Top 100 Best Restaurant Names To Inspire You

A good restaurant name represents what you stand for

A restaurant is not simply a place to eat food, but also a place to meet people, discover new cuisines, and even rediscover yourself.

So, you need a name that defines your brand, what kind of dining experience you offer your customer, and what your customers can expect from the place. A restaurant name should be more than its food

It should also talk about the service, and ambiance, what you represent in the society. Names are important. A cute, funny, and creative name is the very first step through which you'll catch the attention of your customer. And when they know your name, only then they can come to your restaurant, enjoy the food, and recommend it to other potential customers.

Choosing a good name is important; as the name you might choose today will turn into a brand over the year. And you need a name that can convey happy emotions, good food, and laughter. So, check out these top 100 best restaurant names to inspire you.

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Funny Restaurant Names

If you're looking for name ideas for your restaurant, try to play with the words

Having witty fun as your restaurant’s name is one of the many ways to make your restaurant memorable. Check out these punny names for restaurants below:

1. Battery Power: a unique restaurant name that plays on battered fish.

2. Basic Kneads Pizza: naming your restaurant on the words ‘Basic needs’ with ‘Kneads’ is the perfect way to make sure people know your specialty.

3. Cheesy Does It: a funny name for a restaurant that serves delectable cheesy cuisines.

4. Dumped by a Dumpling: a perfect name for a Chinese restaurant whose specialty is the dumpling.

5. Juan in a Million: such names for a restaurant is punny and can be used in combination with the owner’s name.

6. Lettuce Eat: a cool restaurant name for a small fast-food joint that serves healthy food.

7. Lord of the Fries: if your new restaurant is all about fries, then you can play with words like this name that plays on the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’.

8. Party Fowl: words like ‘Foul’ can be mixed up with ‘Fowl’ to create unique restaurant name ideas for fun.

9. Pho Real: if you are looking for a unique name make sure you use your heritage, like this name where ‘pho’ means Vietnamese cuisine.

10. Tempt Asian Restaurant: you can also break words to create new work for your restaurant’s name.

11. Shirt And Thai Restaurant & Brewery: a play of words and adding your authentic self will give you restaurant name ideas.

12. Thaitanic Restaurant: not to make fun of the ill-fated ship, but this is a punny name idea.

13. The Codfather: a pun on ‘The Godfather’, all the movie lovers will flock to you.

14. The Dairy Godmother: your ‘Fairy Godmother’ won't mind if you play with the word ‘Dairy’.

15. The Great Impasta: a cool restaurant name for an Italian joint.

16. The Notorious P.I.G BBQ: if you are a fan of the famous rapper, you'll like such name ideas.

17. Paapi Paet: a perfect name for restaurants in India, because what we don't do for paapi paet or "hungry stomach".

18. Soda Bottle Opener Wala: a perfect name idea for a Parsi restaurant.

19. Eggspectation: a perfect name for a restaurant that cooks different egg cuisines.

20. Wai Yu Mun Ching: a creative name that will translate to "why you are munching? "

Italian Restaurant Names

If you want to reach out to potential customers

Italy is the land of wonderful food, landscape, and sweet words, just like these names ideal for your Italian restaurants. Check out these funny, fancy, and punny names.

