Top 100 Best Modern And Ancient Vampire Names

Choosing a name inspired by vampires does not have to have evil connotations but instead can be traditional and interesting.

New vampires almost always adopt a new name from the ones they were given at birth as a human.

It might be considered weird to have a vampire name or want to give your child one. However, if you are a new immortal or just love these fictional characters then this list is for you.

Whether its a name from your favourite fictional vampire inspired movie or book, some vampire names have gained some recognition. Most vampires names are either of Italian or Greek origin as a sign of respect to the places where it all started, and always have a dark meaning to them.

The most famous vampire is said to be Ambrogio, the first male vampire. However, the fictional character known as Dracula has gained more fame over the past few years due to its use in movies and books. In the times past, more attention was given to names and their meaning, which made it easy to spot someone different. Now, this isn't quite the case as names change from time to time with new variations of the same name occurring. For vampires, it is not the case as they prefer to stick with the more traditional ancient vampire names. Some believe the older the names the better, while others (new vampires in particular) are still more open to a more modern vampire name.

Without any more delays, let's get into the list of the best vampire names, their meanings, and origin.

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Vampire Inspired Names For Girls

A vampire name is original and will have a tradition that comes with it.

Female vampire names are often of Greek origin, and most female vampires prefer to adopt the name Selene, the Greek goddess believed to be the mother of modern vampires. These vampire girl names are inspiring and will bring out the darker side of you. Most names are a representation of the traits and personality of the bearer, so you need to go with what suits you best. Find out what the best names are for a vampiress (female vampire).

1. Achlys (Greek origin) meaning "mist" or "darkness".

2. Adrasteia (Greek origin) meaning "inescapable".

3. Adreana (Italian origin) meaning "dark".

4. Akantha (Greek origin) meaning "thorn".

5. Akeldama (Aramaic origin) meaning "field of blood".

6. Alumit (Hebrew origin) meaning "secret".

7. Amaia (Basque origin) meaning "end".

8. Amarande (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

9. Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

10. Aura (Latin origin) meaning "soft wind".

11. Ballari (Indian origin) meaning "walking quietly".

12. Bela (Slavic origin) meaning "white".

13. Callidora (Greek origin) meaning "gift of beauty".

14. Darcey (Irish origin) meaning "dark".

15. Desdemona (Greek origin) meaning "ill-starred".

16. Eyota (Native American) meaning "greatest one".

17. Eva (Hebrew origin) meaning "giver of life".

18. Imperia (Latin origin) meaning "commanding" or "imperial".

19. Kali (Indian origin) meaning "dark goddess".

20. Kharis (Greek origin) meaning "grace".

21. Kora (Greek origin) meaning "maiden" and "heart".

22. Lilith (Babylonian origin) meaning "night monster" or "of the night".

23. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "the moon".

24. Melaina (French origin) meaning "dark".

25. Narkissa (Greek origin) meaning "numbness" or "sleep".

Vampire Inspired Names For Boys

A vampire name for a boy is commanding and has its roots in ancient languages.

As mentioned earlier, male vampire names are more of Italian origin as opposed to female vampire names. This origin makes male vampire names more exotic and classic than the average human name. Male vampire exudes a certain kind of charisma, and therefore need a name that complements their charm. For the best vampire names for boys, check out the list below.

26. Abel (Hebrew origin) meaning "breath" or "vanity".

27. Afanas (Russian origin) meaning "immortal".

28. Aldon (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "old friend".

29. Alessandro (Italian origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

30. Athan (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

31. Baldassare (Italian origin) meaning "protect the king".

32. Braeden (Irish origin) meaning "from the dark valley".

33. Carden (Celtic origin) meaning "from the dark fortress".

34. Cerberus (Latin origin) meaning "demon of the pit".

35. Cian (Gaelic origin) meaning "ancient".

36. Danto (Italian origin) meaning "lasting".

37. Draven (American origin) meaning "of the raven".

38. Eilif (Scandinavian origin) meaning "immortal".

40. Emilio (Italian origin) meaning "rival".

41. Fino, (Italian origin) meaning "burning one" or 'serpent".

42. Gasper (Persian origin) meaning "treasure".

43. Gualterio (Italian origin) meaning "strong warrior" or "ruler of the army".

44. Ingrum (Norse origin) meaning "angel-raven".

45. Jareth (French origin) meaning "to watch".

46. Kieran (Celtic origin) meaning "little dark-souled one".

47. Lefu (African origin) meaning "death".

48. Markandeya (Sanscript origin) meaning "courageous over death".

49. Orepheus (Greek origin) meaning "the darkness of the night".

50. Parris (Greek origin) meaning "abductor".

Gender Neutral Vampire Names

The names for vampires can also be gender-neutral. Going for a gender-neutral name is more effective and saves you the stress of looking for the best name that suits you or your child or character. These names still retain their original meaning whether it's used for a male or female vampire.

