Top 100 Best Western Or Cowboy Names

Choosing Wild Western baby names for your little boy can be a great option to help you in your search.

Cowboys are super strong and also fun-loving, and the right name embodies this trait.

Western names are rich in meaning and are famous as well. The Wild Wild West and all it stands for has been romanticized in our mind. Cowboys are known for their rugged nature and hard work. Expecting parents are starting to take more interest in Western names or cowboy names, especially people in western states.

Cowboys have some of the strongest Western names. Their bad-boy persona is made complete by famous cowboy names. If you are from the West, it is only natural to name your baby boy after famous cowboys. Will Rogers, the most famous cowboy of all time, has a widely accepted first name and last name. It can be difficult to distinguish true cowboy fitting names from other names. This is a list of cowboy names for unique boys. Explore some of these Western boy names for your baby.

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Cowboy Inspired Names For Boys

Baby names inspired by famous cowboys in the Wild West can give your little boy strength and fun qualities.

When searching for the best names for your baby boy, Western names top the chats most of the time. Cowboys are sleek, handsome, and cool all in one and this makes giving your baby a cowboy name more appealing. Find out some of the best cowboy-inspired names below.

1. Abner (Hebrew origin) means "God is my light".

2. Adam (English origin) means "earth".

3. Austin (English origin) means "dignity".

4. Bart (Hebrew origin) means "ploughman".

5. Billy (German origin) means 'Resolute protector". It quite a popular name among cowboys of the Wild West.

6. Blaze (Latin origin) means "fire".

7. Bo (Slavic origin) means "to live".

8. Boone (English origin) means "good person" or "person from Bohon".

9. Bowie (Irish origin) means "fair-haired" or "yellow".

10. Bret (Norman origin) means "Breton".

11. Buck (English origin) means "deer".

12. Cal (English origin) means "devotion", a variant of Kal, the original name of Superman.

13. Carson (Scottish origin) means "someone who dwells near a marsh".

14. Casey (Irish origin) means "watchful" or "vigilant".

15. Cash (Latin origin) means "hollow", the name has become widely popular with the rise of rappers in modern days.

16. Chance (English origin) means "fortune".

17. Clay (English origin) means "clay maker". It is the short version of Clayton and popular in the Wild West.

18. Cody (English origin) means "helpful".

19. Deacon (Greek origin) means "dusty one" or "messenger".

20. Denver (English origin) means "green valley".

21. Dylan (Welsh origin) means "son of the sea".

22. Flint (English origin) the last name used to refer to people dwelling on an outcrop of flint.

23. Hank (American origin) means "ruler of the home".

24. Heath (English origin) means "someone who lived by the heath".

25. Jace (Hebrew origin) means "the Lord is salvation".

Famous Cowboy Names

Names for cowboys and names of famous cowboys are great baby names for boys.

You can't give your little cowboy just any old name. You need to search for cool cowboy names that will complement their personality. You can go with the names of famous cowboys that have graced your TV set, or the cover of magazines.  We took the time to compile this list of famous cowboy names to inspire your name choice:

26. Beau (French origin) means "beautiful" or "handsome".

27. Brent (English origin) means "holy one", another common name in the wild west.

28. Cassidy, (Irish origin) means "son of Caiside", first name of Hollywood actress Cassidy Freeman.

29. Chandler (English origin) occupational name of someone who sells candles, name made famous by Chandler Bing, widely popular character in the TV show "Friends".

