Top 100 Boy Names That Mean Warrior To Inspire You

A strong name has a special meaning for both parents and the child.

To help you select the most wonderful, fearless, and strong name for your child, we have compiled a list of names that mean warrior.

Why not pick a name to help your child start life with a strong, powerful identity? Each baby name that we have mentioned on this list means "warrior", "strong","protector" or other warrior-related terms.

Whether you are an expectant parent or you have just given birth to a strong and tough little boy, you will want to check out this list of strong warrior baby names. Picking the best strong name for your child is not easy, but we want to help make the process much simpler for you. Check out these 100 baby boy names that mean strong warrior, and if you still need more inspiration, take a look at these strong male names and these strong female names.

Traditional Boy Names Meaning Warrior

Find warrior names for your strong-willed son.

Strong will and courage are both traits that parents may want their kids to possess. Names that mean warrior are an incredible way to start your baby boy's life with these traits ingrained within him. We hope that these names meaning protector or warrior will inspire you to pick some tough names meaning strong and warrior for your baby boy!

1. Adir (Hebrew origin) means "powerful", a unique name for your baby boy.

2. Alexander (Greek origin) means "protector of mankind".

3. Andreas (Greek origin) means "solid and masculine", a great baby name meaning strong.

4. Batair (Scottish origin) means "strong fighter". It is a unique and engaging name meaning warrior for your boy.

5. Cathal (Irish origin) means "someone who is incredible in a fight".

6. Carlo (Italian origin) means "masculine", it sounds simple yet contemporary.

7. Donaghy (Celtic origin) means "strong warrior".

8. Einar (Norwegian origin) "means fighter". A popular name bearer is famous warrior Einar Eindridesson Thambarskelfir and Norwegian musician Einar Kvitrafn Selvik.

9. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) means "God will fortify".

10. Flamma (Greek origin) means "fighter".

11. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my strong man", this is also the name of an Archangel.

12. Griffin (Welsh origin)  means "boss or champion".

13. Helmer (Swedish origin) means "battling".

14. Hercules (Greek and Latin origin) means "glory of Hera or warrior of God". In Greek legend, Hercules is the son of Zeus.

15. Igor (Nordic origin) means "brave fighter". Famous warrior Igor of Kiev was the ruler of the Kievan Rus.

16. Ivar (Icelandic origin) means "warrior". It is also the name of the renowned warrior Ivar the Boneless, who was the son of Viking king and warrior Ragnar Lodbrok.

17. Jan (Finnish origin) means "protector or hero".

18. Liam (Irish origin)  means "protector of free will". A famous name bearer is singer Liam Payne.

19. Ludwick (German origin) means "warrior".

20. Louis (French origin)  means "fighter".

21. Mallon (English origin) means "strong champion". This warrior name is becoming quite popular among parents.

22. Naois (Celtic origin)  means "legendary champion".

23. Napoleon (Italian origin)  means "fighter who seeks triumph". A famous name bearer is French statesman and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

24. Ned (English origin) means "strong gatekeeper".

25. Owen (Welsh origin) means "strong fighter".

26. Oz (Hebrew origin) means "courageous warrior". This name also appears in the title of the book 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

27. Patton (English origin) means "town's fighter".

28. Quillon (Latin origin) means "someone who is strong willed in a battle".

29. Rinc (Anglo-Saxon origin)  means "strong fighter or protector".

30. Safdar (Hebrew origin) means warrior".

31. Titus (Hebrew origin) means "protector of justice or fighter". Giving your baby this name is a good start towards raising a child with a warrior soul who will fight for others.

32. Vidar (Scandinavian origin) means "warrior of the woods".

33. Wigman (English origin)  means "fighter".

34. Xander (Greek origin) means "defender of man".

35. Xavion Hebrew origin) means "a warrior who is not afraid of battle".

36. Yaden (Hebrew origin) means "strong". This name will go well with any last name.

37. Yves (French origin)  means "knight of the lion".

38. Zale (Greek origin)  means "ocean-like strength", it's a catchy baby name meaning strong.

Names Meaning Brave, Fearless, Soldier And Protector

A boy with a fearless and righteous name will grow up with strong self-belief. Check out our list of boy names with meanings similar to warrior.

39. Barin (Teutonic origin) means "respectable contender", which is akin to meaning warrior.

40. Barrett (Hebrew origin) means "someone who posses bear-quality or strength".

41. Berk (Turkish origin) means "firm and strong", a truly masculine name for a baby boy.

42. Bernard (German origin) means "strong as a bear",

43. Conrad (German origin) means "fearless, a strong ruler, and guidance".

44. Cyrus (Hebrew origin) means "strong willed Lord or the one how bestows". It also the name of the Achaemenid-Persian King Cyrus the Great.

