Top 100 Boy Names Ending In Ton

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Picking a baby name is one of the biggest decisions new parents have to make.

Some people like to use baby names that are inspired by places, others like to use old surnames that also work beautifully as a given name. Other people love traditional baby names, modern baby names, or baby names ending in a particular sound or letter.

Since you're on this page, we can assume you are considering names ending with ton. Ton names frequently derive from Old English/Anglo Saxon words, and many of them are old surnames that are habitational (technically called a "toponymic surname"), meaning they come from place names. That's because the Old English "tun" meant "dwelling", "settlement", "town" or "farm", which has turned into "ton" through the years.

Names ending with ton often sound like 'strong' names. This doesn't have an exact definition, but as well as being a literal translation, it can also mean names that sound strong. We think a lot of boy names that end with ton fit this bill, often coming with dual syllables with a firm emphasis at the end of the name.

So, below are a tonne of baby boys' names that end in 'ton' (100 to be precise). You're sure to find a few you love.

Still looking for more inspiration? We've also got guides to great boys' names ending in "ie" and boys' names ending in "son".

Popular Boy Names Ending In Ton

You cannot go wrong with a popular baby name, especially one which ends in ton.

1) Anton (Russian, Scandinavian, Latin and German origin), from the Roman family name Anthony, thought to mean "priceless".

2) Elton (English origin), likely derived from the first names Ella or Elli, therefore meaning "dwelling/farm/town of Ellli".

3) Fenton (English origin), from "fenne", meaning an area surrounded by a dyke.

4) Winston (English origin), from "wynn", meaning "joy", and "stan", meaning "stone".

Boys' Names Associated With Places That End With Ton

These names all take inspiration from amazing places. Would you name your baby boy after a great place you have visited?

5) Arlington (English origin), English town name derived from the first name Alfred, also a common US place name.

6) Boston (English origin), from the US city, itself named for a town in Lancashire. That town took its name from Saint Botolph, the patron saint of travellers.

7) Brighton (English origin), from the English coastal city, meaning "Bright Town".

8) Brixton (English origin), from the district in south London, which is thought to have been named after Brixi, a Saxon lord.

9) Charleston (English origin), meaning "Town of King Charles", also a city in South Carolina.

10) Dalston (English origin), modern day place name of a district in northeast London, named for Deorlaf, a bishop.

11) Houston (Scottish origin), Scottish clan name meaning "son of Hugh"; also a city in Texas.

12) Kingston (English origin), from the Old English meaning "king's settlement"; also the capital of Jamaica and a town in London.

13) Princeton (English origin), meaning "prince's town"; also a US university.

14) Washington (English origin), likely a habitational name, also a US state and city.

Baby Boy Names That End In Ton From Around The World

Different countries and languages offer a wide array of beautiful names that end in ton. You might find your perfect baby name in the list below.

15) Agoston/Ágoston (Latin origin, most commonly used in Hungary), meaning "the dignified"

16) Aton/Atón (Egyptian origin), meaning "sun", "sun god" or "sun dial".

17) Auston (French origin), form of "Austin", meaning "great".

18) Dayton (French origin), traditional surname brought to England following the Norman Conquest, deriving from the French name Auton.

19) Gaston (French and German origin), given name possibly once meaning "guest" or "host".

20) Jaxton (American origin), meaning "from the town of John/Jack".

21) Jonaton (Hebrew origin), unusual form of "Jonathan"/"Yonatan", meaning "God had given".

22) Joston (American origin), uncommon name of unclear origin.

23) Meriton (Albanian origin), meaning "deserve".

24) Oton (French origin), derived from the Old French given names Odes, Otes, Odon and Otton, which were themselves derived from the Old German names Odo and Otto, meaning "riches".

25) Yonaton (Hebrew origin), variation of "Jonathan", meaning "God has given"

26) Zlaton, form of the Slavic "Zlatan", meaning "golden".

An image from behind of a young boy building a sandcastle and looking out to sea.a

British Baby Boy Names Ending In Ton  

So many British baby names end with ton, the choice is all yours.

27) Alton (English origin), meaning "old town".

28) Ashton (English origin), from the place name meaning "Ash Tree Town", or "person from the town of ash trees".

29) Axton (English origin), form of "Ashton", roughly meaning "person from the town of ash trees".

30) Barton (English origin), meaning "barley town".

31) Benton (Engish origin), another traditional surname, with meanings including "town in the bent grass" or "person from the place where the bear grass grows".

32) Bolton (English origin), common surname in Northern English, derived from the Old English "bothl-tun", meaning a settlement with a dwelling.

33) Branston (English origin), meaning "Brant's town" (from the Anglo-Saxon given name Brant, meaning sword).

34) Braxton (English origin), meaning "Brock's town"  (from the Anglo-Saxon given name Brock, various meanings).

35) Brenton (English origin), habitational name primarily from Brenton near Exminster.

36) Britton (English origin), traditional Devonshire surname, reference to Brittany in France.

37) Broughton (English origin), meaning "town by a brook".

38) Carlton (English origin), habitational name likely derived from the Old Norse "Karl", meaning "common man", with the Old English "Tun".

