Top 100 Best Red Dog Names

Red dogs are one-of-a-kind and should be given a unique name accordingly.

Dogs are little furballs of joy and unconditional love.

Giving your red dog a unique and meaningful name is not an easy task. It is often tricky deciding a name that matches their unique personality.

Having a dog with a reddish-brown and orange fur coat is unusual and your pooch will automatically stand out amongst others. There are many red dog breeds, like the Irish Setter, Dachshund, Vizsla, Cocker Spaniel, Shiba Inu, Retrievers, and more. Naming your dog can be a challenge, as you want to give your pet the perfect name. To help you with this, we have prepared an exciting list of the best red dog names.

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Best Male Red Dog Names

"Red" could prove a good name for your red dog, but it is quite a common name. However, there are many other options for red dog names listed below, sure to suit your precious pup.

1. Akamu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "of the Earth".

2. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer". A good red dog name derived from the Olympian deity in Greek and Roman and the God of the Sun, Apollo.

3. Archie (German origin) meaning "bold". This name is associated with Archie from the Archie series, who had red hair.

4. Bayard (French origin) meaning "reddish-brown hair". This red dog name is said to be the name of the magical horse from the medieval times, given to the great king Renaud.

5. Beets (Dutch origin) meaning "bright".

6. Brick (English origin) meaning "good guy". This red dog name is associated with a famous character from the Tennessee Williams play 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'.

7. Broderick (Welsh origin) meaning "son of Rhydderch".

8. Chester (English origin) meaning "fortress".

9. Dynamite (Greek origin) meaning "power". A good red name derived from the ancient Greek God of power.

10. Eade (English origin) meaning "rich".

11. Finch (English origin) meaning "to swindle".

12. Flame (English origin) meaning "fire".

13. Galileo (Latin origin) meaning "from Galilee". One of the best red dog names derived from the city of Galilee, the home of Jesus.

14. Heinz (German origin) meaning "home ruler".

15. Iduma (Greek origin) meaning "red".

16. Kamal (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty".

17. Loki (German origin) meaning "airy". One of the best names for a red dog for the fans of 'Marvel's Avengers'!

18. Merlot (French origin) meaning "wine and flowers".

19. Miltiades (Greek origin) meaning "red earth".

20. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning "deep red". One of the best names for red dogs derived from the mythical bird Phoenix known to burn in flames and then rise from the ashes once every 500 years.

21. Radley (English origin) meaning "from the red fields".

22. Rogan (Irish origin) meaning "red hair".

23. Rohan (Indian origin) meaning "ascending".

24. Sorell (Old Norse origin) meaning "red chestnut".

25. Terra (Latin origin) meaning "land". A popular dog name for your little red ones derived from the primeval Roman Goddess of Land.

Best Female Red Dog Names

(Giving your dog a thoughtful name can be a sign of your love for him or her.

The females of the red dog breeds are the cutest and the prettiest ones. So the names of such little red ones must be special too. We have crafted a cool list of the best names for your little female red-haired dog.

26. Akane (Japanese origin) meaning "brilliant red".

27. Alani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "orange tree".

28. Annie (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace". One of the best red dog names related to the famous American comic strip 'Little Orphan Annie'.

29. Burgundy (French origin) meaning "deep red".

30. Cam (Vietnamese origin) meaning "orange".

31. Carolyn (Irish origin) meaning "womanly". A popular name for your big red dog from the famous 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' (Clifford) series.

32. Dahlia (Latin origin) meaning "red autumn flower". One of the best girl names that mean red and is derived from the Swedish Biologist Anders Dahl.

33. Eclipse (Native American origin) meaning "red moon".

34. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark".

35. Flanna (Irish origin) meaning "red".

36. Hazel (English origin) meaning "red tree".

37.  Horace (Latin origin) meaning "timekeeper". One of the best red dog names derived from the popular character from the 'Clifford' series.

38. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "foresighted".

39. Katherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure". One of the best names for dogs that are red for fans of Katherine Hepburn.

40. Keeva (Irish origin) meaning "kind".

41. Lucille (French origin) meaning "light". One of the popular red names inspired by the American actress and comedian, Lucille Ball.

42. Merrow (Irish origin) meaning "mermaid". This is the Irish name of the popular character 'The Little Mermaid'.

43. Oakley (English origin) meaning "from the Oaktree".

44. Pippi (Norse origin) meaning "lover of horses". This name is associated with the red-haired fictional character 'Pippi Longstocking'.

45. Pomme (French origin) meaning "apple".

46. Refina (Roman origin) meaning "red-haired".

47. Regina (Latin origin) meaning "queen". One of the popular red dog names inspired by the 'Clifford' series.

48. Scarlet (English origin) meaning "scarlet red".

49. Siobhan (Latin origin) meaning "God is gracious".

50. Zinnia (Latin origin) meaning "flower".

Unique Red Dog Names

Choosing a unique name for your reddish-brown friends will make them stand tall among others. Red dog breeds are unique ones and deserve an out-of-the-world name. Here is our list of the best unique red dog names.

