Top 100+ Best White Horse Names

Most people consider white horses as majestic creatures.

White horses are rare to come by.

They’re born carrying one of the dominant white genes and tend to remain white throughout their lives. A white horse symbolizes purity, grace, and knowledge.

Horses are majestic creatures, and special, white colored horses deserve a name as unique as their color. Horses have been creatures of fascination for many years, and popular culture is representative of this fascination. They’ve been used in films, books, TV series’, video games, and even comics. There are many famous white horses that are considered to be companions of Gods and Goddesses in ancient mythology.

The right names for white horses celebrate their uniqueness and may be inspired by several sources. If you want to find the perfect name for one of your white horses, check out our list of famous white horse names. For more inspiration, you can also check out our list of horse names in our articles Native American horse names and mythical horse names.

Famous Horses In Mythology

There are many famous white and other colored horses in ancient mythology, here is a list of famous horse names that would be perfect for any noble white horse.

1. Alastor (Greek origin), this is the name of the four horses pulling Hades’ chariot.

2. Ama no Fuchigoma (Japanese origin), the horse of God Susanoo.

3. Areion (Greek origin), an immortal horse belonging to Goddess Demeter.

4. Balius (Greek origin), the name of the horse of Achille.

5. Bucephalus (Greek origin), this was the horse of Alexander the Great.

6. Deinos (Greek origin) meaning “the terrible”. One of the mares of Diomedes.

7. Dub Sainglend (Irish origin), one of Cúchulainn’s chariot horses.

8. Enbarr (Irish origin) meaning “imagination”. The name of a horse traversing land and sea.

9. Falhófnir (Norse origin), the horse of the Gods in Norse mythology.

10. Glad (Norse origin), the horse of the Gods in Norse mythology.

11. Grani (Norse origin), a descendant of Odin’s horse, belonging to the hero, Sigurd.

12. Gullfaxi (Norse origin) meaning “golden mane”. A horse from Norse mythology.

13. Gulltoppr (Norse origin), one of the horses used by the Norse Gods.

14. Haizum (Islamic origin), the winged white horse of Gabriel, it could fly past the moon.

15. Hengroen (Welsh origin), the name of King Arthur’s stallion.

16. Hippocampus (Greek origin), name of a sea horse that pulled Poseidon’s chariot.

17. Hofvarpnir (Norse origin), the flying horse of Goddess Gná.

18. Hrímfaxi (Norse origin) meaning “frost mane”. This is the name of Nótt’s horse. Nótt represents the personification of night in Norse mythology.

19. Kanthaka (Buddhist origin), the horse Gautama Buddha is believed to have ridden when he left his family to become an ascetic.

20. Kelpie (Celtic origin), this is a supernatural water horse.

21. Lampon (Greek origin) meaning “the shining”. One of the mares of Diomedes.

22. Liath Macha (Irish origin), one of Cúchulainn’s chariot horses.

23. Llamrei (Welsh origin), King Arthur’s mare.

24. Longma (Chinese origin), a popular winged horse that has dragon scales.

25. Nuggle or Neugle (Norse origin), a water horse from Shetland folklore.  

26. Pegasus (Greek origin), a winged, pure white horse in Greek mythology. Pegasus is considered to be Poseidon’s offspring, foaled upon Medusa’s death.

27. Phaethon (Greek origin), name of an immortal horse belonging to Eos, the Goddess of Dawn.

28. Podargos (Greek origin), horse name meaning “the swift”. One of the mares of Diomedes.

29. Qianlima (Chinese origin), a name meaning “one who can travel 1000 li in a day”.

30. Rhaebus (Roman origin), Etruscan king, Mezentius’ horse.

31. Ros Beiaard (Dutch origin), the name of a magic bay horse of Belgian legends.  

32. Šarac (Slavic origin), name of Serbian King, Prince Marko’s horse.

33. Shabdiz (Persian origin) meaning “midnight”. Persian King, Khosrau Parvez’s horse.

34. Skinfaxi (Norse origin) meaning “shining mane”. This is the name of Dagr’s horse. Dagr represents the personification of day in Norse mythology.  

35. Sleipnir (Norse origin), name of the eight legged horse that Odin is believed to have ridden.

36. Sterope (Greek origin), name of Helios, the Sun God’s horse.

37. Svadilfari (Norse origin), name of the stallion that fathered Sleipnir

38. Tianma (Chinese origin), name of a winged flying horse.

39. Tulpar (Turkish origin), a quick, winged horse similar to Pegasus.

40. Uchchaihshravas (Hindu origin), a seven headed famous flying horse considered to be Indra and Bali’s vehicle.

41. Unicorn (European origin), the name represents the mythological white horse with a horn on its head.  

42. Veillantif (French origin) meaning “vigilant”.

43. Widow-Maker (American origin), also called Lightning. A horse from ‘The American legend of Pecos Bill’.

44. Xanthos (Greek origin) meaning “the yellow”. One of the mares of Diomedes.

Famous Horses In Movies

Many popular movies have made use of one or more white horses along with horses of other colors. Pick one of the famous white horse names from this list.

45. Angus (English origin), name of Merida’s horse in ‘Brave’.

46. Artax (American origin), name of the horse from ‘The Neverending Story’.

47. Beau (French origin) meaning “handsome”, the horse from ‘True Grit’.  

48. Flash (English origin), the horse from ‘Flash’.

49. Shadowfax (English origin), the “lord of all horses”, a white horse ridden by Gandalf in ‘Lord of the Rings’.  

50. Topper (English origin), Hopalong Cassidy’s white horse ridden by William Boyd in TV series and movies of the 1930s.

51. White Flash (English origin), Tex Ritter rode this horse in western movies of the 1930s and 1940s.  

White horses are rare, so people prefer unique names to name them.