21. Amico Chef (Italian origin) means “chef friend.”

22. Bankers Hill: a catchy restaurant name for a rustic and homely new restaurant

23. Buono Come Il Pane (Italian origin) means “as good as bread.”

24. Cibo Matto (Italian origin) means "crazy food". A perfect restaurant name that sells comfort Italian food.

25. Cloak & Petal a classy name inspired by the Japanese tradition of blooming friendship.

26. Duke’s Seafood You can always name the restaurant after the owner.

27. Evviva La Ciccia (Italian origin) means “cheers for the fat.”

28. Gianni E Pinotto: named after the comedy duo William “Bud” Abbott and Lou Costello.

29. Il Buongustaio (Italian origin) means “the gourmet”

30. Il Piacere (Italian origin) means “the pleasure.”

31. La Bottega Dei Sapori (Italian origin) means “the shop of flavours.”

32. La Cozza Infuriata (Italian origin) means “the angry mussel.”

33. La Gondola Di Venezia (Italian origin) means “the Venezia Gondola.”

34. La Locanda Della Pizza (Italian origin) means “the pizza tavern”

35. La Tagliatella (Italian origin) means “the Tagliatelli pasta.”

36. Lo Scoglio (Italian origin) means “the rock.”

37. L’angolo Delle Delizie (Italian origin) means “the corner of delicacies.”

38. L’ultima Cena (Italian origin) means “the last supper.”

39. Mamma In Cucina (Italian origin) means “mom in the kitchen.”

40. Mangia E Zitto! (Italian origin) means “eat and keep silent!”

41. Mangiamoci Su (Italian origin) means “eat to forget.”

42. Naturalmente Buono (Italian origin) means “naturally good.”

43. Non-Solo Pasta (Italian origin) means “not only pasta.”

44. Non-Ti Pago (Italian origin) means “I don’t pay you.” Just kidding!

45. Pastasciutta: A name that is filled with “pasta.”

46. Pizza & Pasta(Italian origin) means “pizza and pasta.”

47. Pizza Pazza (Italian origin) means “crazy pizza.”

48. Pot Au Feu: you can also use the name of the local famous dishes as restaurant names to make it sound fancy.

49. Rich Table Restaurant: modern restaurant name for a beautiful and fancy restaurant.

50. Scola La Pasta (Italian origin) means “strain the pasta.”

51. Siena: a good restaurant name after the famous city in Tuscany.

52. Smyth: after the famous Chicago restaurant Symth.

53. Spinasse: a stylish restaurant based in Piedmont, Italy.

54. Taste of Rome: a simple name for the perfect Italian restaurant.

55. The Dorrance: you can also name the restaurant based on local attractions.

56. The French Gourmet: you can also play to create the name based on your roots.

57. The Polo Bar: a chic restaurant with a Ralph Lauren Polo theme.

58. The Headless Lounge: a unique name after the famous restaurant in New York.

59. Terra & Mare (Italian origin) means “land and sea.”

60. Tutto E Troppo (Italian origin) means “much and too much”

Fancy Restaurant Names

Check out our list of cool and creative restaurant names to help you figure out the right name for your fancy and upscale restaurant. All you need is a good knowledge of your audience, the type of food you want to serve, and you are good to go.

61. A Food Affair: a sophisticated and simple name for your joint.

62. Au Revoir French Bistro: a perfect name for your French restaurant.

63. Backyard Bowls: for your unique and crafted bowl food restaurants.

64. Black Sheep Brasserie: for a restaurant that serves the best steak and beer.

65. Cafe Des Artistes: for a cafe that promotes local artists.

66. Chi-bottle: among the perfect Mexican restaurant names for an establishment that sell the famous dish Chipotle with a bottle of wine or beer.

67. Crazy About Food: a perfect restaurant name for a place that is dedicated to their dining experience.

68. Creamy Spoon French Bistro: you can play on words like these create an innovative restaurant name.

69. Creme de la Crepe: Perfect for a dessert restaurant that only serves the best.

70. Crepes Sans Frontieres: restaurant name ideas for a new French place in New York.

71. Crepeville: names like will tell your customer your specialty in one go.

72. French Crepe Co: for an upscale French dessert restaurant.

73. Girl and the Goat: cool name for a restaurant that opens late and all week.

74. He’s Not Here Bar: for a bar cum cafe with interesting choices of cocktails.

75. Jekyll & Hyde Club: an actual restaurant with a theme based on the novel ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

76. La Petite Maison: restaurant names like these have an old-world charm to them.

77. La Table: a perfect name for the place where you need booking.

78. La Vie French Restaurant: for your perfect French charm hotel.

79. Le Petit Restaurant: for a small but always busy place.

80. Little Pleasures: name alluding to the delicious flavors of its signature French desserts.

81. Maison Blanche: for a beautiful and luxurious restro.

82. Park Bench Deli: inspired by the American deli with ‘park bench’ giving a down to earth community vibe.

83. Pascal’s On Ponce: a perfect name for the cozy bistro that spice up their menu using both old and modern recipes.

84. Patina Restaurant: for an old yet fashionable place.

85. Pistache French Bistro: for a quaint bistro.

86. Planet of the Crepes: a pun on the film ‘Planet of the Apes’ with ‘crepes’.

87. Red Butte Cafe: such restaurant name ideas plays around ingredients that you use daily in the kitchen.

88. Republique: for a high-tech restaurant just like the video game Republique.

89. Sante Restaurant: for the perfect Italian restaurant named after its owner.

90. Still Life Cafe: a perfect name for a sweet little cafe down the posh locality.

91. Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe: for a sweet little cafe located somewhere near the river Vltava in Prague.

92. The Cottage: For a restaurant that serves old-fashioned yet innovative dishes.

93. The Crepery: for a restaurant that specializes in French sweet cuisines like crepes.

94. The Daily Cut: for a restaurant that serves fresh dishes daily.

95. The Four Horsemen: a cool Biblical name.

96. The Little Easy: for a chic and hippy New Orleans restaurant.

97. Three Good Guys: for a restaurant owned by three friends.

98. Whispering Bamboo Restaurant: perfect name for Chinese cuisine and Bamboo theme.

99. Wool Growers Restaurant: for a restaurant, that uses grannies old recipes with a modern twist.

100. Yoshi’s Cafe: such cool cafe names stand for personalization and good customer rapport.

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