51. Ascelin (Norman origin) meaning "of the moon".

52. Ambrogino (Italian origin) meaning "little immortal one".

53. Ambrose (Greek origin) meaning "divine".

54. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "ruin".

55. Atieno (African origin) meaning "born at night".

56. Bora (Turkish origin) meaning "storm".

57. Brone (Irish origin) meaning "sorrowful".

58. Corentin(e) (French origin) meaning "tempest" or "hurricane".

59. Golgotha (Aramaic origin) meaning "skull".

60. Grimoire (French origin), a book containing spells, incantations, and so on.

61. Hastie (French origin) meaning "quickly"

62. Jela (African origin) meaning "father suffered during birth".

63. Loki (Scandinavian origin) meaning "trickster".

64. Manson (Scottish origin) meaning "son of Magnus".

65. Moriarty (Irish origin) meaning "navigator".

66. Myres (Dutch origin) meaning "son of Myre".

67 Nukpana (Native American origin) meaning "evil".

68. Oleander (Greek origin), this is a poisonous plant.

69. Onyx (Greek origin) meaning "claw" and also refers to a stone that is pitch black.

70. Ren (Japanese origin) meaning "lotus".

71. Sage (French origin) meaning "sensible" and it is also a spice.

72. Salem (Hebrew origin) meaning "peace".

73. Tempest (Old French origin) meaning "violent storm".

74. Tohopka (Native American origin) meaning "wild beast".

75. Vespers (Latin origin) meaning "evening star" and also refers to Catholic evening prayers.

Famous Vampire Names

Fanfiction series have given us names or some of our favourite characters. Books, movies and TV shows have featured quite a few of these characters that are well known and we've come to love, making the names of the characters famous vampire names. Vampire last names are also becoming more popular as first names as well. If you want a vampire name with more popularity then this is the section for you. The names listed are from some of your favourite books, movies and shows, and also feature some popular names from ancient history.

76. Alice(F) (Latin origin) meaning "noble", famous character played Ashley Greene in "The Twilight" series.

77. Angel (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "messenger". Angel was the name of a vampire in the TV show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", which aired in 1997.

78. Armand (M) (French origin) meaning "army man". Name made famous by the character played by Antonio Banderas in the movie "Interview with the Vampire".

79. Bella (F) (Greek origin) meaning 'beautiful", from the famous "The Twilight" movie series and novel. Name of Edward's girlfriend, who later turns into a vampire.

80. Bill (M) (German origin) meaning "vehement protector". The vampire Bill Compton, portrayed by Stephen Moyer, featured in "True Blood".

81. Damon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "subdue" or "to tame". The famous character Damon Salvatore from "The Vampire Diaries" is loved by all.

82. Edward (M) (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "wealthy guard". Edward Cullen, from the movie series "The Twilight".

83. Elena (F) (Italian origin) meaning "shining light", from the famous TV series "The Vampire Diaries", Elena Gilbert is one of the protagonists of the show.

84. Hades (M) (Greek origin) meaning "unseen", this is also the name of the god of the underworld.

85. Lestat (M) (English origin), a name gotten from the book 'The Vampire Chronicles' and character portrayed by Tom Cruise in "Interview with the Vampire".

86. Marceline (F) (French origin) meaning "young warrior", from the cartoon show "Adventure Time".

87. Morticia (U) (English origin) meaning "undertaker", from the famous show "The Addams Family".

88. Nexus (U) (English origin) meaning "old bind".

89. Noir (U) (French origin) meaning "black".

90. Obsidian (U) (Latin origin) meaning "of Obsidus".

91. Orlok (M) (English origin) a name from the movie 'Nosferatu'.

92. Raven (F) (English origin) refers to the bird.

93. Rudolph (M) (Greek origin) meaning "fame wolf," a name gotten from 'The Little Vampire'.

94. Sebastian (M) (Greek origin) meaning "from Sebastia", a character in the TV show "Legacies".

95. Selene (F) (Greek origin) meaning "full of light", made famous by the character portrayed by Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld".

96. Scarlett (F) (English origin) meaning "red". Also a character in the Huge Jackman-starred famous movie "Van Helsing".

97. Spike (U) (American origin) meaning "long". Also, a vampire in "Buffy The Vampire".

98. Stefan (M) (Greek origin) meaning "crown". Another vampire character from "The Vampire Diaries".

99. Styx (U) (Greek origin) meaning "the hateful".

100. Verity (F) (English origin) meaning "truth".

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