Top 100 Brilliant Spooky Halloween Names You'll Love

Halloween names can bring a bit of a spook factor in your baby names.

Halloween is the best time to become more creative and playful with baby names.  

If you are one of those parents who often prefer doing something unique, wild, and spooky with their baby's name, then going for Halloween names can be the best choice. A scary name is a name that can frighten you or have a fear factor in them - often used for horror movie protagonists or horror movie names.

Halloween is the time when you can wear some scary costumes, like a ghost, and enjoy the dark, magical night. If you are fascinated by this festival, you can gift a Halloween name to your baby. Halloween names may not be everyone's cup of tea. But don't be afraid to experiment and give your babies some cute spooky names. You can even give some Halloween names as nicknames.  Here, we have a list of Halloween-inspired baby names, baby names from scary movies like The Addams Family and The Blair Witch Project,  and witch names which can help you to choose the perfect baby name for boys and girls.

For more scary-themed baby name inspiration, take a look at Draconic Names and Names Meaning Ghost.

Scary Boy Names From Horror Movies

Horror movies leave an impact on us, and so do the names from horror movies. Here we have listed some scary names for boys which will help you as a reference for choosing your baby name.

1. Alaric (German origin) meaning "noble leader". This Halloween-inspired baby name is associated with a character in the 'Vampire Diaries' series.

2. Alistair (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "defender of the people". From the movie 'Twilight'.

3. Armad (German origin) meaning "warrior". From the movie 'The Vampire Chronicles'.

4. Bates (English origin) meaning "lush pasture". From a famous movie 'Psycho'.

5. Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessed". From the film named 'Night of the Living Dead'.

6. Cain (Hebrew origin) meaning "acquired". This Halloween name is inspired by the movie 'The Exorcism'.

7. Casper (German origin) meaning "treasure". This character is from a fictional movie named 'Casper', a friendly ghost and one of the few funny baby names.

8. Damien (Greek origin) meaning "powerful man of people". From a horror movie named 'The Omen'.

9. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "dragon". From the 'Harry Potter' series.

10. Draven (American origin) meaning "protector of love". This is one of the famous characters of 'The Crow'

11. Edgar (English origin) meaning "rich spear". This could also be a good Halloween name. Ed can be a sweet nickname also.

12. Edward (English origin) meaning "prosperous". Famous vampire character of 'Twilight'.

13. Fester (German origin) meaning "weep". This is one of the important characters from the 'The Addams Family'.

14. Freddy (English origin) meaning "peace ruler''. The famous character of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.

15. Godric (English origin) meaning "power of God". It is the famous character of 'Harry Potter' and also in 'True Blood'.

16. Heathcliff (English origin) meaning "cliff near a heath". From the famous novel, 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë.

17. Ichabod (Hebrew origin) meaning "departed glory". Ichabod Crane is the protagonist of the movie, 'Sleepy Hollow'.

18. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious".  From the famous movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

19. Jasper (English origin) meaning "treasure". It could be found in the famous movie 'Twilight'.

20. Merlin (French origin) meaning "falcon". Merlin is the name of the wizard and advisor of King Arthur.

21. Ned (English origin) meaning "wealthy guardian". From the series 'Pushing Daisies'.

22. Norman (English origin) meaning ''man from the north".  From the movie 'Psycho' as the character, Norman Bates.

23. Spike (American origin) meaning "long, heavy nail". Spike is the name of a horror movie.

24. Tim (Greek origin) meaning "to honor God". This name is famous for his horror film 'Corpse Bride'.

25. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "winner".  'Victor Crowley' is a horror movie.

Creepy Girls Names From Horror Movie

Halloween inspired names are really creative and unique.)

Halloween may inspire you to do some experiments with the baby names chosen for your daughter. Here, we have chosen a few creepy names from some horror movies. These baby names help you to choose the right one for your newborn.

26. Akasha (Indian origin) meaning "space or open sky". This could be found in 'Queen of the Damned'.

27. Anabelle (English origin) meaning "beautiful". From the movie, 'Anabelle'.

28. Asami (Japanese origin) meaning "future". This name is borrowed from the movie, 'Audition'.

29. Buffy (American origin) meaning "nickname for Elizabeth". From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

30. Carrie (American origin) meaning "free".  From the scary movie, 'Carrie'.

31. Clarice (Latin origin) meaning "enlightened". This is the famous character of 'Silence of the Lambs'.

32. Elphaba (American origin). From the movie, 'Wicked'.

33. Elvira (Spanish origin) meaning "true". Famous character of  'Mistress of the Dark'.

34. Esme (French origin) meaning "loved". This character could inspire baby names from the movie, 'Twilight'.

35. Glinda (English origin) meaning "pretty". An important role of 'Wicked'.

36. Hermione (Greek origin) referring to the "daughter of Menelaus and Helen". This is also the name of the famous character in 'Harry Potter'.

