Top 50+ Best Native American Boy Names

Boy names of indigenous American origins are unique.

Native American baby boy names have various meanings and connotations.

Yet, choosing such a name can be a complicated process. Parents might face a dilemma of identifying the indigenous American name that best suits their child.

To solve the problems while searching for such names, we have compiled a list of Native American origin names. These names have been divided into different categories according to the various tribes. Scroll down and take a look.

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Top Algonquin Tribe Native American Names For Boys

Algonquin Tribe is a group of indigenous inhabitants of North America belonging to the Canadian regions of Ontario and Quebec. Here is a list of Algonquin names:

1. Abooksigun (Algonquin origin) means "wild cat". It is a unique Native American baby boy name.

2. Achak (Algonquin origin) meaning "spirit". For Native American names for a baby boy, this is a great option.

3. Chogan (Algonquin origin) meaning "blackbird". This name is very suitable for Native American baby names.

4. Eluwilussit (Algonquin origin) means "Holy One". It is one of the more rare Algonquin baby boy names.

5. Etchemin (Algonquin origin) meaning "canoe man". For parents looking for a quirky Algonquin name, this could be the perfect pick.

6. Hassun (Algonquin origin) meaning "stone". Native American baby names like this particular name can be used by every parent all over the world.

7. Huritt (Algonquin origin) means "handsome". This Algonquin name meaning good looking and attractive could be a great name for your baby boy,

8. Kitchi (Algonquin origin) means "brave". It is one of the more popular Native American baby names.

9. Machk (Algonquin origin) meaning "bear". A very distinctive Native American baby boy name.

10. Wematin (Algonquin origin) means "brother". This name meaning a male sibling can be an apt choice for your second son.

Native American Baby Names For Boys From The Cherokee Tribe

Indigenous tribes of America still give tribal names to their children.

The Cherokee people are indigenous inhabitants in the United States of America's southeastern woodlands region. Take a look at some notable Cherokee names:

11. Adahy (Cherokee origin) meaning "one who lives in the wood". For American native names of boys, this can be an excellent choice.

12. Degataga (Cherokee origin) meaning "a gathering". A rather unique Native American name to give your son.

13. Diwali (Cherokee origin) meaning "a bowl". The Cherokee name Diwali is also the name of a Hindu festival celebrated in India.

14. Jistu (Cherokee origin) meaning "trickster rabbit". A very unique and funny Cherokee baby name.

15. Wohali (Cherokee origin) meaning "eagle". Usually used as baby names for boys, this Cherokee name can also be a baby girl name.

Native American Baby Names For Boys From The Cheyenne Tribe

Inhabiting the Great Plains in the USA, the Cheyenne people have beautiful names. Take a look:

16. Avonaco (Cheyenne origin) means "lean bear". For Native American baby names signalling strength, this is a great pick.

17. Hiamovi (Cheyenne origin) means "high chief". A perfect Native American baby name meaning leader.

18. Meturato (Cheyenne origin) meaning "black kettle". Another very quirky name from the Cheyenne tribe.

19. Nahiossi (Cheyenne origin) means "one who has three fingers". This name can be one of the more mysterious Native American baby names.

20. Tahkeome (Cheyenne origin) means "little robe". This unisex name can be used for both your baby girl and boy.

Names of Native Americans From The Navajo Tribe

The Navajo tribe of indigenous Americans live in the USA's Southwestern states and form the second-largest tribe in the country. Here are some Navajo names:

21. Aditsan (Navajo origin) means "listener". This Navajo name can be an excellent option for your little one.

22. Ahiga (Navajo origin) means "one who fights". A Native American name that signifies a braveheart.

23. Bidziil (Navajo origin) means "one who is strong". A name from the Navajo tribe describing strength.

24. Gad (Navajo origin) means "juniper tree". This a short and straightforward Native American baby name for boys.

25. Hastiin (Navajo origin) means "the man". For names of Native American heritage, this is perfect.

26. Naalnish (Navajo origin) means "he works". A unique Navajo name for your little boy.

27. Niyol (Navajo origin) means "the wind". This unisex name can be used for either a baby girl or a boy.

28. Sani (Navajo origin) means "the old one". If your son is wise beyond his years, this the best name for him.

29. Shilah (Navajo origin) means "brother". This is one of the more popular names for Native American boys.

30. Tse (Navajo origin) means "rock". A wonderful and unique name for your little boy.

Native American Names of Boys From The Sioux Tribe

Different indigenous tribes have different names having the same meaning.

The Sioux tribe is one of the more prominent indigenous tribes of America. Here are a few Sioux names:

31. Akecheta (Sioux origin) means "fighter"; a more meaningful Sioux name.

32. Chaska (Sioux origin) refers to a first son and can be a great Native American name for your firstborn baby boy.

33. Chayton (Sioux origin) means "falcon". A great name for a baby boy.

34. Enapay (Sioux origin) means "brave". For parents, this could be an easy pick for a boy's name.

35. Hotah (Sioux origin) means "white". This is a distinctive baby boy name.

36. Kangee (Sioux origin) means "a raven". A beautiful name for a little boy.

37. Kohana (Sioux origin) means "a swift person". This gender-neutral name can be used for both a baby girl and a baby boy.

38. Mahkah (Sioux origin) means "the earth". A great Sioux name with an earthy vibe.

39. Ohanzee (Sioux origin) means "a shadow"; it could be a mysterious and meaningful name.

40. Paytah (Sioux origin) means "fire". This Sioux name can be a wonderful fiery name for boys.

41. Takoda (Sioux origin) means "a friend to everyone". A friendly name for your friendly son.

Boy Names From The Native American Hopi Tribe

The Hopi tribe people are a sovereign indigenous group living in Arizona. Scroll down for some Hopi names:

42. Ahote (Hopi origin) means "a restless one"; for your boy who cannot stay still for a moment.

43. Alo (Hopi origin) means "spiritual guide". Usually a boy's name, this name can be used for a baby girl too.

44. Cheveyo (Hopi origin) means "spirit warrior". A meaningful Native American moniker for boys.

45. Hania (Hopi origin) means "a brave spirit warrior". This is a more prevalent Hopi name.

46. Istaqa (Hopi origin) means "coyote man". For Native American names, this is a perfect choice.

47. Kele (Hopi origin) refers to a sparrow and can be a short and simple name for your son.

48. Kwahu (Hopi origin) means "eagle"; a majestic Hopi name.

49. Len (Hopi origin) means "flute", a small yet meaningful name for a boy.

50. Tocho (Hopi origin) means "mountain lion". This name is a brave choice for your son.

51. Wikvaya (Hopi origin) means "the bringer of things". We certainly can hope that a child with this name will bring happiness and prosperity to your family.

Native American Names From Other Tribes And Origins

Other than the tribes given above, there are plenty of other indigenous tribes with unique names for boys. Here are some:

52. Awan (Native American origin) means "somebody"; a cool, mysterious name.

53. Dasan (Native American origin) means "chief". An excellent name that denotes a leader.

54. Elan (Native American origin) means "friendly"; a short and sweet name.

55. Eyota (Native American origin) means "great". A great name for your great son.

56. Goyathlay (Apache origin) means "one who yawns". This was the tribal name of legendary Apache leader Geronimo.

57. Koda (Native American origin) means "a friendly person".

58. Pontiac (Odawan origin) was the name of the great Odawa war chief.

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