51. Aden (M) (Irish origin) Meaning "little fire". One of the popular red dog names derived from the Greek god Adonis.

52. Aspen (M) (English origin) meaning "Aspen tree".

53. Bordeaux (F) (French origin) meaning "small farm".

54. Cabernet (F) (French origin) meaning "wine".

55. Copernicus (M) (Silesian origin) meaning "miner". A good name for the red-haired ones derived from the great Mathematician, Nicholaus Copernicus.

56. Delicious (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "charm".

57. Edana (M) (German origin) meaning "noble".

58. Erik (M) (Old Norse origin) meaning "eternal ruler". One of the popular red dog names associated with a famous old Norsemen known for his red beard and love for exploration.

59. Flynn (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Flann".

60. Garnet (F) (English origin) meaning "deep red gemstone".

61. Heinz (M) (German origin) meaning "home-ruler". This name is related to the famous German ruler Heinz Guderian.

62. Jalopy (M/F) (Jalapan origin) meaning "dilapidated".

63. Kamala (M/F) (Indian origin) meaning "pale red. A beautiful red dog name derived from one of the Krittikas in the Hindu epic, 'Mahabharata'.

64. Kilkenny (M) (Irish origin) meaning "son of the devotee of Cainneach".

65. Kremlin (M) (Russian origin) meaning "fortress".

Even More Red Dog Names

(Red dogs are popular for good reason and deserve a fantastic name.

Giving your red-haired buddies a terrific name will be the ultimate compliment. These cool names below may be the perfect fit for your four-legged friend.

66. Ace (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "superior".

67. Aka (F) (Japanese origin) meaning "red".

68. Arun (M) (Indian origin) meaning "dawn". This red dog name is derived from the charioteer of the Hindu Deity Sun.

69. Buddy (M/F) (American origin) meaning "friend".

70. Clifford (M/F)  (English origin) means "forged by a cliff". This name of a red dog is inspired by the Clifford animation series.

71. Daphne (F) (Greek origin) meaning "laurel". This name of red dogs is associated with the female nymph of ancient Greek mythology. Daphne is also a character in Scooby-Doo series.

72. Dublin (F) (Gaelic origin) meaning "black pool".

73. Eoghan (F) ( (Irish origin) meaning "Yew tree".

74. Evan (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "youth".

75. George (M) (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".

76. Harry (M) (German origin) meaning "home-ruler". This name is inspired by Prince Harry of the British royal family.

77. Liam (M) (Irish origin) meaning "guardian".

78. Nina (F) (Israel origin) meaning "nice".

79. Raine (M) (English origin) meaning "rain".

80. Tanzeen (M/F) (Arabic origin) meaning beauty.

Popular Red Dog Names

Choosing a popular name for your pet pooch can be a great option. These names are not just used for pets but also many people. Here is our list of popular red dog names.

81. Adam (M) (Semitic origin) meaning "the ground".

82. Alroy (M/F) (Spanish origin) meaning "king".

83. Billy (M) (German origin) meaning "resolute protector". This name for your red friends is the lead character of the famous novel 'Where The Red Fern Grows'.

84. Briny (F) (Irish, Celtic, Gaelic origin) meaning "noble".

85. Buzz (M/F) (American origin) meaning "village in the woods". One of the popular red dog names associated with the character from the famous 'Clifford' series.

86. Carnelian (M) (Latin origin) meaning "a precious red stone".

87. Charizard (M) (Japanese origin) meaning "to burn". If you are a 'Pokémon' fan, this will be an awesome name for your red canine.

88. Christina (F) (Greek origin) meaning "follower of Christianity. Christina Hendricks is a famous actor from the series 'Mad Men', known for her red hair.

89. Copper (M/F) (Latin origin) referring to a metal having a reddish-brown color.

90. Dawn (F) (Old English origin) meaning "red daybreak". This name is derived from the Greek Goddess of Daybreak, Eon.

91. Dorito (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "golden".

92. Edom (M) (Hebrew origin) means "red".

93. Fiona (F) (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair or white". This name is associated with the famous princess from the popular movie 'Shrek'.

94. Jessica (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "foresighted". This cool name is derived from the character from William Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice' and is also the name of a famous bombshell cartoon character.

95. Kira (F) (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired".

96. Leroux (F) (French origin) meaning "red-skinned".

97. Malachi (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "messenger of God".

98. Scully (M) (Irish origin) meaning 'descendant of the scholar'. This name is a popular character from the American Sci-Fi series 'X-Files'.

99. Tierney (F) (Irish origin) meaning "lord or master".

100. Weasley (M) (Old Norse origin) meaning "having God's power". This is a great name for the fans of the 'Harry Potter' film series.

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