45. Dries (Dutch origin) means "man or champion". This unique and incredible name is short and sweet to pronounce.

46. Drusus (Roman origin) means  "solid and strong".

47. Eberado (German origin) means "daring".

48. Emeric (German origin) means "home ruler".

49. Fadi (Arabic origin) means "deliverer".

50. Farris (English origin) means "iron".

51. Farrell (Irish origin) means "Saint or a fearless man".

52. Fenyang  (African origin) means "victory".

53. Fort (French origin)  means "strong".

54. Godric (English origin)  means "God's capacity". A famous name bearer is Godric Gryffindor from the 'Harry Potter' series.

55. Griffith (Welsh origin) means "high Lord".

56. Gus (Gaelic origin) means "one quality".

57. Guy (French origin)  means "pioneer". Famous name bearers are film director Guy Ritchie and actor Guy Pearce.

58. Herbert (German origin) means "famous hero".

59. Henrick (Dutch origin) means "strong ruler".

60. Jedrick (Polish origin)  means "resilient man".

61. Julius (Greek origin)  means "young wolf". A famous name bearer was Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

62. Kalmin (Scandinavian origin)  means "masculine and strong". This baby name that means warrior is perfect for your son.

63. Kawan (Korean origin)  means "strong". It's a unique, classic, and simple sounding name for your boy.

64. Kenji (Japanese origin)  means "astute second child strong and lively". It can also be abbreviated to Ken. It's one of the most popular baby names today.

65. Kendrick (English origin)  means "intense force". This name can also be used as a last name.

66. Killian (Irish origin)  means "war or hardship".

67. Leonard (German origin)  Means "lion quality". A famous name bearer is Leonardo Da Vinci, a polymath of the High Renaissance.

68. Lionel (Latin origin)  means "lion". A famous name bearer is Lionel Richie.

69. Makin (Arabic origin)  means "strong".

70. Magnus (Latin origin) means "prominent or majestic". A famous name bearer is Magnus Bane from the 'Shadow Hunters' book and television series.

71. Mauz (Hebrew origin) means  "quality". An excellent and classic warrior name for your boy, which sounds so melodic.

72. Maynard (German origin)  means "valiant or hard".

73. Neron (Spanish origin) means "strong survivor".

74. Nolan (Gaelic origin)  means "champion". This is also the last name of American director Christopher Nolan.

75. Olis (German origin) means "ground breaking or successor".

76. Ondrej (Slovakian origin) means "champion of men".

77. Osiris (Egyptian origin) means "leader of the soul or resurrection". Also the name of the Egyptian God Usir.

78. Orson (Latin origin) means "bear or bear cub". It is an incredible name for boys who are their parent's little fighter.

79. Oswald (Anglo-Saxone origin) means "god's weald rule". It is also a character that frequently appears in William Shakespeare's play 'King Lear' and Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem 'Canterbury Tales'.

80.  Rex (Latin origin) means "Lord".

81. Ryker (Danish origin) means "brave,power or rich", it's among the most catchy warrior names.

82. Takeo (Japanese origin) means "strong, like bamboo". An attractive baby name meaning strong.

83. Thor (Scandinavian origin)  means "thunder or strong". A famous name bearer is the hammer-wielding lead character of the Marvel film 'Thor''. Also in German mythology, Thor is the God associated with lightning, thunder, and storms.

84. Umberto (Italian origin) means "prestigious hero".

85. Uzziah (Hebrew and Greek origin) means "Jehovah is my companion". In the Hebrew Bible, he is the tenth King of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, and one of Amaziah's sons

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Warrior

Baby names that mean warrior need not always signify genders. Gender neutral baby names meaning strong or protector are equally popular among parents.

86. Billie (English origin) means "dedicated protector".

87. Diamond (English origin) means "tough to conquer".

88. Donal (Irish origin) means "rule the world".

89. Emery (French origin) means "brave".

90. Finely (Scottish origin) means "reasonable champion". You can also vary the name to Finian, which means "attractive champion".

91. Hamza (Arabic origin)  means "brave" or "killer of lions".

92. Phoenix (Greek origin) means "dark red" or "sun". It is also the name of a mythical feathered bird, which is invincible and rises from its own ashes.

Modern Names Meaning Warrior

Warrior baby names need not always be traditional or classic. Check out our list of modern warrior baby names for a boy.

93. Amaury (French & German origin) means "will power".

94. Denzell (Cornish origin) means "strong". A famous name bearer is Hollywood star Denzel Washington.

95. Dustin (Scottish origin) means "warrior", this is a modern baby name meaning strong.

96. Duncan (German origin) means "warrior or fighter".

97. Enzo (Italian origin)  means "champ or triumph". A famous name bearer is Lorenzo 'Enzo' St. John, a character from TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

98. Jerry (Irish origin) means "daring spearman". It is also the name of the animated cartoon character from the 'Tom And Jerry' TV series.

99. Quinlan (Irish origin)  means "fit and strong". One of the best Irish names for boys.

100. Sewell (English origin)  means "ocean or a strong fighter".

101. Zuben (Egyptian origin)  means "strong".

102. Zubery (African origin)  means "strong and incomprehensible".

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