Top 100 Best Korean Dog Names With Meanings

Korean dog names can be a great choice to name your new pup.

Are you worried the name you choose won't match your adorable new dog?

You can always opt for some out of the box names, such as Korean names for dogs. In Korea, names are given a lot of importance and have a deep sense of meaning in them.

In Korea, the word for a dog is 'gae', and pet naming is taken pretty seriously. Korean pet names help accomplish the sense of uniqueness and distinct personality you are looking for to name your dog. Korea, as we all know, comprises North and South Korea. Breed like the Shih Tzu, the Poodle, and the Maltese are some of the most popular Korean dog breeds found in both North and South Korea. They also come with their own Asian breeds, like the Korean Jindo breed and the bloodhound breed. So why not choose from this list of cute Korean dog names. Even though some may think Korean names are hard to pronounce, we're giving you a list of easily intelligible names to give your dog.

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Male Korean Dog Names

Most dog owners prefer that their dog should stand apart from other dogs. Giving them, a unique name could be a great way of making sure that happens. Here is a list of names with almost every type of meaning for your alpha male dog.

1. Dak-Ho meaning "deep lake".

2. Dal meaning "moon". This is a great name to give your fluffy white dog.

3. Geon meaning "strength".

4. Ho-Seok meaning "strong, heaven". Ho-Seok is the birth name given to K-pop band 'BTS' singer, J-Hope.

5. Hwan meaning "shining and bright".

6. Jae-Hee meaning "shining".

7. Jong-Seok meaning "great, eminent".

8. Kyu meaning "standard". This term is also used in martial arts like Judo.

9. Min-ho meaning "brave and heroic".

10. Seok "great stone" is the meaning of this name.

11. Seulgi meaning "wisdom".

12. Seung meaning "winning". Lee Seung-gi is a famous celebrity across Korea who gave popularity to this name.

13. Suk meaning "rock, stone".

14. Su-won meaning "defend, protect". Suwon is also the name of a city in Korea.

15. Tae-Hui meaning "big, great".

16. U-Yeong meaning "glory, honor".

17. Yeo meaning "mildness".

18. Yu-Jin meaning "precious, valuable". Yu-Jin was an esteemed military general in Korea.

Female Korean Dog Names

Are you looking for female names that would completely suit your adorable female pup? There are a lot of great Korean names you could name your pet.

19. Ae-Cha meaning "loving daughter".

20. Areum meaning "beauty".

21. Bae meaning "inspiration". This is a very popular family name in Korea.

22. Bo-mi meaning "beautiful, pretty".

23. Bong Cha meaning "ultimate girl".

24. Choon-Hee meaning "spring girl".

25. Danbi meaning "welcome rain".

26. Eui meaning "righteousness".

27. Gaeul meaning "fall, autumn". Gaeul is the name of a former famous Korean singer.

28. Hae meaning "ocean".

29. Hana meaning "to craft or work".

30. Ha-eun meaning "kindness, mercy".

31. Hea meaning "grace". A famous female volleyball player that played for Korea has the name Jo-Hea Yung.

32. Hye meaning "intelligent". This is very common among a lot of Korean personalities.

33. In-na meaning "graceful and delicate".

34. Ji-a meaning "wisdom and knowledge".

35. Kwan meaning "strong". Kwan is also the name of a martial arts practiced widely in Korea.

36. Mee meaning "beauty".

37. Nam-Sun meaning "pure and honest".

38. Nari meaning "lily".

39. Seok-Yeong meaning "petal, flower".

40. So-Hui meaning "splendid, glorious".

41. Sung meaning "successor".

42. Ye-Jin meaning "precious and valuable".

43. Yu-na meaning "to endure".

Unisex Korean Dog Names

Korean names are short and cute and can be a great choice for your pup.

Do you want a dog name that doesn't fall into the societal gendered roles? Here are some unisex dog names that go with both genders.

44. Duri meaning "two". A retired football player that played for Korea had the name, Cha Du-ri.

45. Eun meaning "kindness, or silver".

46. Gyeong meaning "respect".

47. Haneul meaning "sky or heaven".

48. Hwan meaning "shine or happiness". This is a very common dog name.

49. Hyeon meaning "clever or shining".

50. Iseul "dew" is the meaning of this name. Chun-Yi Iseul is the name of a celebrated actress in South Korea.

51. Jae meaning "talent".

52. Jeong meaning "quiet".

53. Ji meaning "smart".

54. Kwang meaning "light".

55. Maeum meaning "heart".

56. Yeong meaning "flower or hero". Sometimes the word 'Young' is also used instead of this name.

Cute Korean Dog Names Inspired By Famous Personalities

Many people like to name their pets after their favorite personalities because of the love that they share for both their pet and that person. Here are some of the famous names of personalities that can be used as pet names.

