Top 60+ Best Roman Girl Names

Rome has a rich culture and it gifts us with a diverse variety of baby names.

Rome is widely regarded as the early centre of Western civilization.

Since Rome has such an important role in our history, it is natural that there are many parents who want ancient Roman baby girl names for their daughter. Even now, many scientists use Roman mythology to name planets or stars, showing its enduring importance and influence.

Ancient Roman girl names are popular around the globe. Female Roman names have a unique grace and elegance in them. Here is an exhaustive list of ancient Roman names that will give the name of your baby girl a touch of grace and elegance.

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Roman Mythological Names For Girls

Ancient Roman mythology is well known for its interesting events and people. Here is a list of ancient Roman names that have been extracted from Roman mythology. You can use these as baby names for your new arrival, they were all common Roman names.

1.Juno, the Queen of the Roman Goddesses. She is the wife of Jupiter and is considered the 'Queen of heaven', making her the most powerful feminine force in Roman mythology.

2.Bellona, the Goddess of war and warfare in Italian mythology.

3.Venus, the Goddess of love, prosperity, desire, and passion.

4.Flora, is the Roman Goddess worshiped for her power over flowering plants and spring.

5.Diana, the Roman Goddess worshiped for her power regarding hunting and wild animals representing strength and power.

6.Rhea, was considered as the mother of all the Gods and Goddesses and worshiped for female fertility and motherhood.

7.Minerva, the Goddess of wisdom and arts; representing creativity, intellect and wit in abundance. She is also the Goddess of weaving and crafts.

8.Vesta, the Goddess of family, home, and health; representing care and affection in the purest form.

9.Luna, the female counterpart of the Sun God, representing the moon. She is often depicted riding a white chariot in the sky.

10.Salacia, the Goddess of salt water, representing female divinity, that rules the oceans.

11.Ceres, the Goddess of agriculture and motherly relationships, representing livelihood and happiness.

12.Fortuna, the Goddess of fortune, which represents abundance and luck. She is often associated with the fruitfulness of women and bounty of the soil.

13.Penelope, the wife of Odysseus and the daughter of Icarius of Sparta. This is an extremely popular Roman name, particularly because of the influence of Spanish actress and model, Penelope Cruz Sanchez.

14.Prospoerina, the Italian Goddess whose myths and mysteries are well known.

15.Aurora is the Roman dawn Goddess, who represents an end to negativity and all things evil.

Roman Names That Are Still Popular Now

(There are many popular Roman names that are still on the trending lists of names today.

Some Roman girl names have become popular all around the world today. These Roman names come with a touch of femininity and grace in them. If your plan is to gift your baby a Roman name, that is ancient but still popular today, you can refer to the list below.

16.Camilla meaning 'youth' is the feminine for the name, Camillus.  

17.Sabina meaning 'woman of the Sabine people'. Sabine is an ancient popular tribe in Italy.

18.Augusta meaning 'grand' or 'majestic'. It is the feminine form of Augustus, who was a popular ancient Roman Emperor.

19.Flavia meaning 'golden' or 'blonde' representing royalty, grace, and femininity.

20.Cecilia meaning 'blind to one's own beauty' .

21.Junia meaning 'youthful', she was a first century Christian who was highly regarded and complimented.

22.Livia meaning 'lioness' representing boldness, courage and fearlessness.

23.Priscilla is derived from the Latin Prisca and means 'classical', representing the importance of tradition. This is one of our favourite old Latin girl names.

24.Valentina meaning 'healthy and strong in a feminine sense'. It is the feminine form of Valentino.

25.Aurelia meaning 'golden', it represents royalty and elegance.

26.Florentina meaning 'flower', representing flourishment and prosperity.

27.Claudia meaning 'lame, enclosure'. It is the feminine form of Claudius.

28.Mila meaning 'gracious'.

29.Tatiana meaning 'someone who takes care of the home', representing domesticity.

30.Cassia meaning 'cinnamon' and representing sweetness and health, both at the same time.

Ancient Roman Names For Girls

Are you looking for ancient Roman names for your baby girl? Romans have been known to have a rich cultural heritage and inspirational history, which has influenced several poets, playwrights and authors. You can choose a Latin name from the list below, which is the root of many beautiful ancient Roman names.

31.Aelia is a popular name which was derived from the Latin 'helios' meaning 'sun'.

32.Albina is the feminine form of Albinus meaning 'bright', representing peace and delicacy.

33.Cornelia meaning 'strong-willed or wise'.

34.Decima meaning 'thread of life', The name is associated with the daughter of Jupiter and Justitia.  

35.Mariana meaning 'gracious'. It is a popular name worldwide.

36.Martina meaning 'warlike'. It is the feminine version of Martin.

37.Valeria meaning 'strong and brave'. It is a common Italian girls' name today.

38.Julia meaning 'youthful'.  Derived from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, which was set in Italy.

39.Marcella means 'a young warrior'. It is the Roman feminine version of Marcello, the name of a famous Roman emperor.

40.Lucia meaning 'light' or 'illumination'.

41.Aquila meaning 'a sharp eagle'.

42.Drusa meaning 'strength. It is a unique Roman name, which is the feminine form of Drusus.

43.Gratiana meaning 'grace'. It is the female form of Gratiano, who is a popular Shakespearean Italian character, in 'Merchant Of Venice'.

44.Laurentia means 'a place of laurel trees'. Laurel trees represent victory and honor.

45.Tacita meaning 'quiet or silent'. It is the feminine form of Tacitus. Tacitus was a famous Roman historian.

Cool Latin Names For Girls

You will often come across baby names that are derived from Latin history or ancient Roman traditions. These Latin baby names have different origins, mostly in different parts of Europe. But today, they are very commonly found in Italy. You can pick a Latin name from the list below.

46.Ruby (French origin) is derived from the "red gemstone ruby" which is used to defend people against negative entities.

47.Stella (Italian origin) meaning 'star'.

48.Lucy (French origin) means 'light' or 'illumination'.

49.Clara (Italian origin)meaning 'clear' or 'bright' or 'famous'.

50.Olivia (Greek origin) meaning 'olive tree'.

51.Gloria (Portuguese origin) meaning 'glory'.

52.Celeste (French origin) is a variant of the name 'Celestine' which means 'sublime' or 'blinded'.

53.Alicia (Spanish Origin) meaning 'of a noble kind'. It is a well known name today because of American singer, Alicia Keys.

54.Adriana (Spanish origin) is a person from 'Hadriana'. Hadriana is a town in Northern Italy. Adriana is derived from a Latin word that means 'dark'.

55.Adella (German origin) meaning 'noble'.

56.Frida (Mexican origin) meaning 'peace'. It is a popular name linked to Frida Kahlo, a revolutionary Mexican painter.

57.Gabriela (Mexican origin) is the feminine form of Gabriel who was the messenger of God in the Bible.

58.Paloma (Spanish origin) is derived from the Latin word 'palimbus', meaning 'dove', symbolizing peace.

59.Rosa (Italian origin) is the Latin name for 'rose', which represents simplicity and elegance. The name is often linked to the American activist, Rosa Parks.

60.Sara (Hebrew origin) meaning 'princess'. This name also has a Persian influence. Sara Bareilles is a famous American singer.

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