Choose this popular name if your cat makes your morning beautiful.

87. Nettuno: (F) meaning "as in the planet Neptune". A very popular name among female cat owners

88. Cenerino: (M) meaning "little fighter". Choose this name if your male cat has the spirit of a warrior.

89. Calimero: (M) meaning "beautiful". It is also the name of an animated cartoon character in a famous kids' TV show that ran over two seasons.

90. Nerito: (M/F) meaning "dark".

Italian Orange Cat Names

Orange is the new black! Choose some beautiful and popular names for your ginger cat, who is like the purrfect hue of the morning sky! Get choosing from our list of Italian cat names here.

91. Zucca: (M/F) meaning "pumpkin". It's cute cat name for an orange colored cat.

92. Fiamma: (F) meaning "fire".

93. Nespola: (F) is a medlar tree found in Italy which yields round orange fruits.

94. Nemo: (M) meaning "nobody". Also the name of a popular movie character in the animated movie 'Finding Nemo'.

95. Caramello: (M) meaning "derived from caramel".

96. Carotino: (M/F) meaning "a little carrot". It's a popular name for both male and female cats.

97. Isidoro: (F) meaning "gift of the Goddess Isis".

98. Garfield: (M) the popular comic cat title character from the famous kids' show in the '80s.

99. Sole: (M) meaning "sun".

100. Zafferano: (M/F) meaning "saffron".

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