Top 75 Best Names That Mean Compassion For Your Baby

Names That Mean Compassion For Your Baby

There is so much to think about when you're naming a baby; from the sound, to the origin, to whether or not anyone else you know has used it and, of course, the meaning.

Traditionally, lots of parents have chosen their baby's name based on the qualities they want their baby to have, two great qualities being, of course, compassion and kindness. If this is you, whether you're looking for a name for a baby boy, a little girl, or a gender neutral name suitable for any baby, you're sure to find some lovely baby names on this list to help in your search.

For more inspiration, take a look at these peaceful names meaning 'kind' or these heroic baby names.

Traditional Names Meaning Compassion

 Best Names That Mean Compassion For Your Baby

These traditional classics meaning 'compassion' and 'mercy' are perennial favourites for a reason, and make great choices for your baby boy or girl.

1. Anna (Hebrew, English): 'gracious and merciful'.

2. Clemence (English, French): 'mercy, compassion'.

3. Jeanne (Hebrew, French): 'God had been merciful'.

4. John (Hebrew, English): 'God had been merciful'.

5. Ian (Scottish; Hebrew): 'God had been merciful'.

6. Hannah (Hebrew): 'God is merciful'.

7. Hannan (Arabic; Hebrew): 'compassionate; gracious'.

8. Leonora (Greek): 'compassionate; merciful'.

9. Mercy (English): 'mercy; compassion'.

10. Ruth (Hebrew): 'compassionate friend'.

Modern Names Meaning Compassion

These names are perfect for any parent on a search for baby names that are both trendy and mean 'compassion' or 'kindness'.

11. Alienor (Old French): 'compassionate'. This lovely French girl name works well with the recent trend for reviving vintage names.

12. Arham (Arabic): 'compassion; mercy'. A classic Arabic boy name that echoes the trend for boy names ending in -an and -am.

13. Ari (Thai): 'kind; generous; compassionate'. This unisex Thai name echoes recent trends for short names that can also be short for something else.

14. Bonaria (Sardinian and Italian): 'good; kind; compassionate'. Another vintage-sounding girl name that fits well with current trends.

15. Caris: (Welsh; Greek) 'love; kindness'. This beautiful Welsh girl name is one that's been getting more attention lately.

16. Ellis (Welsh, English): 'kind; compassionate'. Ellis has been one of the most popular boy names in recent years.

17. Lelia (Slavic): the Goddess of compassion and the spring. This Slavic myth name fits well with currently popular girl names like Lila and Lily.

18. Nehemiah (Hebrew): 'comforted by the compassion of God'. This Hebrew boy name fits perfectly with the current trend for bringing names from the past back to life.

19. Omya (Nepali): 'kindness; compassion'. Girl names ending in -a are really popular at the moment, and this Nepali name meaning compassion fits right in.

20. Raimi (Arabic): 'fond, compassionate'. This lovely Arabic girl name fits well with all the -i and -ie names that have been popular in the last few years.

Boys' Names That Mean Compassion

 Best Names That Mean Compassion For Your Baby

If you're on a search for a name meaning compassion to give to your new baby boy, there are plenty here, from short and sweet names like Armo and Atif to distinguished Benigno and Dayadeep.

21. Anushang (Indian): 'tenderness; compassion'.

22. Armo (Finnish): 'mercy; compassion'.

23. Atif (Arabic): 'compassionate; kind'.

24. Benigno (Latin): 'kind; compassionate'.

25. Clemens (Danish): 'kind; gentle'.

26. Dayadeep (Sikh): 'lamp of compassion'.

27. Elisedd (Celtic): 'kind; compassionate'.

28. Jiyu (Buddhist): 'compassionate friend'.

29. Maruf (Arabic, Bengali): 'kindness; compassion'.

30. Ngoni (Shona): 'mercy; kindness; compassion'.

31. Rasdaya (Indian): 'elixir of compassion'.

32. Rauf (Arabic): 'compassionate; loving'.

33. Sathea (Cambodian): 'compassion'.

34. Sevket (Turkish): 'compassion'.

35. Shafiq (Arabic, Urdu): 'compassionate, kind'.

Girls' Names That Mean Compassion

End your search for a perfect girl name meaning compassion. From classics like Italian origin Pieta to Goddess names like Sumerian-inspired Shala, this section is full of beautiful girl names that mean compassion.