37. Irina (Russian origin) meaning "peace". This name can be borrowed from the movie 'Wicked'.

38. Katarina (Slavic origin) meaning "pure". This may be borrowed from 'Sleepy Hollow'.

39. Laurie (Latin origin) meaning "sweet bay tree". From the movie 'Halloween'.

40. Lorena (English origin) meaning ''laurel". A character from 'True Blood'.

41. Luna (Italian origin) meaning "moon". From the movie 'Harry Potter'. A popular Halloween-inspired word.

42. Molly (English origin) meaning "of the sea". From 'Harry Potter', an English pure-blood witch.

43. Morticia (Latin origin). A famous character of 'The Addams Family'.

44. Nan (English origin) meaning "grace". A famous character in 'True Blood'.

45. Piper (English origin) meaning "flute player". From the movie, 'Charmed'.

46. Rosalie (French origin) meaning "beautiful rose". This name is borrowed from 'Twilight'.

47. Sabrina (Latin origin) meaning "from the River Severn". One of the famous names from 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'.

48. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "graceful". A famous character from 'Bewitched'.

49. Zafrina (Arabic origin) meaning "successful women". A character from 'Twilight'.

50. Zelda (German origin) meaning "strong woman". A witch character from 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'.

Spooky Names From Horror Literature

You can also find some witch names as well as some spooky ones which inspired baby names. Here we have selected some baby names from horror literature which might be helpful for you.

51. Ahab (Hebrew origin) meaning "uncle or brother". From Herman Melville's novel 'Moby Dick'.

52. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people".

53. Annie (English origin) meaning "gracious or merciful".  From 'Misery' written by Stephen King.

54. Arthur (English origin) meaning "courageous".

55. Audley (English origin) meaning "from the old meadow". From the famous novel 'Lady Audley's Secret'.

56. Becky (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful or desirable". From 'Vanity Fair' written by William Makepeace Thackeray.

57. Bill (English origin) meaning "harnessed with a gilded helmet".

58. Caliban (Romanian origin) meaning "black". From 'The Tempest'.

59. Cathy (Latin origin) meaning "pure". From 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë.

60. Coriolanus (Latin origin) meaning "victorious". From 'Hunger Games'.

61. Cruella (American origin) meaning "cruel or evil". From 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians'.

62. Dolores (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrow or pain".

63. Dracula (Romanian origin) meaning "dragon or devil". From Bram Stoker's novel  'Dracula'.

64. Duchess (Latin origin) meaning "leader or commander". From 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

65. Frank (Germanic origin) meaning "from the name of the Franks". From 'The Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks.

66. Hannibal (Greek origin) meaning "one who Baal has favored." This is one of the scariest characters from the novels written by Thomas Harris.

67. Honoria (Latin origin) meaning "honor". From the novel 'Murder Is Easy'.

68. Humbert (Germanic origin) meaning "warrior". From 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov.

69. Macbeth (Scottish origin) meaning "son of life". From 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare.

70. Marisa (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea". From the novel 'Northern Lights'.

71. Mary (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved" or "bitter". From Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

72. Patrick (Latin origin) meaning "king or ruler". From the 'American Psycho' written by Bret Easton Ellis.

73. Robert (Germanic origin) meaning "fame-bright". Robert Albert Bloch, a horror novelist.

74. Tyler (English origin) meaning "one who lays tiles or bricks". From Chuck Palahniuk's novel 'Fight Club'.

Names Inspired By Halloween Words, Witches, Vampires & Slayers

Halloween inspired baby names can be really unique and popular.

Here are some Halloween inspired names from witches, vampires, and slayers that you can consider for your baby.

75. Blair (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "meadow". This name is associated with the famous found footage film, 'Blair Witch Project'.

76. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "pretty or attractive".

77. Claudia (Latin origin) meaning "crippled".

78. Desdemona (Greek origin) meaning "misery".

79. Dimitri (Greek origin) meaning "devoted to Demeter".

80. Emmett (English origin) meaning "entire".

81. Endora (Greek origin) meaning "light".

82. Fiyero (Italian origin) meaning "proud".

83. Laurent (Latin origin) meaning "the bright one, shining one".

84. Lilith (Jewish origin) meaning "night monster".

85. Magnus (Latin origin) meaning "great".

86. Maleficent (Latin origin) meaning "wicked".

87. Marlow (English origin) meaning "remnants of a lake".

88. Minerva (Latin origin) meaning "unknown".

89. Phantom (Greek origin) meaning  "mere image, unreality". This is one of the typical Halloween words.

90. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "bright".

91. Pumpkin (Greek origin) referring to the large, orange-yellow, round fruit. It is traditional to carve a spooky face in a pumpkin at Halloween.

92. Ravenna (Italian origin) meaning "raven".

93. Samantha (Hebrew origin) meaning "listens well".

94. Scarlet (English origin) meaning "red".

95. Selene (Greek origin) meaning "brightness".

96. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom".

97. Stefan (Greek origin) meaning "crown".

98. Talbot (Germanic origin) meaning "messenger of destruction".

99. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "bear".

100. Willow (English origin) meaning "gracefully slender and lithe". Willow Rosenberg is a fictional character from the famous television series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

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