Top 100 Best Russian Dog Names

The names of the dogs define your love and affection towards them.

Dogs are a cute bundle of joy but sometimes, they might want a rough-and-tough name for themselves.

Getting a dog as a pet is the best thing that can ever happen. And giving a beautiful name to your companion will be an awesome repay their trustworthiness and loyalty.

Naming your dog is a special occasion. It is one of the ways to show our affection towards them. Unique and meaningful names can be a good choice. Russian pet names are some of the most preferred names all over the world. It is because of their stylish construction and deep meanings. These names are so versatile that it will suit all dog breeds. There are thousands of good Russian names for your canine partner. And with a lot of research and love, we have prepared a list of the best Russian dog names for you.

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Best Male Russian Dog Names

Russian male dog names are very cool and stylish. You can show your love towards your friend by rewarding him with a good Russian dog name.

1. Alexey, meaning "defender of men". Inspired by the greatest ruler of history, Alexander the Great. This can be a tough name for your big dog.

2. Anatoly (Ukrainian origin) meaning "sunrise".

3. Anton meaning "priceless". It is linked with the famous Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov.

4. Baikal meaning "dawn". One of the best Russian dog names associated with the oldest and the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal of Siberia.

5. Baron (English origin) meaning "nobleman". A popular Russian name as well.

6. Daniil meaning "God is my judge".

7. Danya (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God".

8. Dmitry meaning "devoted to". A good Russian big dog name derived from the Greek Goddess of agriculture, Demeter.

9. Fyodor meaning "God's gift".

10. Gleb meaning "heir of God". This name is derived from an early martyr and a great saint of Russia, Saint Gleb.

11. Grom (Polish origin) meaning "thunder".

12. Han (Scandinavian origin) meaning "God is gracious".

13. Igor meaning "warrior".

14. Kremlin meaning "fortress". This Russian name is derived from the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

15. Lev (Hebrew origin) meaning "heart".

16. Mansur (Arabic origin) meaning "victorious".

17. Maxim (Roman origin) meaning "the greatest".

18. Novgorod meaning "destroyed". This unique Russian name is derived from one of the oldest historic cities of Russia with the same name.

19. Nikol meaning "victory of the people". The female version of this name is linked with the popular Australian actress and producer, Nicole Kidman.

20. Oleg meaning "holy".

21. Pasha (Greek origin) meaning "easter". One of the best Russian boy dog names derived from a higher rank in the Ottoman political and military system.

22. Sergei meaning "servant".

23. Sultan (Arabic origin) meaning "ruler".

24. Timur meaning "iron". This unique Russian name is derived from Amir Timur, the Turco-Mongol conqueror who founded the Timurid Empire.

25. Vulkan meaning "flash".

Best Female Russian Dog Names

Russian dog names are a blend of style, uniqueness, and deep meaning.

Dogs deserve a name that suits them. There are a lot of beautiful Russian girl dog names that can make your canine friends feel on top of the world. Here is our list of the best Russian female dog names that can please you.

26. Alina meaning "kind".

27. Alita (Latin origin) meaning "special". This beautiful female Russian name is linked to the lead character of the popular Hollywood film, 'Alita the Battle Angel'.

29. Anna (Greek, Latin origin) meaning "favor or grace".

28. Bella meaning "beautiful".

30. Changa (Zimbabwean origin) meaning "historic warrior".

31. Dani (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge". One of the best Russian dog names inspired by the character Daenerys of 'Game of Thrones'.

32. Danya meaning "Gift of God or Judgement of God". This name is associated with the popular basketball player Danya Abrams. He played for the Boston College Eagles.

33. Darya meaning "sea".

34. Elena (Spanish, Italian, Greek origin) meaning "bright".

35. Galina (Greek origin) meaning "serenity".

36. Gretta meaning "pearl". One of the best Russian dog names linked with the popular Swedish-American actress, Greta Garbo.

37. Inna meaning "rough".

38. Katya meaning "pure".

39. Kizhi (Hawaiian origin) meaning "chief". One of the best dog names associated with the famous Kizhi Island in Lake Onega.

40. Laika meaning "barker". This beautiful Russian name is linked to the first living being to orbit the Earth, a dog named Laika.

41. Lapa meaning "paw".

42. Lena (Greek origin) meaning "sunlight".

43. Maria (Arabic origin) meaning "sharp".

44. Mila (Macedonian origin) meaning "pleasant". A beautiful Russian name associated with the famous supermodel turned actress Mila Jovovich.

45. Nochka meaning "night".

46. Olga meaning "blessed".

47. Sasha meaning "man's defender". A popular name associated with the famous Serbian-American actress, Sasha Alexander.

48. Sharapova meaning "wisdom". This is the name of the popular Russian-American professional tennis player, Maria Sharapova.

