Top 65 Brilliant Boy Names Ending In Ley

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If you knew from the first few weeks of pregnancy that you wanted a baby boys name that ended in ley, you've got plenty of time to narrow down the choices.

You certainly won't be alone in plumping for this soft sound at the end of your chosen name. Over the past few decades names that end in the sound ley, (including ly, y, ely) have skyrocketed in popularity.

One of the reasons could be because these names can take on different feelings depending on whether you use the full name or shorten it. For example, Bradley and Ashley have gentler undertones compared to the shorter versions of Brad or Ash. If you opt to use a name that can with the ley ending then you're also giving your son choices – they can choose whether to use the full name or go with the short version.

Picking baby names is a tough challenge but if you already know the end sound you want you're halfway there to finding one you like enough to give your baby son. We've gathered together a wide selection of names to browse, from the super-popular to the wonderfully traditional, as well as some which draw their inspiration from pop culture and celebrity. Many of the names have a nature focus as the ley sound is derived from the old English for wood clearing. If you like the sound of that, you'll love our 50 best boy names ending in Son and our 100 best boy names ending in Er for some more inspiration for name endings.

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Popular Boys Names That End In Ley

It seems like the baby boy name Ashley started the current trend for expectant parents to plump for names that end in ley. This collection of popular baby names includes names that have rocketed to the top of the baby names list and still remain strong.

1.Ashley (English origin). Means "ash meadow".

2.Billey (German origin). Means "will" or "desire". Variation of Billy.

3.Charley (German origin). Means "free man".

4.Findley (Scottish origin). Means ". A variation of Finley.

5.Finley (Scottish origin). Means "sunbeam" or "white warrior".

6.Hadley (English origin). Means "heather meadow".

7.Harley (English origin). Means "hare meadow" or "rock meadow".

8.Huntley (English origin). Means "hunter's meadow".

9.Hurley (Irish origin). Means "child of the sea".

10.Huxley (English origin). Means "Hucc's meadow".

11.Loxley (English origin). Means "glade by the lake".

12.Oakley (English origin). Means "oak tree".

13.Olley (Latin origin). Means "olive tree". Variations include Olly, Oliver, Ollie.

14.Riley (Irish origin). Means "courageous" or "valiant".

15.Stanley (English origin). Means "stony meadow".

Traditional Baby Boy Names Ending In Ley

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If you want baby names that conjure up images of strong, reliable men then go traditional. There are plenty of names that feature the popular ley ending but hark back to a gentler era. Try these ones on for size.

16.Ackley (English origin). Means "division of land". Variations include Akley, Ackerley, Akerley.

17.Adley (Hebrew origin). Means "just".

18.Attley (English origin). Means "the meadow".

19.Audley (English origin). Means "from the old meadow".

20.Barcley (Scottish origin). Means "birch tree meadow". Variations include Barkley, Bartley, Berkley.

21.Beverley (English origin). Means "beaver meadow".

22.Bradley (English origin). Means "broad meadow".

23.Kelley (Irish origin). Means "strife" or "war".

24.Kimberley (English origin). Means "meadow of the royal fortress".

25.Lesley (Scottish origin). Means "holly garden".

26.Lynley (English origin). Means "lake" or "pool".

27.Roley (German origin). Means "renowned land".

28.Rowley (English origin). Means "roughly cleared meadow".

29.Shelley (English origin). Means "steep valley".

30.Sulley (English origin). Means "south meadow" or "black eyed".

31.Thornley (English origin). Means "from the clearing of the thorns".

32.Tinley (English origin). Means "Dennis' field".

33.Waverley (English origin). Means "from the brushwood field".

34.Wesley (English origin). Means "west meadow".

35.Westley (English origin). Means "west wood".

36.Wheatley (English origin). Means "from the wheat field".

37.Wiley (English origin) Means "willow wood".

Short Boy Names

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You can't go wrong with a short but sweet name. On the whole, names that finish in ley can be on the long side but there are a handful of top baby names out there that tick the boxes for being both short and with that coveted ley ending.

38.Arley (English origin). Means "hare meadow" or "the bow man".

39.Caley (Irish origin). Means "slender".

40.Conley (Irish origin). Means "hero".

41.Corley (English origin). Means "carefree" or "cheery".

42.Daley (Irish origin). Means "assembly". Variations include Dailey.

43.Earley (English origin). Means "eagle wood".

44.Farley (English origin). Means "fern wood".

Celeb-Inspired Baby Boy Names That End In Ley

Because where celebs lead we tend to follow. Why not take their lead and name your baby boy after a popular celebrity – just remember you're unlikely to be the first if you were hoping for an original and unique name.

45.Ainsley (English origin). Means "wood" or "a clearing". Variations include Ansley.

46.Dudley (English origin). Means "people's field".

47.Macauley (Scottish origin). Means "son of Olaf"

48.Marley (English origin). Means "meadow near the lake".

49.Presley (English origin). Means "priest's meadow".

50.Ridley (English origin). Means "reed meadow".

51.Ripley (English origin). Means "shouting man's meadow".

Male Names Finishing in Ley That Are Also A Surname

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Many baby names for boys that finish with ley are derived from another name choice: the surname. Choices like Ashley, Bentley, Huntley and Wiley would all be just at home as a surname as they are for a first name. If choosing first names like this then make sure it sits well with your own last name when you read it out together.

52.Astley (Greek origin). Means "starry field".

53.Bailey (English origin). Means "berry cleaning" or "bailiff".

54.Baxley (English origin). Means "baker".

55.Bayley (English origin). Means "bailiff". A variation of Bailey.

56.Bentley (English origin). Means "from the moor".

57.Blakeley (English origin). Means "pale one" or "dark".

58.Brinley (English origin). Means "tawny". Variations include Brynley.

59.Brockley (English origin). Means "badger"

60.Buckley (English origin). Means "male deer" or "goat's wood".

61.Chadley (Welsh origin). Means "battle" or "defender". Variation of Chad.

62.Kingsley (English origin). Means "King's meadow".

63.Quigley (Irish origin). Means "strong".

64.Quinley (English origin). Means"descendant".

65.Radley (English origin). Means "reed meadow".

If you enjoyed these brilliant boy names ending in Ley, and fancy checking out names ending in one letter, we have the best 80 boy named ending in R and 123 of the best boy names ending in L for you.



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