30. Cheyenne (English origin) means "strangely speaking", one of the most striking baby names.

31. Clint (Anglo-Saxon origin) a short form of Clinton that refers to someone who dwelled in the village of Clint.

32. Colt (English origin) means "young horses".

33. Cord (German origin) means "bold".

34. Dash (English origin) refers to one who lives near an ash tree.

35. Decker (English origin) means "ditch digger".

36. Dustin (English origin) means "Thor's sone of light".

37. Earl (English origin) means "noble" or "warrior".

38. Frank (German origin) means "free".

39. George (Greek origin) means "farmer", one of the most popular farmer names.

40. Jeb (Hebrew origin) means "beloved friend".

41. Jed (Hebrew origin) means "beloved of God". The short form of Jedediah.

42. Jethro (Hebrew origin) means "overflow".

43. Laird (Scottish origin) means "lord".

44. Luke (Latin origin) means "light".

45. Maverick (English origin) means "independent".

46. Montana (Latin origin) means "mountain". Surname popularized by the TV show "Hannah Montana".

47. Quinten (Latin origin) means "the fifth".

48. Reno (Spanish origin) means "an abbreviation for Moreno, a city in Nevada".

49. Rope, (English origin) means "occupational name for someone who makes ropes".

50. Shane (Irish origin) means "graced by God".

Cowboy Last Names

Last names are as popular as first names in the west. Some of these baby names are associated with the West and what they stand for in general. Some last names are also used as first names, so you can choose one of these and make your baby stand out. Have a look at this list for more inspiration from famous cowboys for the best cowboys names for your baby boy.

51. Brooks (English origin) means "a small stream".

52. Canutt (Scandinavian origin) this name isn't well-known and is rare.

53. Colton (Irish origin) means "from the coal or dark town".

54. Dallas (Scottish origin) means "from the meadow dwelling".

55. Douglas (Scottish origin) means "black stream", also the surname of the popular veteran actor Michael Douglas.

56. Fisher (English origin) means "one who makes a living from fish".

57. Hitch (Welsh origin) means "connector of wagons".

58. Houston (Scottish origin) means "huge".

59. King (English origin) means "tribal leader".

60. Knight (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "serving lad".

61. Littlefield (English origin) means "a habitual name of any small place".

62. Manning (Irish origin) means "valiant man".

63. Mayfield (English origin) means "a habitual name of places in Sussex".

64. Maynard (English origin) means "brave strength".

65. Miller (English origin) means "an occupational name for a miller".

66. McCoy (Irish origin) means "son of Aodh".

67. O'Connor (Irish origin) means "descendent of Conchobar", made popular by Christian Bale's portrayal in the famous movie "Terminator" franchise.

68. Pickett (English origin) means "a hill with a sharp top".

69. Pierce (English origin) means "rock".

70. Reeves (English origin) means "servant of the steward".

71. Rogers (German origin) means "son of Rodgers". Marvel Comics' superhero character Captain America's original surname was Rogers.

72. Roosevelt (Dutch origin) means "from the rose field". America's 32nd President has the same surname.

73. Wade (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "to go" or "ford".

74. Walker (German origin) means "one who walked". Late actor Paul Walker, from Glendale, had the same surname. He was popular for his role in the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

75. Westin (English origin) means "west town".

Gender Neutral Cowboy Names

Now you've seen good cowboy names for boys, but what if you don't know the gender of your baby just yet. Lots of parents have adopted the tradition of a gender reveal, but not all parents are sold on this tradition. If you are one of the few who prefer to find out if it's a baby boy or girl after delivery, you will surely need a gender-neutral cowboy name.  Check out our list of cowboy names for boys and girls:

76. Addison (English origin) means "son of Adam, the first man".

77. Alex (English origin) means "defender of humankind".

78. Andy (French origin) means "strongly and manly".

79. Arizona (American origin) means "the name of a state in America".

80. Ashley (English origin) means "ash tree meadow". It's one of the popular Western names.

81. Ashton (English origin) means "from the town of ash trees".

82. Bailey (English origin) means "public officer of justice".

83. Cameron (Scottish origin) means "crooked nose".

84. Dakota (English origin) means "friendly". Also the name of a popular Hollywood celebrity, Dakota Fanning.

85. Dana (English origin) means "God is the judge".

86. Evan (Irish origin) means "young warrior".

87. Grayson (English origin) means "bailiffs son".

88. Greer (Latin origin) means "vigilant guardian".

89. Jackie (Hebrew origin) means "God is gracious".

90. Jaime (English origin) means "supplanter".

91. Jesse (Hebrew origin) means "wealthy".

92. Jo (French origin) means "Jehovah increases".

93. Jody (English origin) means "praised".

94. Kai (Hawaiian origin) means "keeper of the keys".

95. Kelsey (English origin) means "from the fierce land".

96. Morgan (Welsh origin) means "sea defender".

97. Nash (English origin) means "dweller by the ash tree".

98. Palmer (English origin) means "pilgrimage to the Holy land".

99. Vern (American origin) means "Adler tree".

100. Wesley (English origin) means "from the meadow in the west". Also the name of a famous Hollywood actor, Wesley Snipes.

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