Top 75 Best Names That Mean Calm Or Quiet

Baby names derived from calmness and peace are the best choices for your innocent little one.

Choosing baby names is quite a strenuous job for parents with thousands of options available on media and online.

It is no surprise that they want the name to have a comforting feeling. But then, should the meaning be traditional or something simple that one will love?

Parenting is a strong job to do in one's life. But that process starts right from the point of choosing the right name for your baby girl or boy. Babies are full of innocence and when they sleep, there is nothing more calm and peaceful than the sight of seeing the little ones rest. In such a case, why not select a unique name meaning peace or calm and quiet for your peaceful baby? Japanese names like Kazuya or Yoichi or Chiraz, Farica, or Galena, Kafu which mean calm and quiet are just perfect for your babies. Here's a list of more than 75 best baby names that mean everything related to calm and quiet, arranged thematically to make it easier to continue the search.

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Boy Names Meaning Peaceful

A baby boy that name means peaceful or a name that is a symbol of peace are few best baby names for your little one. Here are some good boys names that you would want for your peaceful baby.

Cute and ancient baby names for boys that are quite popular will be loved by everyone.

1. Absalom (Biblical, Hebrew origin) meaning  "father of peace"; a name meaning father my father is peace is quite an ancient and Old Testament oriented name.

2. Agantuk (Indian origin) meaning "calm, secretive". This can be a great baby name for your son.

3. Akand (Indian origin) meaning "calm, tranquil, quiet".

4. Arhaa (Arabic origin) meaning "serene, calm".

5. Baris (Turkish origin) meaning "the peaceful one".

6. Callum (German, Biblical origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

7. Colvyr (English origin) referring to a dove.

8. Dhin (Vietnamese origin) meaning "calm, a liberal person".

9. Doak (Scottish origin) meaning "quiet person with the inventive mind"; is one of the strong baby names, suitable for creative minds.

10. Fen (Frisian origin) meaning "peace".

11. Friedemann (German origin) meaning "man of peace".

13. Gaufrid (German origin) meaning "peace".

14. Gerffron (English origin) meaning "spiritually calm".

15. Heddwyn (Welsh origin) meaning "peace, blessed".

16. Hemin (Kurdish origin) meaning "calm, quiet".

17. Humphrey (German origin) meaning "calm fighter"; is a name meaning fighter for the little baby warrior.

18. Joab (German origin) meaning "one looking for the inner truth and quiet".

19. Joah (German origin) meaning "passionate, calm soul"; is a popular German name.

20. Juday (Arabic origin) meaning "the quiet one".

21. Kafu (African origin) meaning "quiet".

22. Kale (Gaelic origin) meaning "affectionate, calm".

23. Kazuya (Japanese origin) meaning "calm, peaceful one".

24. Mirko (Slovene origin) meaning "calm person".

25. Naim (Arabic origin) meaning "tranquil, calm person".

26. Oliver (French, Latin origin) meaning "peaceful one".

27. Paxon (English origin) meaning "deeply quiet"; also has a short variation for a nickname as Pax.

28. Rafik (Arabic origin) meaning "calming friend".

29. Sakoot (Arabic origin) meaning "calm, satisfied mind".

30. Siegfried (German origin) meaning "victory and peace".

31. Vladimir (Russian origin) meaning "worldly peace, famous".

32. Xolani (African origin) meaning "peace".

Names For Girls Meaning Peaceful

Baby girl names that have a peaceful meaning are a sign that the child will be able to spread peace in other people's lives too. Here is a list of baby names with meanings like quiet, peaceful, and calm.

33. Aalin (Arabic origin) meaning "beautiful, calm, serene".

34. Allanna (Irish origin) meaning "calmness".

35. Chantol (Old Provencal origin) meaning "calm natured".

36. Chesna (Slavic origin) meaning "calm place".

37. Chiraz (Arabic origin) meaning "calm, a smooth person"; the 'z' makes this name one of the striking girl names.

38. Deidamia (Greek origin) meaning "one who's calm in war".

39. Eirene/Irene (Greek origin) meaning "peace"; the name is associated with the Greek Goddess of peace.

40. Enhktuya (Mongolian origin) meaning "ray of peace".

41. Farica (German origin) meaning "calm leader".

42. Frida (Swedish origin) meaning "peace"; is a Scandinavian name used by the famous Frida Kahlo.

43. Grania (Old English origin) meaning "one looking for the inner truth and quiet".

44. Grid (Norse origin) meaning "peace"; associated with old Norse mythology's frost giantess.

45. Halcyon (Greek origin) meaning "calm"; is derived from the Greek mythological sea bird.

46. Jolina (American origin) meaning "quiet and analyzing person".

47. Judeth (German origin) meaning "passionate and calm soul".

48. Kazue (Japanese origin) meaning "harmony, peace".

49. Li Jing (Chinese origin) meaning "reasonably quiet"; this name meaning is coined by joining two words, li meaning reason and jing meaning quiet.

50. Linit (Hebrew origin) meaning "to rest and be calm"; is a unique one amongst the baby names.

51. Malina (Hawaiian origin) meaning "calming one".

52. Nagi (Japanese origin) meaning "calm and lull person".

53. Ovia (Latin origin) meaning "quiet and simple being".

54. Seheve (English origin) meaning "calm being".

55. Serina (Pashto origin) meaning "calm, tranquil".

56. Shalom (Hebrew origin) meaning "peace".

57. Shanti (Indian origin) meaning "peace". For baby girl names, this is beautiful.

58. Tranquilla (Spanish origin) meaning "tranquil, calm"; is a rare one amongst the girl names.

59. Tully (Irish origin) meaning "quiet, peaceful".

60. Wening (Indonesian origin) meaning "quiet".

61. Yen (Vietnamese origin) meaning "calm, peaceful".

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Peaceful

Gender-neutral baby names are always the top choices in the current world.

Unisex baby names are always new and trending in the community. Why not choose one with a peaceful meaning for your bundle of joy, be they a boy or girl.

62. Asti (Kurdish origin) meaning "peace, tranquility".

63. Binh (Vietnamese origin) meaning "level, even, peaceful".

64. Concord (Middle English origin) meaning "calm, peace, quiet".

65. Diara (Latin origin) meaning "quiet commander, gift".

66. Ecgtheow (English origin) meaning "peace, quiet"; pronounced as 'Edgetho', was a famous Beowulf character and is one of the unique baby names.

67. Galen (Greek origin) meaning "the one who is calm, healer". A great name for a baby girl and baby boy.

68. He (Chinese origin) meaning "river stream, harmony, peace"; is one of the rare and unique names.

69. Jayleen (American origin) meaning "calm" This name means tranquil and also means peaceful, along with having a peaceful intonation.

70. Jules (French, Latin origin) meaning "youthful and calm". Jules Verne was a pioneering science fiction writer.

71. Lulling (English origin) meaning "calming, soothing".

72. Noah (Hebrew, German, Slavic origin)  meaning "harmony, calm"; one of the popular names based on Biblical information.

73. Nyein (Burmese origin) meaning "quiet, calmness".

74. Okes (English origin) meaning "active person with a calm mind".

75. Prashanta (Indian origin) meaning "calm person".

76. Susu (Chinese origin) meaning "a quiet person".

77. Udo (Nigerian origin) meaning "peace".

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