Top 50 Best Names That Mean Time

Baby names that mean time are a special choice.

Time-related names are often given to babies as a symbol of the beginning of a new life.

Names that mean time can signify either a fresh start, the time of life itself, or endless time (after all you will love your child forever). Names meaning time are popular all around the world.

In this list, we’ll provide 50 of the best names that mean time. If you’re on the search for baby names that mean time that capture the essence of time and life, read on for names that mean rebirth, names that mean future, names that mean life, and more. We’ve also included the meanings for each name so that it’s easy for you to search and choose a name for your baby.

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Boy Names That Mean A New Beginning

In this section, we’ll check out some baby names that mean time or new beginnings,  symbolic of a brand new start.

1. Aleph - (Hebrew origin). In general terms, the name meaning is "number one". However, in the Kabbalah, it’s symbolic of the universe’s origins.

2. Haruki - (Japanese origin), means “spring child,” and if your baby boy is born during the spring season, this is a name you should consider.

3. Ichiro - (Japanese origin), just like Antonella means “firstborn” in Italian, Ichiro has the same meaning in Japanese, and it’s a great name for a baby boy.

4. Nasim - (Arabi origin), this name stands for “fresh air” or “breeze” and would be perfect for your baby boy. Nasima is the female version of this Arabic name.

5. Neander (Greek origin), Neander, meaning "new", is a name that has its root in the Greek language and is a great name for newborn sons.

6. Neon - (Greek origin), if you’re looking for one modern name for your baby boy, why not consider Neon? The name stands for “new beginnings,” “energy,” and “brightness.”

7. Raanan - (Hebrew  origin), Raanan is a name meaning “fresh.” Raanana is its female version.

8. Sabik - (Arabic origin), Sabik is a name meaning “the one who comes first,” ideal for a firstborn son.

9. Signe - (Old Norse origin), a name with its roots in the old Norse language, Signe means “new victory.”

(Names that mean new and first are a great way to signify time in your baby's name.

Girl Names That Mean A New Beginning

There are several baby girl names that mean a new beginning as well, these time related names are the perfect choice for your baby.

10. Alula - (Arabic origin), Alula is a name that means “the first leap.” It’s a name that’s ideal for newborn daughters.

11. Antonella - (Italian origin), this name means “firstborn.”

12. Hope - (English origin), popular for girls, this name means "positive expectations".

13. Javiera - (Spanish origin), Javiera means “bright” or “new house.”

14. Neoma - (Greek origin), a beautiful name that means “new moon.”

15. Oriana - (Latin origin), Oriana means “dawn.” It’s a name that has been given to daughters since medieval times.

16. Rabia - (Arabic origin), a name meaning “springtime,” Rabia is a name that has gained in popularity  across the world.

17. Rishona - (Hebrew origin), this name means “first.”

18. Winona - (Native American origin), meaning “firstborn daughter.” Winona is a common name in the USA for girls.

19. Zara - (Arabic origin), a name meaning “blooming flower” or “God remembers.”

20. Zera - (Hebrew origin), this name for girls stands for “beginnings” or “seeds.”

21. Zorina - (Slavic origin), Zorina is a name meaning “golden dawn.”

Boy Names Meaning Forever

In this section, we’re going to check out some amazing boy names that mean time that translate to forever and eternal.

22. Ajala - (African origin), this name is for baby boys, and it means “believer of God” or “eternal.”

23. Ananta - (Sanskrit origin), Ananta means “infinite” or “endless.”

24. Amar - (Sanskrit origin), a name for boys meaning “immortal.”

25. Ambroos - (Dutch origin), a name for boys that means “immortal.”

26. Ambrosi - (Georgian origin), Ambrosi means “immortal.” It is one of the most common Georgian boy names that mean time. Its feminine form is Ambrosia.

27. Amrit - (Sanskrit origin), this name means “immortal,” Amrita is its feminine form.

28. Arius - (Greek origin), this name for boys means “immortal.”

29. Baqi - (Arabic origin), Baqi means “eternal.”

30. Baki - (Turkish origin), Baki is the Turkish form of Baqi.

31. Elam - (Hebrew origin), Elam is a Hebrew name for boys that means “eternity” or “hidden.”

32. Eliad - (Hebrew origin), another Hebrew name for boys,  Eliad stands for “eternal God.”

33. Halit - (Turkish origin), Halit is a Turkish-origin name derived from its Arabic version, Khalid, and means "eternal".

34. Heng - (Chinese  origin), this name for boys stands for “permanent” or “constant.”

35. Javed - (Persian origin), the name Javed means “eternal.”

36. Khalid - (Arabian origin), Khalid is an Arabian name for baby boys meaning “eternal.” Khalida is the feminine form of the name.

37. Lestari - (Javanese origin), one of the names that mean time that originated in Java and Indonesia, Lestari means “eternal” and “abiding.”

38. Ludari - (Sumerian origin), this ancient Sumerian name is less commonly used in modern times, and it means “eternal man.”

39. Samad - (Arabic origin), this name means “eternal.”

(Names that mean time are perfect for your baby.

Girl Names Meaning Forever

Let's move on to some girl names that mean forever.

40. Amarantha - (Greek origin), a name for newborn daughters, meaning “everlasting.” Its male version is Amaranth.

41. Amargo - (Greek origin), Amargo is one of the most frequently given girl names in Greece, and it means “everlasting.”

42. Atanasija - (Serbian and Macedonian origin), Atanasija is a name given to daughters and means “immortal.”

43. Dari - (Sumerian origin), a name from the ancient Sumerian civilization, Dari means “enduring” or “long-lasting.”

44. Perpetua - (Latin origin), a less common name with its roots in the Latin language, Perpetua means “continuous.”

45. Zyanya - (Zapotec origin), a name for girls, Zyanya means “always” or “forever.”

Unisex Names Meaning Forever And New Beginnings

These unisex time related names are cute and gender neutral.

46. Amordad - (Persian origin), Amordad means “immortality.”

47. Aeturnus - (Unknown origin), a rarely-given unisex name, Aeturnus stands for “eternal.”

48. Atanus - (Bulgarian and Macedonian origin), Atanus is a unisex name with origins in Bulgaria and Macedonia, and it means “immortal.”

49. Nova - (Latin origin), Nova is a name meaning “new.”

50. Neo - (Latin origin), Neo is a name that means “gift” or “new.”

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