57. Moon Jae-in (M) meaning "talent". After the name of the 12th and current President of South Korea.

58. Onew (M) meaning "soft and gentle". He is a well-known Korean and actor and singer.

59. Psy (M) is a world-renowned South Korean musician.

60. Shin Min-a (F) meaning "clever". She is an actress that is well known across South Korea.

61. Taeyeon (F) meaning "calm". She is an acclaimed singer in South Korea.

62. Yu-Na Kim (F) meaning "desired". She is one of Korea's most renowned and beloved athletes.

K-pop Inspired Pet Names

With a growing fan base for Korean pop culture music, a lot of fans are turning towards naming their dogs after their favorite K-pop artist. You could name your pet after your favorite K-pop artist as well. Some of the common K-pop inspired pet names:

63. BoA (F) meaning "a genius of serpents". It is the name of a famous K-pop solo female artist.

64. J-Hope (M) meaning "hope". It is the name of a member of the BTS band.

65. Jimin (M) meaning "will, purpose, ambition". This is also the name of a member of the BTS band.

66. Kai (M) meaning "victory". This is the name of a member of the K-pop group, EXO.

67. Rain (F) (English origin) meaning "rain". It is the name of a famous K-pop solo artist.

68. Suga (M) meaning "sugar". Suga is also a famous singer from the K-pop band, BTS.

Common Korean Dog Names

Short names are great to name your little pup with whatever meaning you like and find suitable for your little one. Here are some of the common Korean dog names that we can find in Korea.

69. Byeol (M/F) meaning "star".

70. Dan (M/F) meaning "sweet".

71. Jag-eun (M/F) meaning "small".

72. Jakda (F) meaning "little".

73. Joeun (M/F) meaning "good".

74. Nun (M/F) meaning "snow".

75. Saja (M) meaning "lion".

76. Yeppeun (F) meaning "pretty".

Dog Names After Places Or Landmarks In Korea

A lot of people name their pets after some of their favorite places or landmarks. Some of these Korean geographic names can be used to name your new pet!

77. Busan (M) is one of South Korea's second-largest city.

78. Daegu (F) is the fourth largest city in South Korea.

79. Jindo (M/F) is the home famous for the dog of the same breed name.

80. Osan (F) is the name of a Korean city.

81. Taebek (M) is one of the most famous mountainous regions of Korea.

82. Udo (M) meaning "cow-island" is an island that is one of Korea's most popular tourist destinations.

Dog Names After Korean Food Or Drinks

Dog owners with their extensive love for food have started the trend of naming their pets after their favorite dish or drink. Even though the list is short, anyone can go crazy and name their pet with their favorite dish. Here are some of the common Korean dish names used.

83. Dubu (M/F) is the Korean name for tofu.

84. Kimchi (M) is a world-renowned vegetarian dish in Korean cuisine.

85. Melona (F) is a popular Korean brand of a fruit-flavored popsicle.

86. Misu (M/F) is the Korean name for a beverage served cold.

Popular Dog Names In Korea

Korean names are rich in culture and history.

Giving names is considered very serious in Korea where mostly only names with great meaning are chosen. If you're looking for some cute names for dogs that are Korean, here are some popular Korean dog names.

87. Bomi (F) meaning "springtime".

88. Chin (M/F) meaning "precious or close".

89. Cho (M) meaning "handsome". Cho Kuk is the name of a Korean jurist and politician.

90. Goo (M/F) meaning "to complete someone".

91. Horang-i (M) meaning "tiger".

92. Hyun Ki (M/F) meaning "smart dog".

93. Jae-Hee (M) meaning "shining".

94. Joo (F) meaning "jewel". Jung Min-Joo, known professionally as JOO, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and musical actress.

95. Mi-Hi (F) meaning "beautiful and joyful". A famous flautist from Korea has the name Mi-Hi Kim.

96. Min (F) meaning "clever, quick-minded and responding".

97. Mongshil (F) meaning "fluffy".

98. Sagwa (F) meaning "apple".

99. Seo-Jin (M/F) meaning "lucky omen". Lee Seo-Jin is a South Korean actor and television host.

100. Ye-Jin (F) meaning "valuable and precious".

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