36. Atifa (Arabic): 'compassionate'.

37. Caoimhe (Gaelic): 'kind; compassionate; beautiful'.

38. Ebele (Igbo): 'mercy; compassion'.

39. Eir (Old Norse): 'mercy; compassion'. The name of a Goddess of healing in Old Norse myth.

40. Eleos (Greek): 'compassion; mercy'. The personification of compassion and kindness in Greek mythology.

41. Errukia (Basque): 'compassionate'.

42. Halima (African): 'gentle; compassionate'.

43. Karuna (Indian, Bengali): 'compassion'.

44. Kishimo-jin (Japanese): a name for the Buddhist Goddess of compassion who is also the protector of children.

45. Marhamat (Uzbek): 'mercy; compassion'.

46. Mercedes (Spanish): 'mercies'.

47. Nomusa (Ndebele): 'merciful; compassionate'.

48. Pieta (Italian): 'compassion; mercy; piety'.

49. Rafat (Arabic): 'mercy; compassion'.

50. Shala (Sumerian): the name of the Goddess of compassion and corn.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Compassion

Gender neutral names are increasingly popular with parents, and there are plenty here to convince you to join the trend. From Ai to Zane, we've got lots of suggestions for a perfect name meaning 'compassionate' to suit any baby.

51. Ai (Chinese, Japanese): 'love; compassion'.

52. Aumanil (Inuit): a kind and compassionate spirit from Inuit mythology.

53. Caron (Welsh): 'loving; kind hearted'.

54. Chikomera (Chewa): 'goodwill; compassion'.

55. Daya (Sanskrit): 'compassion; mercy'.

56. Eojin (Korean): 'compassionate'.

57. Eun (Korean): 'mercy, compassion'.

58. Jin (Japanese): 'kindness; tenderness'.

59. Kamealoha (Hawaiian): 'the compassionate one; the beloved one'.

60. Luwi (Lunda): 'mercy; compassion'.

61. Nyinje (Tibetan): 'kindness; mercy'.

62. Tirion (Welsh): 'compassionate; kind'.

63. Zane  (English; Latvian): 'God is merciful; lily'. A variant of John a well as a Latvian form of Susanna.

Baby Names Meaning Compassionate From Around The World

 Best Names That Mean Compassion For Your Baby

64. Akihito (Japanese): 'bright and compassionate'. This Japanese boy name belonged to the Emperor of Japan until 2019.

65. Daiji (Indian; Buddhist): 'great compassion'. A great name choice if you want your little boy to grow up kind.

66. Dara (Hebrew, Khmer, Thai, Lao, Punjabi): 'compassion; wisdom' in Hebrew, 'star' in Khmer, Thai and Lao, and 'leader' in Punjabi. This gender neutral name is a real all-rounder.

67. Eskarne (Basque): 'merciful'. A classic Basque girl name.

68. Guanyin (Chinese): 'one who hears prayers'. The Goddess of compassion in Chinese myth.

69. Gulmehr (Uzbek): 'rose of compassion'. A lovely Uzbek origin name for a baby girl.

70. Mercilla (Latin): 'compassion; forbearance'. A wonderful ancient girl name.

71. Panteleimon (Greek): 'all-compassionate'. A great Greek boy name.

72. Piedad (Spanish): 'mercy, piety'. A classic Spanish girl name.

73. Rehema (Swahili): 'compassion'. This Swahili name meaning 'compassion' is great for a little girl.

74. Saburi (Indian): 'compassion'. This pretty girl name is popular on the Indian subcontinent.

75. Yerucham (Hebrew): 'compassionate; beloved by God'. A distinguished sounding Hebrew boy name.

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