Top 100 Best Names From The 1800s

These ‌unique‌ ‌and‌ ‌meaningful‌ ‌‌names from the early 1800s are still very popular.

What does the Victorian period remind you of?

Formal hats, puffed sleeves, crinoline, underskirts, horse carriages, and excellent festivities. There are some names from this era that are still relevant, beautiful, and excellent.

Picking a perfect and meaningful name for your baby is a big responsibility and a number of parents often become lax when it comes to selecting a unique and beautiful name for their child. Including beautiful gender-neutral names, we have compiled a list of Victorian or 1800s names, which are beautiful, exceptionally unique, and incredible for the children even in today's time.

Soon after the parents learn the sex of their kid or after their birth, they become engaged in selecting names that will tell the world the significance of their child and what he or she is destined to be. Beautiful Victorian names are not only unique but also rich in history and story.

If you are a parent of a girl, then you might think, aren't Victorian baby girls names too ladylike, sweet, and frilly, well no! These names represent family values, strong moral convictions, and most importantly, the beauty of the era of Victoria. The names like Elizabeth and William are still used even today. So, without wasting any more time, let us introduce you to some beautiful and strong names from the 1800s.

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Victorian Names That Are Still Popular Now

‌Popular baby names that are from Victorian Era can never go out of fashion.

Names like Henry, Charles, Thomas, Anna, and May have always been the safest and most popular names for boys and girls. Parents still like to choose these names for their babies because these names speak of culture, roots, and heritage.  

1. Ada (F) (English origin) means "adornment".

2. Agatha (F) (English origin) means "good woman". One of the classic names you can give to your baby girl.

3. Alexandra (M) (English origin) means "defender".

4. Alice (F) (English origin) means  "nobility". Alice was one of the most common names in the 1700s.

5. Alma (F) (Celtic origin) means "good". In other cultures, it means "loving" in Swedish and "apple" in Persian.

6. Anne (F) (English origin) means "grace". Famous name bearer:  Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII.  A variation of this name Anna has been very popular between the 1700-1800s.

7. Abraham (M) (English origin) means "father of multitudes". Famous name bearer: US President Abraham Lincoln.

8. Alfred (M) (English origin) means "elf ruler". Famous name bearer: British Prince Alfred and poet Lord Alfred Tennyson.

9. Archie (M/F) (English origin) means "bold and true". Famous name bearer: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son.

10. Arnold (M) (German origin) means "eagle power". Famous name bearer: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

11. Arthur (M) (English origin) means  "bear." Famous name bearer: legendary King Arthur. Though it may seem like one of the old men's names, Arthur is still very popular in the U.S. and the U.K.

12. Baxter (M) (English origin) means "baker".  

13. Bernard (M) (English origin) means "a strong bear". It can be shortened to Bernie or Bern.

14. Bert (M) (English origin) means "bright".

15. Clara (F) (English origin) means "clear and bright".  

16. Cora (F) (English origin) means "maiden". The name is associated with Lady Cora Grantham from the TV show 'Downton Abbey'.  

17. Charley (M) (English origin) means "man".

18. Clarence (F) (Latin origin) means "one who lives near the River Clare".  These victorian girl names have been pet favorite of parents in the 1700s.

19. Douglas (M) (English origin) means "dark stream".

20. Edgar (M) (English origin) means "fortunate and powerful". Famous name bearer: writer Edgar Allan Poe.

21. Edith (F) (English origin) means "prosperous in war".

22. Elisha (F) (Hebrew origin) means "my God is salvation".

23. Elizabeth (F) (English origin) means "pledged to God". Famous name bearer: many Queen Elizabeth. This name has been very popular between 1700 to 1900.

24. Emily (F) (English origin) means "industrious". Famous name bearer: Emily Bronte. One of the most popular 1800s names.

25. Emma (F) (English origin) means "universal". It was one of the most popular upper-class Victorian baby names in the 1700s.

26. Esther (F) (English origin) means "star".  

27. Evie (F) (English origin) means "life" or "lively".

28. Fannie (F) (English origin) means "free". One of the most popular names for parents who enjoyed the Victorian era’s obsession with names ending with ‘e’.    

29. Flora (F) (Roman origin) means "flower".

30. Floyd (M) (Celtic origin) means "gray". The name became popular through Mary Elizabeth Braddon's novel 'Aurora Floyd'. Perfect vintage boys names for your son who you adore too much.

31. Franklin (M) (English origin) means "free landholder".

32. Florence (F) (English origin) means "to flower".

33. Frances (M) (French origin) means "French woman". A popular name choice between 1820-1850s.

34. Harriet (F) (English origin) means "estate ruler".

35. Hazel (F) (English origin) means "hazelnut tree". A popular baby names in 1900s.

36. Harold (M) (English origin) means "ruler". One of the old men names which are still fashionable and relevant.

37. Henrietta (F) (English origin) means "home ruler".

38. Jane (F) (English origin) means "God has been gracious". Famous name bearer: Author Jane Eyre.

39. James: (M) (Latin origin) means "heel" or "supplanter". The name James has been a popular Victorian male names in the 1800s.