39) Carleton, variation of Carlton.

40) Chilton (English origin), likely a habitational name deriving from the Old English "cild", meaning "child", and "tun", meaning "dwelling" or "town".

41) Clarkston (English origin), Anglo-Saxon surname meaning "son of Clark" or "Clark's town". Clark was an occupational name associated with the town bearer (one who carries things).

42) Claxton (English origin), habitational name, either deriving from the Old Norse name Klakkr, or the Old English "clacc", meaning "hill".

43) Clayton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "town on clay land".

44) Clifton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "town on a cliff".

45) Clinton (English origin), habitational name with unclear origins. Also Irish form reduced from McClinton, meaning "bright stream".

46) Colton (Irish and English origin). The Irish form began as the first name "Comaltan", which became the surname "Ó Cómhaltáin", which was Anglicised to "Colton". The English form is a habitational name deriving from the first name "Cola" or "Cula".

47) Dalton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "town in a valley".

48) Daxton (English origin), meaning "from the town of Dax in France".

49) Doton (English origin), variation of the surname Dodson or Dotson, meaning son of Dodde.

50) Easton (Scottish and English origin), meaning "to the east of the settlement".

51) Eaton (English origin), from the Old English "ea", meaning "river", or "eg", meaning "island".

52) Egerton (English origin), habitational name also spelled "Edgerton", derived from the first name Ecghere, therefore meaning "dwelling/farm/town of Ecghere".

53) Elliston (English origin), meaning "son of Ellis".

54) Finton (English origin), variant of Fenton. Also a variant of "Fintan" (Irish origin), a mythological character.

55) Fulton (Scottish and English origin), possibly derived from the Old English "fugol", meaning "bird".

56) Halston (English origin), meaning "hallowed stone".

57) Hamilton (Scottish origin), a Scottish noble family.

58) Hampton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "hometown", or alternatively "farm by the bend of a river".

59) Harrington (English origin), likely from the given name "Hæfer", so "town associated with Hæfer".

60) Heston (English origin), from the Old English meaning "brushwood town", or meaning "one from Heston" (a London suburb).

61) Hilton (Scottish and English origin), possibly from the Old English "meaning "town on a hill/slope".

62) Hunton (English origin), surname likely originating in Yorkshire.

63) Johnston (Scottish origin), Scottish clan name in the form "Johnstone".

64) Keaton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "place of hawks".

65) Kelton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "town of the keels", related to shipbuilding; can also be Irish origin, meaning "town of Celts".

66) Kenton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "royal settlement".

67) Langston (English origin), from the Old English meaning "tall stone".

68) Layton (English origin), from the Old English meaning "town by the watercourse".

69) Lexington (English origin), habitational name from the Old English meaning "town of the new law".

70) Leyton (English origin), habitational name from the Old English meaning "meadow settlement".

71) Leighton (English origin), form of Layton/Leyton, or from the Old English meaning "leek settlement".

72) Linton (Scottish, Welsh and English origin), various origins including "lime tree", "stream" and "man called Lill or Lilla".

73) Milton (English origin), from the Old English for "mill town".

74) Morton (English origin), from the Old English for "moor town".

75) Newton (English origin), from the Old English for "new town".

76) Norton (English origin), from the Old English for "north/northern town".

77) Orton (English origin), habitational name of unclear origin.

78) Patton (Scottish origin), meaning one who lives near a hill, stream, church, or type of tree.

79) Payton (English and Irish origin), English form may come from Old English meaning "Pœga's town"; the Irish form from the Gaelic for "Ó Peatáin", meaning "descendant of Peatán".

80) Peyton (English and Irish origin), alternative form of Payton (see above).

81) Preston (English origin), from the Old English meaning "village with a priest".

82) Quinton (English origin), meaning "queen's town" or "princess's town".

83) Ralston (Scottish origin), clan name roughly meaning "Ralph's town".

84) Remington (English origin), meaning "raven's town".

85) Royston (English and French origin), habitational name of unclear origin, possibly "Royse’s stone" or "lively town".

86) Seaton (English and French origin), possibly from the Old English for "sea/lake town", or from the Norman de Sey family.

87) Shelton (English origin), meaning "shelf town" (town on a ledge/plateau).

88) Shipton (English origin), meaning "sheep town".

89) Sutton (English origin), meaning "south/southern town".

90) Tafton (English origin), likely named after a river town.

91) Tarleton (English origin), derived from the Old Norse name Tharaldr, meaning "Tharaldr's town/settlement/farm".

92) Tayton (English origin), likely a habitational name.

93) Templeton (Scottish origin), likely a habitational name.

94) Trayton (English origin), meaning "town near trees".

95) Trenton (English origin), meaning "Trent's town".

96) Triston (Welsh origin), more commonly spelled Tristan, Tristram or Tristen, meaning "noise" or "bold".

97) Weston (English origin), meaning "west/western town".

98) Wharton (English origin), likely from "woefre", meaning "wandering".

99) Wheaton (English origin), meaning "wheat town".

100) Wynston (English origin), form of Winston, meaning "joy stone".



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