Top 101 Best Saint Names For Girls

There are many saintly names inspired by female saints and nuns based on catholic history for your pretty princess.

Christian names that revolve around beautiful holy meanings and girl saint names are classic choices for little baby girl.

A girl saint is often associated with the name of the Virgin Mary. But there are so many other strong catholic female saints that can be an inspiration for saint names for a baby girl.

Saint names for girls like Afra, a patron saint, Agnes, Barbara and Catherine are a few names for girls that follow the names of saints over centuries. Naming your baby girl after a saint name is a common practice. Here's a list of saint girls names that are not necessarily religious but have a significant history, making the name popular amongst people. The lists of saint names for girls are arranged in thematic order to make the search easy based on the meaning and origin of the saint names.

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Popular Saint Names

Many popular saints' names are the perfect Catholic names for girls for holy and cute babies in the crib.

Patron saint or Catholic names, classic religiously inclined names for your baby are always among the first choices.

1. Ada (Hebrew origin) meaning "nobility, adornment" is a popular ancient name in Arabic, Islamic, Indian traditions is a saint from France.

2. Agnes (Greek origin) meaning "pure, holy" is a given name and taken by the popular Christian Saint Agnes.

3. Alice (Old German origin) meaning "noble cheer" is a saint of Schaerbeek.

4. Amanda (Latin origin) meaning "deserving to be loved".

5. Angela (Latin, Christian origin) meaning "messenger of God". Angela Merici was a Roman Catholic Church saint.

6. Ann/Anne/Anna (Latin origin) meaning "grace" is the name of mother Mary's mother, i.e. grandmother of Jesus.

7. Apollonia (Greek, Latin origin) meaning "female form of Apollo or one who belongs to Apollo", Apollo is known as the God of Sun. Saint Apollonia was from Egypt.

8. Audrey (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "noble maiden" was an Anglo-Saxon saint.

9. Barbara (Greek origin) meaning "strange, foreign". The Great Martyr Barbara in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

10. Beatrice (French origin) meaning "she who makes happiness" is a saint of Silva.

11. Catherine/Katherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure" is known after the saint Katherine of Alexandria and Siena.

12. Cecilia (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly lily" is a Latin Catholic saint.

13. Charitina (Greek origin) meaning "love, grace" from the saint from Amisus.

14. Constantina (Latin origin) meaning "constant, unchanging" also known as saint Constance.

15. Deborah (Hebrew origin) meaning "bee" A prophetess mentioned in the Old Testament.

16. Delphine (Latin origin) meaning "dolphin or woman of Delphi" was from France.

17. Dorothea/ Dorothy (Greek origin) meaning "God's gift" from Saint Dorothy of the fourth century.

18. Edana (German origin) meaning "fire, noble" was an Irish saint.

19. Elen (Greek origin) meaning "torch, light" was the saint anglicized as Helena from Wales.

20. Emily (Latin origin) meaning "industrious" was the first saint who started the congregation Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition.

21. Esther (Hebrew origin) meaning "star" from Saint Esther, the Jewish queen of Persian King.

22. Felicity (English origin) meaning "happiness" from Saint Felicity.

23. Flora (Latin origin) meaning "flower" is also associated with the Roman goddess of the flower.

24. Gabriella (Italian origin) meaning "woman of God" was an Italian nun.

25. Georgia (English origin) meaning "farmer" was a native saint of Clermont, France.

26. Grace (Latin origin) meaning "charm", the grace of God' was a patron saint of Valencia, Spain.

27. Gretchen (German origin) meaning "pearl" was the daughter of Saint Margaret of Antioch.

28. Helena (Greek origin) meaning "light". Saint Helena- the empress of the Roman Empire.

29. Hope (Old English origin) meaning "desire for fulfillment" from Saint Hope.

30. Irene (Greek origin) meaning "peace" from Saint Irene of Rome.

31. Jacqueline (French origin) meaning "may God protect" from Saint Jacqueline.

32. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "God beholds", also known as Joanna, the wife of Chuza.

33. Julia (Latin origin) meaning "youthful" was a saint from Corsica.

34. Justina (Latin origin) meaning "just" was a saint from Padua.

35. Louise (Old High German origin) meaning "famous warrior" from Louise de Marillac, co-founder of Saint Vincent de Paul.

36. Lucy (English, French origin) meaning "light" also known as Lucia of Syracuse.

37. Margaret (Persian origin) meaning "pearl" are saints from Antioch and Cortana.

38. Mary (Hebrew origin) meaning "sea of bitterness". Associated with the Virgin Mary.

39. Melania (Greek origin) meaning "dark" are two saints, Saint Melania the younger and Saint Melania the Elder.

40. Monica (Latin origin) meaning "advisor" was an African Christian Saint.

41. Nancy (English origin) meaning "grace" is a diminutive of Saint Anne.  

42. Nonna  (Latin origin) meaning "sage" is where the name 'nun' is derived from.

43. Olivia (English origin) meaning "olive, brilliant" is a patron saint of Palermo.

44. Paula (Latin origin) meaning "humble, small" was from Rome.

45. Sarah (Arabic, Hebrew origin) meaning "princess" from Sara-la-Kali, a patron saint of Romani masses.

46. Teresa/ Teressa (Greek origin) meaning "huntress" from Mother Teressa.

47. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "little bear" from the legendary Romano-British Christian saint.

