Top 50 Best TryHard Names And Nicknames

The right gamertag can really change how the opponents approach you and your team.

Gamers are not always defined by their gameplay, but also, by their unique OG.

OG means original gamertag. A gamer with a wonderful gamertag can make themselves appear as a noob or a formidable opponent in a game.

There are many gamertags that gamers pick up to define their playstyle or sass. Most of these names are made up of characters and numbers to make it sound really cool. Many of the gamertags also end up being channel names for Twitch TV or YouTube. You can also keep these gamertags as cool PS4 names. Here's a list of some of the top channel names for TTV (Twitch TV) and YouTube and gamertags.

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Popular TryHard Names

Here are some of the popular tryhard gamertags that can be a cool PS4 name or one of the greatest Fortnite names as well:

1. B@b@y@GA, derived from "Baba Yaga". Baba Yaga refers to a creature in Russian folklore, but the name is made more popular as John Wick's nickname.

2. B0rN2D00m, derived from Born to Doom, can be a fearsome gametag for a PS4 player. Also, one of the variations for fearsome Fortnite names.

3. Bl@zeoᑎ, derived from "blaze on". One of the best Fortnite names for tryhards.

4. cTrlKiLLr, derived from "CTRL and killer". This name sounds similar to Critical Killer and can be a tag for a game-changer player.

5. Êrrør, derived from "Error". One of the few fun Fortnite names to deceive your opponents.

6. H@CkEr, derived from "hacker". This can be one of the best Fortnite names for amazing players who seem like hackers.

7. Ic3d, derived from "iced". One of the awesome Fornite names.

8. Kn0wIt@ll, derived from "know it all". One of the few preachy but cool Fortnite names.

9. MaCh@nic, derived from "Mechanic". This name can be taken by a gamer who supports the team.

10. NiGhtM@re, Derived from "Nightmare". One of the few sassy Fortnite names.

11. Pine@pplÊ Pizza, derived from "pineapple pizza". This can be one of the cool and funny Fortnite names.

12. Rxpct, derived from "Respect". One of the few amazing Fortnite names.

13. sÊns0u, derived from "sensō". Sensō means war. One of the ideal Fortnite names.

14. Tri𝔾𝔾3red, derived from "triggered", one of the best Fortnite names.

15. We3b, derived from "Weeb". If you love Japan and anime, this is one of the best and fun Fortnite names you can take up.

Unique TryHard Names

Here are such tags that you can try to put on your gamer:

16. Addict2Plays: This name is one of the great Twitch channel names. One of the best Fortnite names too.

17. AFKh@t3r, derived from "AFK Hater". AFK or away from keyboards are gamers who disconnect in the middle of the game.

18. agreed_on-no_debt_9696 could be one of the coolest PSN names.

19. alb@tRoss, derived from "albatross".

20. AnTi-M@tt3r, derived from "anti-matter". This is a cool name for an OP.

21. B3njiFr4nkie, derived from "Benjamin Franklin". One of the funny Fortnite names.

22. BiLL KiLLTon, derived from the name Bill Clinton.

23. BlAzepRuNer, Derived from "Blaze Runner", can be one of the cool tryhard Fortnite names.

24. call_us_down_420, this PSN name for a person who supports other 'pushers'.

25. Cr0$$Êye, derived from "cross-eye". One of few Fortnite names that can stand out.

26. Dr@g0nSl@y3r, derived from "dragon slayer". One of the unique Fortnite names.

27. GrimmerGamer: This could be a great TTV name and you can use it as one of the cool channel names for YouTube.

28. Grimmer Noob is one of the uber-cool Fortnite tryhard names that you can keep as one of your tryhard gametags. It is one of the OG Fortnite names too.

29. Gunning Overlords: A top PS4 username, even among the good PS4 usernames found on the internet. This can be one of the cool Fortnite names too.

30. Math3w, derived from the name "Matthew". This is one of the best Fortnite names if you are Matthew as well.

31. No Need to Revive bro: This could be one of the best ps4 names if you are a true op in your game and can take down the opponent team on your own.

32. P3p3n0cr0@k, derived from "Pepe no croak". Pepe is a famous meme. One of the meme-tastic Fortnite names.

33. PCm4st3r@ce, derived from "PC Masterrace". Many people believe PCs are better than consoles and can push that idea through their gamertag.

34. Real Kill, can be one of the OG Fortnite names, if you want to make a mark in the top Fortnite names.

35. sodomtogomoroh_52, this PSN name comes with a Biblical touch referring to Sodom and Gomorrah. Could be one of the great Fortnite names too.

36. $uxCidal, derived from "suicidal", one of the aggressive Fortnite names.

37. Tryin2Fail: An awesome gamertag shows how much of an OP you are.  This could be one of the cool Fortnite gamer tags too.

TryHard Names Inspired By Popular Media

If you like a character from popular media, you can use them as a gamertag too.

You can try these good tryhard tags:

38. AT@iRCre3d, Derived from "Altair Creed". From 'Assassin's Creed' game series.

39. Br0Th3rs-In-4RM$, derived from "Brothers-in-Arms". One of the great Fortnite names.

40. Cr@T0s, derived from "Kratos", from, God of War. One of the few good  Fortnite names.

41. Êndør, derived from "Endor", from 'Star Wars'.

42. G3r4lT, derived from "Geralt", from the Witcher game series. One of the coolest Fortnite names as well.

43. H3isenB3rg, derived from the name "Heisenberg"; from the 'Breaking Bad' series.

44. HulkSm4sH, derived from "Hulk Smash". From Hulk, a superhero in the Marvel series. One of the amazing Fortnite names you could try out.

45. M0rph3us, derived from "Morpheus" - from 'Matrix'.

46. MicSc0tt, derived from "Michael Scott". From 'The Office'. One of the funny but good  Fortnite names.

47. Pickl3RiCk. derived from "Rick and Morty".

48. R4mb0, derived from "Rambo". This is a famous movie by Sylvester Stallone.

49. SñøwDen, derived from "Snowden". This is a reference to Edward Snowden.

50. T3rmin@tor, derived from "Terminator". Arnie took and rocked the role of a cyborg in the move of the same name. You can terminate your enemies too.

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