Famous Horses In Books

There’s no dearth of horse names in popular books. Pick the perfect name for your white horse based on a name you like from this list.

52. Boxer (English origin), popular among white horse names from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

53. Cloud (English origin), name of the pony from ‘The Immortals’.

54. Fru-Fru (English origin) meaning “fancy trimmings”. From Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’.

55. Storm (Anglo-Saxon origin), a white horse name meaning “tempest”. This is the name of Zelda’s white horse in ‘Legend of Zelda’.

56. Tornac (English origin), the warhorse from ‘Eragon’ by Christopher Paolini.

Famous Race Horse Names

Want to explore horse names that are perfect for a racehorse? Take your pick from this list.

57. Citation (English origin), one of the best racehorses of the 1940s.

58. Dessie or Desert Orchid (English origin), a white racehorse rated fifth best National Hunt horse by Timeform.

59. Dr. Fagar (English origin), one of the world’s fastest horses and the only one to have earned four American Championship titles in one season.

60. Frankel (German origin), a Thoroughbred racehorse trained by Sir Henry Cecil.

61. Kelso (Scottish origin) meaning “chalk ridge”. Five times US Champion and Horse of the Year.  

62. Man o’ War (English origin), a champion racehorse prior to Seabiscuit.  

63. Nijinsky (Polish origin) won the British Triple Crown in 1970.  

64. Seabiscuit (English origin), a popular winning racehorse up to 1940s.

65. Seattle Slew (English origin), American horse of the year and North American Triple Crown winner (1977).    

66. Secretariat (English origin), name of the most famous racehorse.

67. Zenyatta (Buddhist origin), name of the 2010 American Horse of the Year and American Champion Older Female Horse (2008, 2009, 2010). This racehorse was inducted to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (2016).

Cute White Horse Names

Looking for cute horse names that you’ll like for your white horse? These may work for any kind of horses name, we just love them!

68. Adeline (French origin) meaning “noble”.

69. Arete (Greek origin), a horse name meaning “moral virtue” or “excellence of any kind”.

70. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning “dawn”. Show off your black and white horse with this name.

71. Cotton (English origin), among the white horse names used to represent color.  

72. Curtis (French origin) meaning “courteous” or “polite”.

73. Dado (Italian origin) meaning “black and white dice”.

74. Diamond (Latin origin) meaning “invincible”. Diamond is among the white horse names inspired by the precious stone because your horse is precious like a diamond.

75. Flora (Latin origin) meaning “flower”.

76. Ingrid (Norse origin) meaning “beautiful”.

77. Katherine (Greek origin) meaning “pure”.

78. Milky (English origin), among the cute white horse names.

79. Moon (English origin), moon is a name that keeps with the theme of light.  

80. Oreo (Greek origin) meaning “mountain”. Also, the name of the American cookie brand. It is popular among black and white horse names.    

81. Snow (English origin), among the nature inspired white horse names. Snow could also be a short form for the name Snow White.

82. Sugar (American origin), inspired by the white sweet crystal.

Names That Mean White

There are different names that mean white which would be perfect for your white horse, we're sure you'll find a favourite.

83. Ailbhe (Irish origin), this name means “white”.  

84. Albus (Latin origin), this name means “white”. Show off your white horse with this name.

85. Alpin (Scottish origin), the name means “white” and will do justice to your white horse.

86. Arjuna (Hindu origin), the name means “clear” or “white”.

87. Arwyn (Welsh origin) meaning “fair” or “white”.

88. Bai (Chinese origin), the name means “pure” or “white”.

89. Barrfhionn (Irish origin), the name means “fair hair”.

90. Bela (Czech origin) meaning “white”. If you’re looking for cute names for a white horse, this may just be it.  

91. Beyle (Slavic origin), the name means “white”.

92. Blanche (English, French origin) meaning “white”. This is a great name for your white horse.

93. Byelobog (Slavic origin), a name meaning “the white God”.

94. Candida (Latin origin), the name means “white”. This is a great name to show off your white horse with.

95. Delwyn (Welsh origin), the name means “pretty and white”.

96. Dhaval (Hindu origin) meaning “dazzling white”.

97. Eirwen (Welsh origin), the name means “white snow”.

98. Finnian (Irish origin), a name meaning “white”.

99. Fionn (Irish origin), a name meaning “fair” or “white”.

100. Fionnlagh (Scottish, Irish origin), a name meaning “white warrior”.

101. Gauri (Hindu origin) meaning “white”.

102. Guinevere (Celtic origin) meaning “white” or “fair”.

103. Gwen or Gwyn (English, Welsh origin) meaning “fair” or “white”.

104. Haukea (Hawaiian origin), a name that means “white snow”.

105. Laban (Hebrew origin) meaning “white”.

106. Livna (Hebrew origin) meaning “white”.

107. Meinwen (Welsh origin) meaning “slender and white”.

108. Oyibo (African origin), a unique name meaning “white”, may just be the right name to show off your white horse.

109. Shweta (Hindu origin), a name meaning “white”.

110. Valge (Estonian origin) meaning “white”.

111. Zurine (Basque origin), this name means “white”.

White horses often linked to the moon in mythology.

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