48. Veronica (Latin origin) meaning "victory bringer" was an Italian mystic nun.

49. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory" was a martyr of Albitina.

50. Xenia/Zenia (Greek origin) meaning "welcoming, hospitable" was from St. Petersburg.

51. Zita (Italian origin) meaning "little hope" was an Italian saint.

Unique Girls' Saint Names

There are many wonderful and unique saint names for girls too:

52. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "father's joy" was a great saint who was known for taking care of the sick.

53. Adele (German origin) meaning "nobility" a widow from Germany became a nun after her husband's death.

54. Afra (Hebrew origin) meaning "color of the earth" was a martyr saint.

55. Alma (Latin origin) meaning "fostering" mentioned as the Virgin Mary by Matthew in Isaiah.

56. Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal". A variation of Saint Ambrose of Milan.

57. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection" was a Christian saint of Sirmium.

58. Anysia (Greek origin) meaning "satisfaction" is a variant of the name Annis, a martyr from Greece.

59. Arilda (Teutonic origin) meaning "hearth maiden" was an obscure female saint from the UK.

60. Aurelia (Latin origin) meaning "golden" was from Regensburg.

61. Ava (Latin origin) meaning "like a bird". Associated with the name Avis, a Roman Catholic saint.

62. Avis (Latin origin) meaning "bird".

63. Bibiana (Greek origin) meaning "alive", is a variation for the name Viviana was a Roman Virgin martyr.

64. Cornelia  (Latin origin) meaning "horn" is associated with Saint Cornelius.

65. Darerca (Irish origin) meaning "unknown", was a patron saint, sister of Saint Patrick.

66. Demiana (French, English origin) meaning "half" was a Coptic martyr.

67. Emmelia (Greek origin) meaning "harmony, harmonious" also known as Emmelia of Caesarea.

68. Fabiola (Italian origin) meaning "bean grower". Saint Fabiola was a nurse and Roman matron and is a catchy name for your first one.

69. Faith (Latin origin) meaning "complete trust in God" was also known as Saint Faith of Conques.

70. Fausta  (Italian origin) meaning "lucky" was the fourth-century Fausta of Cyzicus.

71. Fina (Italian origin) meaning "God will increase" also known as Saint Serafina, was an Italian Christian girl.

72. Geraldine (German origin) meaning "ruler with the spear".

73. Hilda (Old Norse origin) meaning "battle or battle maiden", also known as Hilda of Whitby.

74. Honorina  (Latin origin) meaning "respected" was venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church. She was a patron saint and counts.

75. Ignatia (Latin origin) meaning "fire" was the founder of the 'Society of Jesus' and is a perfect baby name for your little one.

76. Illuminata (Latin origin) meaning "illuminated, light of the divine Grace" was a Christian saint. The name is a derivation from the word Illuminati, Illuminate.

77. Inez (Spanish origin) meaning "pure" is also considered as a variation for the name and Saint Agnes.

78. Isidora (Greek origin) meaning "gift" was a Christian nun.

79. Jacobina (Hebrew origin) meaning "the one who grasps the heel" was a Brazilian religious leader.

80. Josephine (Hebrew, French origin) meaning "God shall grow, increase" was a Sudanese religious sister.

81. Karen (Latin origin) meaning "pure, clear" is a derivative of the name Catherine/Katherine. 29 April is celebrated as St. Karen's day.

82. Marcia (Italian, Latin origin) meaning "proud, martial or God is with us" was from Rome.

83. Odilia (German origin) meaning "wealthy, rich" from Odile of Alsace.

84. Quiteria (Greek origin) meaning "woman of Kythira". A second-century virgin martyr.

85. Salome (Hebrew origin) meaning "peace". Associated with the Armenian princess.

86. Sylvia (Latin origin) meaning "forest" was Saint Gregory the Great's mother.

87. Theoclia (English origin) meaning "gift of God" was an Egyptian martyr.

88. Tillie (English origin) meaning "glorious in battle".

89. Trudy (German origin) meaning "loved, the spear of strength" was a Welsh virgin saint.

90. Yvette (French origin) meaning "praised" was the saint who dedicated her life to helping the lepers.

91. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning "life" from Rome.

Gender Neutral Saint Names

Gender neutral baby names stand out for most saintly inspired names.

Unisex names are always an eye-catcher. Here's a list of few non-binary names that would become a perfect fit for your baby.

92. Aiden (Celtic origin) meaning "fiery one" is a saint boy name also used by many girls in recent times.

93. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "protector of men". The name is derived from the St. Alexandar and is a unisex name usually a short taken by both genders.

94. Blaise (French, English origin) meaning "stammering". Saint Blaise is the daughter of Agia and is a unisex name.

95. Blane (Gaelic origin) meaning "thin" is a saint from the UK and the name is taken by boys and girls.

96. Claire (French origin) meaning "clear and bright" was an Italian saint.

97. Frances (Latin origin) meaning "free" from an American-Italian nun, is a unisex saint's name.

98. Germaine (Latin origin) meaning "brother, kin" is a masculine name but is also used by a saint Germaine who was taught by God to forgive her family.

99. Nicholas (Greek origin) meaning "victory of people". The name is associated with Saint Nicholas of Myra or Bori.

100. Rais (Arabic origin) meaning "leader" is a boy name also used by the saint Rais or Irais, Rhais who was venerated by the Roman Catholics.

101. Valentine (Roman origin) meaning "healthy and strong" was a Roman saint associated with courtly love.

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