Top 70+ Best Names That Mean Mystery Or Secret

There are many names relating to the mystery which you can give to your baby.

Many parents want to choose a name with a bit of intrigue for their child.

However, there are a lot of things to consider when you are choosing a baby name. Most parents do not want their baby names to be too complex or out of touch with their children's personalities.

Babies are beautiful and innocent beings that come into this world, looking forward to a mysterious future. So why not select names for your baby boy or baby girl, that mean secret or mystery? What about names that have an old yet edgy tone to them?

Baby names can have roots in different cultures or languages. If you choose a name meaning secretive or mysterious, it could relate to the different gods and give your child's name a mystical feel too. Here's the list of mysterious names that we've curated just for you. Choose from stylish names like Mystique or Rhinedd that follow a secretive tone or go for Morana or Saga that relate to different goddesses.  

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Girl Names Meaning Mystery

Girls are often considered as mysterious. Here's a list of meaningful mysterious names for girls that can mean secret:

1.Circe (Greek Origin) meaning "Greek goddess daughter of Helio, the god of the son". According to Greek mythology, Circe is the goddess of magic living on the island of Aeaea.

2.Dagrun (Norwegian Origin) meaning "secret lore."

3.Bian (Vietnamese Origin) meaning "secretive."

4.Gizem (Turkish Origin) meaning "mystery." This is a famous Turkish name taken by actors namely Gizem Karaca or Gizem Erdogan.

5.Goderun (English Origin) meaning "hidden one or close love of God."

6.Godleva (English Origin) meaning "secretive Love of God."

7.Hulda (Old Norse Origin) meaning "secret."

8.Leuruna (English Origin) meaning "love for the secret rune."

9.Liraz (Hebrew Origin) meaning "my secret."

10.Mystique (Greek/French Origin) meaning "air of mystery, intriguing." This name got very popular after the X-men character, Mystique.

11.Najwa (Arabic Origin) meaning "whisper, secret."

12.Razili (Hebrew Origin) meaning "the secret of Lord."

13.Rhinedd (Welsh Origin) meaning "secret."

14.Samena (Polynesian Origin) meaning "secret."

15.Sigrun (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "to achieve secret victories"

16.Taina (Russian Origin) meaning "mystery." The name is made famous after the movie named 'Tainah: An adventure in Amazon'.

17.Tajana (Croatian Origin) meaning "the one who's good at keeping a secret".

18.Veda (Old Indian, Sanskrit Origin) meaning "sacred texts".

Mystical Girl Names

Popular and unique mystical girl names can be a great choice if you want your little one to stand apart:

19.Althea (Greek Origin) name meaning "with healing power".

20.Asteria (Greek Origin) meaning "star."

21.Diana (Latin Origin) meaning "divine" This name is quite popular as it was once taken by the famous Princess of Wales, Diana.

22.Elanor (Sindarin Origin)  meaning "sun star."

23.Kendra (English Origin) meaning "magical".

24.Lesedi (African Tswana Origin) meaning "woman of light."

25.Lilith (Akkadian Origin) meaning “of the night.”

26.Morana/Marzanna (Slavic Origin) name meaning "goddess of spring and rebirth, associated with magic."

27.Orenda (Native American Origin) meaning "great spirit".

28.Rhiannon (Welsh Origin) meaning "divine queen."

29.Saga (Old Norse Origin) meaning "goddess of poetry, storytelling, and history".

30.Selene, Selena, or Celene (Greek Origin) meaning "the goddess of the moon". The name is usually associated with the American singer and actor, Selena Gomez.

Boys Name Meaning Mystery

Your baby boy is full of curiosity and deserved a mysterious name.

Here is a wonderful list of baby names that mean hidden, old or secret and can be a great fit for your baby boy.

31.Cabal (Jewish, Hebrew Origin) meaning "small secret group of people."

32.Draca (English Origin), meaning "interesting person, has a secret desire."

33.Garridan (Romanian Origin) meaning "one who keeps secrets within himself."

34.Godid (English Origin) meaning "protector of secrets."

35.Godrell (African American Origin) meaning  “related to God”.

36.Guhya (Indian Origin) meaning "mystical, concealed, hidden".

37.Gushvin (Indian Origin) meaning "secret."

38. Hisoki (Japanese Origin) meaning "secretive, reserved".

39.Judah (Biblical, Hebrew Origin) meaning "one who can keep a secret." This name is commonly used among Americans and has a few well-known faces with this name like actor Judah Lewis or singer Judah Kelly.

40.Juke (Australian Origin) meaning "secret keeper."

41. Kasper (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "treasured secret."

42.Ichtaka (Aztec Origin) meaning "secret."

43.Israar/Israr (Muslim Origin), meaning "secret, mystery."

44.Kereenyaga (Kenyan Origin) meaning "mountain of mystery."

45.Olen (Old Norse Origin) meaning "a secret observer." This is a name taken by the American writer, Olen Steinhauer.

46.Rahasya (Indian Origin) meaning "secret."

47.Raziel (Turkish Origin) meaning "the secret of god."

48.Rune (Germanic Origin), meaning "a secret lore." This name became quite popular with the video game series, Rune Factory.

49.Runo (Finnish Origin) meaning "man of secret lore."

50.Yamanu (Egyptian Origin) meaning "secret", referring to a God in ancient Egyptian mythology. He could combine with Sun God, Ra, and form Amun-Ra, known as the King of Gods.

Mystical Boy Names

Your little boy may have a mysterious or spiritual allure to him. You can select baby names with a mystical twist from this list:

51.Burvis (Latvian Origin) meaning "wizard".

52.Cyfrin (Welsh Origin) meaning "mystic".

53.Dante (Latin origin) meaning "magician). The name refers to Dante the magician. Dante is also the name of a playable character in the Devil May Cry game series.

54.Galdur (Icelandic Origin) meaning "magic".

55.Gandalf (Old Norse origin) referring to the mystical and wise sorcerer, Gandalf, from the Lord of the Rings series.

56.Gwydion (Welsh Origin) name meaning "god of enchantment".

57.Hermes (Greek Origin) meaning "messenger god".

58.Mago (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Origin) a word for "magician".

59.Odin (Old Norse Origin) meaning "god of magic, wisdom, and war". He is also the King of Asgard in Norse mythology and has appeared as a character in the Thor series of Marvel comics.

60.Velho (Finnish Origin) word meaning "wizard".

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Mysterious

Unisex names are classy and fashionable baby names, without gendering your baby. Choose one for your little child if you do not want to stick to just boy names and girl names.

61.August (Latin Origin) meaning "majestic, distinguished" A famous name taken by the Hollywood actor, August Diehl.

62.Blake (English Origin) meaning "attractive". This is the surname of the famous English poet, William Blake.

63.Guirec (Old English Origin) meaning "secretive, reliable and passionate."

64.Ichtaca (Nahuatl Origin) the name means "secret".

65.Jackie (Hebrew, American Origin) meaning "son of God" This name is very popular as it is taken by the famous martial artist and actor, Jackie Chan.

66.Jonaraja (Hebrew Origin) meaning "a secret keeper."

67.Kahuna (Hawaiian Origin) meaning "the hidden secret."

68.Orion (Greek Origin) meaning "rising star". This is the name of a constellation, 'Orion belt', also considered as the luckiest constellation in the galaxy.

69.Sage (Latin Origin) meaning "prophet, sage".

70.Shannon (Irish Origin) meaning "one with great wisdom". Another common name of famous personalities like cricketer Shannon Gabriel and American actress Shannon Elizabeth.

71.Shiloh (Hebrew Origin) meaning "god's gift".

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