40. Leo (M) (Russian origin) means "lion".

41. Louis (M) (English origin) means "famous warrior". Famous name bearers: many King Louis of France, Sandra Bullock's son and actor Louis Partridge.

42. Lucy (F) (English origin) means "light". In 1850, Lucy was seen in regular frequency.

43. Mabel (F) (English origin) means "lovable".

44. Martin (M) (English origin) means"warlike".

45. Mary (F) (Latin and Greek origin) means "beloved", "rebelliousness", "wished-for child". In the English-speaking country, this was one of the most popular names. Though it may look like one of the old lady names, it is very much in fashion.

46. Merritt (F) (English origin) means "worthy".  

47. Marjorie (F) (English origin) means "child of light". You can also a variation of this name Margaret for a girls' name.

48. Martha (F) (English origin) means "lady".

49. Millie (F) (English origin) means "free-born or noble". Famous name bearer: actress Millie Bobby Brown

50. Nora (F) (English origin) means "light".

51. Oliver (M) (English origin) means "olive tree". The name became quite popular in the 1850s because of the character that appeared in author Charles Dickens' novel ‘Oliver Twist’.  

52. Oscar (M) (English origin) means "God’s spear". This baby name still has a modern vibe to it.

53. Otto (M) (English origin) means "wealthy".

54. Rayne (M/F) (English origin) means "queen". Apt for your little princess, isn’t it?

55. Raymond (M) (English origin) means "a wise protector".  

56. Thomas (M) (English origin) means "twin".

57. Thaddeus (M) (English origin) means "wise". A fan favorite name in the 18th and 19th centuries.

58. Theodore (M) (English origin) means "gift of God".

59. Vinnie (F) (English origin) means "conqueror".  

60. Viola (F) (English origin) means “violet”. The name became popular after it appeared in William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.

61. Violet (F) (English origin) means "purple".

62. Warren (M) (English origin) means "park-keeper".

63. Watson (M) (English origin) means "son of Walter". The name became popular through Conan Arthur Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, where Watson was detective Holmes’ partner.

64. William (M) (English origin) means "resolute protection". Famous name bearers: many King William of England.

Unusual Names From The 1800s

These vintage names, boy and girls appropriate, are still very cool and popular.

Check out these old fashioned names for boy and girls, which are in rage like they were in the 1800s. We hope that one of these vintage names in the list will stand out among the rest for your babies.  

65. Briar (M) (English origin) "thorny shrub".

66. Della (F) (English origin) means "noble".

67. Elmer (M) (English origin) means "noble or famous".

68. Effie (M) (English origin) means "well-spoken".

69. Hugo (M) (English origin) means "intelligent". It's a cute little baby name for your baby boy.

70. Josephine (F) (English origin) means "God increases".

71. Lilian (F) (English origin) means "lily". This name speaks of the purity and innocence of the Victorian era. It's a pretty name for baby girls.

72. Lottie (F) (English origin) means "free man".

73. Luella (F) (English origin) means "warrior".  

74. Maida (F) (Italian origin) means "maiden".  

75. Ottilie (M) (English origin) means "riches".  

76. Rosie (F) (English origin) means "rose". Famous name bearer: model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

77. Tillie (F) (English origin) means "battle mighty".

78. Wellington (M) (English origin) means "from the wealthy state". Famous British surname and also a city in New Zealand.

79. Winnie (F) (English origin) means "the fair one". Famous name bearer: show anchor Jimmy Fallon's daughter.

80. Zadie (English origin) means "prosperous". This beautiful name has a Victorian-era essence and perfect vintage name for your little princess.

Gender Neutral Names From The 1800s

Check out this list of gender-neutral baby names for both boys and girls inspired from the Victorian Era. These names are cool and still carries so much weight and royalty that your friends might get envy, why didn't they think of these names for their babies?!

81. Ames (Latin origin) means "love."

82. Ardin (English origin) means "nature and strong".

83. Blair (English origin) means "dweller on the plain".

84. Charlie (English origin) means "free man".

85. Corin (Latin origin) means "Roman God".

86. Dale (English origin) means "in the valley".

87. Ellery (English origin) means "cheerful".

88. Ever (English origin) means "magical".

89. Farro (English origin) means "iron-gray". It is one of the most uncommon name, which is why it makes the perfect name for boy or girl.

90. Harlan (English origin) means  “hare land”.

91. Indigo (English origin) means "creativity".

92. Luca (English origin) means "he or she who brings light".

93. Manon (English origin) means "wished-for child".

94. Nico (English origin) means "victory of the people".

95. Parker (English origin) means "keeper of the park".

96. Phoenix (English origin) means "mythological bird".

97. Rey (French origin) means "king".

98. Teagan (Irish origin) means "little poet".

99. Yuri (English origin) means "light of God".

100. Zephyr (Greek origin) means "soft breeze".

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