Top 50+ Best Native American Girl Names

Native American Names for an American baby girl are quite unique and pop-up on the search often.

Ever heard of girl names like Awinita, Kamama, Noya or Salalai?

These names have a unique touch to them. Well, these are a few Cherokee Indian names that are popular amongst the native American girl names.

Apart from these, names like Dakota, Abey, Nayeli, Navajo, are another set of good native American girl names that grab the attention of listeners quite easily. A few common baby girl names like Aquene, Kaniya, Koko hold a high popularity mark in the baby name search list and are often a first choice for expecting parents. A few girl names of native Americans like Aiyana, Nina, Enola are also quite popular in Indian female names list. As these examples already give a hint of how interesting and cute native names for a baby girl are, here's a list of carefully selected top 50+ Native American girl names, thematically arranged to make the search easier with the help of their different meanings.

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Good Native American Girl Names

Baby name with native American origin come under one-of-a-kind baby name search.

Girl baby names with native American origin usually come under the search for contemporary or traditional names. Some name meanings come from the various different native American tribes and they all make good native American baby names. So here's a list of these unique native American names for girls that will be perfect for your little one.

1. Abey - Name meaning "leaf".

2. Adsila - Meaning "blossom"; popular with the Cherokee names and tribe.

3. Aiyana - Meaning "blossoming, eternal flower"; it is also known as a Native American tribe closely related to Indian roots. A name taken by Aiyana-Lee Anderson, a British pop singer.

4. Aylen - Meaning "happiness"; will make a choice for a baby that brings joy and means happiness in the parents' lives.

5. Bena - Meaning "pheasant".

6. Catori - Meaning "spirit"; makes for a cute girl name with a strong name meaning.

7. Chapa - Meaning "beaver"; associated with the Sioux tribe.

8. Chiana - Meaning "unintelligible speakers"; is a native American girl name with its root native American Indian roots.

9. Etenia - Meaning "wealthy"; is a rare name with Native American roots and glorifying meaning for a baby name.  

10. Fala - Meaning "a crow"; a name taken by native American and Chinese actress named Fala Chen.

11. Kaliska - Meaning "coyote chasing a deer"; is also a place name in Poland.

12. Kasa - Meaning "dressed in fur".

13. Kimama - Meaning "butterfly"; makes a pretty unique baby girl name with a simple and beautiful meaning.

14. Kiona - Meaning "brown hills"; can make a good name for a dusky shade native American girl.

15. Koko - Meaning "night"; is a native American name also with roots in Japanese resembling stork.

16. Luyu - Meaning "wild dove"; is a name also known after Lu Yu a Chinese writer from around 800 AD. This American tag is also associated with Chen Luyu, a Chinese journalist.

17. Meilani - Meaning "heavenly flower"; is an American girl name as a combination of words May and Leilani. This is a name taken by Roger Mathew's daughter.

18. Nayeli - Meaning "I love you" in Native American Zapotec language. A name associated with Nayeli Chavez, a journalist from New York.

19. Nina - Meaning "strong"; is a name meaning different in different origins like; "God is gracious" in Greek, "nice" in Persian, "a friend" in Arabic and "beautiful" in Indian.

20. Rozene - Meaning "rose"; is a unique and popular flower name, a perfect choice for your little princess.

21. Sahalie - Meaning "heaven, sky"; associated with the famous Sahalie and Koosah falls in Oregon.

22. Sedna - Meaning "Goddess of the sea"; is a native American name with Inuit origin.

23. Shima - Meaning "mother"; associated with the Navajo tribe. This moniker is quite rare but holds a deeper meaning for a baby name.

24. Tayen - Meaning "new moon"; is a Japanese sounding native American name, quite a unique choice for a girl name.

25. Yareli - Meaning "water lady"; a name taken by a Mexican actress, writer, and director named, Yareli Arizmendi.

Popular Native American Girl Names

A Native American name that holds its popularity based on a few famous native American women will make the best name choice for your daughter.

26. Chenoa - Meaning "white dove"; is a celebrity name as per the American native names list.

27. Enola - Meaning "alone spelled backwards"; an American name that got popular after the new film based on Sherlock Holmes' sister named 'Enola Holmes'.

28. Matoaka - Meaning "secret, sacred valley"; associated with the famous Pocahontas Matoaka and her work of Virginia's colonial settlement.

29. Moema - Meaning "sweet"; is one of the American baby names associated with a saint.

30. Peta - Meaning "golden eagle; is also an acronym with rights reserved for the famous animal rights group named, 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals'.

31. Sacajawea - Meaning "the bird woman"; associated with the Lemhi Shoshone woman who chartered in discovering the Louisiana Territory.

32. Winona / Wynona - Meaning "first born"; associated with the native American environmentalist, Winona LaDuke.

Gender-Neutral Native American Names

Unisex names holding their roots in the Native American culture make for a good baby name. Here's a list of some unique and popular Native American baby names that can be used for boys as well as girls.

There are many choices that pop-up in the search bar for gender-neutral names with native American origins.

33. Behitha - Meaning "eagle child"; is a girl name with a strong meaning considered equally for boys.

34. Brocky - Meaning "tail feathers coming over the hill"; though it sounds more apt for a boy name, this is also used for a girl.

35. Byue - Meaning "small or slow stream".

36. Chardon - Meaning "sand bar"; is also one of the names for native Americans based on place names.

37. Chimalus - Meaning "blue bird".

38. Citana - Meaning "star in the sky"; can be a variation of Indian name Sitara.

39. Citlali - Meaning "star"; a name associated with the former Senator of the Mexican Republic named Citlali Hernandez.

40. Dakota - Meaning "friendly"; is also a native American word name taken by the American actresses Dakota Johnson and Fanning.

41. Esadowa - Meaning "heap wolves"; is a unique American baby girl name.

42. Helki - Meaning "to touch".

43. Jamaica - Meaning "the land of wood and water"; is an American name focused on a place name, a Caribbean island.

44. Kabecka - Meaning "twin"; a perfect name for one of the twin girls.

45. Kimeya - Meaning "singing throat".

46. Magaska - Meaning "white swan".

47. Pahana - Meaning "lost white brother".

48. Pillan - Meaning "God of stormy weather"; is a native American version of God's name.

49. Pizi - Meaning "bravery"; makes a cute name for a girl as well as a boy with a powerful meaning.

50. Saloso - Meaning "wild goose cry".

51. Tarlo - Meaning "bear cub"; makes a perfect name for a bear-like daughter or son.

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