49. Sochi meaning "only God". A beautiful girl name derived from the biggest resort city in Russia, Sochi.

50. Sveta meaning "light".

Best Unisex Russian Dog Names

A lot of people don't like to make their names gendered. They primarily prefer good-to-go names for a female or male dog. For them, there are a lot of Russian dog name ideas. And we have listed some of the best ones.

51. Artem (Greek origin) meaning "unharmed". This name is inspired by the Greek Goddess, Artemis.

52. Boris meaning "wolf".

53. Elbrus (Iranian origin) meaning "high guard". This is the highest Russian and European mountain.

54. Kosmo (Greek origin) meaning "decency".

55. Kubik (Hebrew origin) meaning "following".

56. Mariinsky meaning "big stone". This is a historic Russian opera and ballet theatre.

57. Slava meaning "glory".

58. Sharik (Arabic origin) meaning "partner".

59. Tomsk meaning "the river". One of the oldest towns in Siberia.

60. Volga meaning "freedom". The longest river flowing in Europe.

Unique Russian Dog Names

Dogs are your best partners and they deserve to get an impactful name as a reward.

It is not necessary to give your dog friend a name that is commonly used. The unique Russian names are one of the best ways to make your dog different from others. Here is our list of some good Russian names for various dog breeds.

61. Aleksei (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "defender". This name is derived from the greatest military minds of the world, Alexander the Great.

62. Artyom (M) meaning "safe".

63. Bogdan (M) meaning "God-given". This name is an early calque from the Greek God Theodore.

64. Buka (F) (Albanian origin) meaning "bread".

65. Chaika (F) meaning "seagull". This name is derived from the famous Japanese anime novel named 'Chaika: The Coffin Princess.'

66. Dasha (F) (Greek origin) meaning "God's gift".

67. Elizaveta (F) meaning "God is Oath". This name is linked to the popular Russian figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

68. Faina (F) meaning "shining".

69. Grigory (M/F) meaning "watchful". This name is associated with the popular Russian novelist Grigory Baklanov.

70. Ilya (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "My God is Yahu".

71. Ivan (M) meaning "God is gracious". This name is derived from the 'Ivan the Terrible', the first Russian Tsar.

72. Kirill (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "lord".

73. Lubov (M) meaning "love".

74. Mir (M/F) (Persian origin) meaning "prince". This is a princely and aristocratic title that was used in the medieval Muslim period.

75. Nina (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "little girl".

76. Pavel (M) meaning "small".

77. Ruble (F) (German origin) meaning "a beet grower".

78. Trotsky (M) meaning "from Troki". This name is derived from a legendary Marxist revolutionary, theorist, and Soviet politician, Leon Trotsky.

79. Tusya (F) meaning "beyond expectation".

80. Ural (M) (Turkish origin) meaning "island". This is the name of a famous mountain range of Russia, the Ural mountains. This can be a good name for big dogs.

Popular Russian Dog Names

Russian names are known to be used by people all over the world. These names are cool and unique. And there are a lot of popular celebrities who have made their names famous. And you can use some of those for your dog name ideas. Here is a list of some of them.

81. Aliona (F) (Greek origin) meaning "the torch".

82. Anastasia (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection". This name is derived from the Grand Duchess of Russia, Anastasia Romanov.

83. Annika (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace".

84. Bolsoi (M) meaning "grand". This name is derived from the historic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia.

85. Borsht (M) meaning "hogweed".

86. Czar (M) meaning "ruler". This name is associated with the title of the Grand Prince of All the Russias.

87. Danil (M/F) meaning "Creator's Gift".

88. Dennis (M) (English origin) meaning "Devotee Of Dionysos". This name is inspired by the famous cartoon character, Dennis The Menace, fitting for cheeky dogs.

89. Evgenia (F) meaning "well-born".

90. Irina (F) (Greek origin) meaning "peace". This name is derived from the ancient Greek Goddess Eirene, who is known to be the personification of peace.

91. Kissel (M)  meaning "variant of Kusel". This is a famous dessert in Russia.

92. Konstantin (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "constant". This name is inspired by the great Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great.

93. Makara (M) meaning "blessed".

94. Marina (F) (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea".

95. Nikita (F) meaning "victory".

96. Putin (M) meaning "statesman". This name is derived from the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

97. Rodion (M/F) meaning "song of the hero".

98. Rasputin (M) meaning "rebirth through sin".

99. Sputnik (M/F) meaning "a traveling companion". The first artificial satellite of the Earth.

100. Stanislav (M) meaning "one who achieves glory or a win".

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