Top 100 Brilliant Swedish Boys' Names With Meanings

Swedish names usually come up in the search for names in various search engines as they are traditional and beautiful.

Sweden is the land of islands, Vikings, culture, and all of this count for the many baby name options for your little prince.

Yet which Swedish name do you select for your little boy? This is a question that bothers most parents- should they choose a Viking name, or a famous name, or settle for an old classic?

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a pressurizing task. While searching digitally, names like Mars, Mikael and Andreas are some of the common Swedish names that have also topped the most popular name list up till 2019. As Sweden is also strongly associated with Viking history and culture, names like Erik, Bo, and Gorm are common choices in the baby name list. But should only these choices suffice? We believe not. Hence, to increase your search options, we present a few lists of the top and most popular Swedish boys' names arranged thematically for you to choose from.

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Popular Swedish Boy Names

Swedish baby names that are popular for baby boy names are always a no-brainer to choose from. Here is a list of a few popular names searched in the Swedish culture for boys' names.

Swedish names for baby boys that are popular for their meaning will be an attractive choice for a baby name.

1. Acke - meaning "my father is for peace."

2. Andreas (Greek, Swedish origin) meaning "creative, manly"; derivative to Andrew.

3. Axel - meaning "divine source of life"; is associated with the popular song 'Axel F' by Crazy Frog.

4. Bo - meaning "to live"; is a gender-neutral name taken by both male and female public figures. This was a common Viking boys name.

5. Boje - meaning "man from the castle".

6. Bosse - meaning "to live"; is also another cool-sounding badass baby name.

7. Calle - meaning "a freeman"; associated with the popular band 'Calle 13'.

8. Caspian (Finnish, Swedish origin) meaning "from the Caspian Sea".

9. Claes - meaning "victory of people"; derived from Nicholas.

10. Dolph - meaning "noble wolf".

11. Eddy - meaning "wealthy guardian".

12. Edvin - meaning "a wealthy friend"; associated with the Swedish actor named Edvin Endre.

13. Elfred - meaning "popular human being".

14. Elimar - meaning "famous personality."

15. Elof - meaning "everlasting, heir".

16. Emil- meaning "eager and lively."

17. Fabian - meaning "bean farmer"; is one of the famous names in the sports field with people like Fabian Allen (cricketer), Fabian Delph (footballer), Fabian Cancellara (bicycler) using the name.

18. Filip - meaning "lover of horses".

19. Flor - meaning "blooming person"; the word is also a Swedish name for flower.

20. Franz - meaning "freeman"; known after the famous author of the book 'Metamorphosis', named Franz Kafka.

21. Frederick - meaning "peaceful ruler"; is also a place name in Maryland.

22. Garth - meaning "garden".

23. Henke - meaning "ruler of the house".

24. Jager - meaning "to hunt, chase"; one of the popular names amongst the spirit lovers for 'Jagermeister'.

25. Lars - meaning "crowned with Laurel".

26. Linne - meaning "twinflower".

27. Linnel- meaning "twinflower".

28. Marric - meaning "star of the sea".

29. Olander - meaning "quick and intelligent".

30. Olle/Ollen - meaning "title inherent at work".

31. Olof - meaning "artefact"; associated with the former Prime Minister of Sweden named Olof Palme.

32. Povel - meaning "small and humble"; this is the name of the  Swedish singer named Povel Ramel.

33. Reimond - meaning "good advisor, ruler".

34. Stellan - meaning "peaceful one".

35. Sven- meaning "young man"; Sven-Göran Eriksson is a renowned professional football manager.

Holy Swedish Boys Names

The baby name that relates to anything religious and holy is usually a classic choice. Here are a few Swedish boy names that are popular for their divine meanings in Sweden.

36. Christer - meaning "believer in Christianity and Lord".

37. Eidef - meaning "gift from the God almighty".

38. Eskil - meaning "vessel of God"; is another one of the famous Swedish names of public figures.

39. Gjord - meaning "peace of God"; is quite one of the modern and contemporary Swedish boy names.

40. Gottfrid - meaning "God's peace"; the name was taken by Gottfrid Kallstenius, a Swedish painter.

41. Gustaf - meaning "staff of the Gods". Gustaf Skarsgård is a well-regarded Swedish actor.

42. Hannus - meaning "God is generous, gracious"; is a gender-neutral name.

43. Joh - meaning "God's merciful".

44. Johan - meaning "God is gracious". One of the better options for Swedish boy names.

45. Lias - meaning "God's promise or made by God"; is another search that comes up in the unisex Swedish names search.

46. Mats - meaning "gift from Gods". This is the name of the famous Swedish tennis player, Mats Wilander.

47. Olaf - meaning "relic of the historical age".

48. Reno - meaning "reborn"; is also a place name in Nevada.

49. Tobbe - meaning "God is gracious".

50. Tordis - meaning "God holds the thunder".

51. Tore - meaning "God of thunder".

Powerful And Strong Swedish Boy Names

Boy names that are popular names with strong and impactful meanings always seem to be the winner. Here are a few popular Swedish boys' names that have the strength not just in their meaning but also in sound.

52. Aaron - meaning "exalted one, giant"; this Swedish moniker is known after the former Vice President of the United States named Aaron Burr.

53. Ame - meaning "the eagle rules".

54. August (Scandinavian origin) meaning "venerable". August Jernberg was a Swedish artist.

55. Basilius - meaning "king".

56. Blix - meaning "joy, happiness".

57. Cenn - meaning "the one with a strong head".

58. Didrik - meaning "one with the power of ruling people".

59. Ebbe - meaning "brave boar"; is one of the popular names in Danish and Swedish culture and associated with Ebbe Sand, a footballer.

60. Egonia - meaning "edge of the sword".

61. Einar - meaning "the only warrior".

62. Eugen - meaning "noble and well-born".

63. Haldo - meaning "highest in a race."

64. Harald - meaning "war chief".

65. Hendrik - meaning "ruler of the house".

66. Hilmar - meaning "noble yet notorious".

67. Judrik - meaning "law".

68. Klas - meaning "victory of people"; one of the popular names in Sweden after the famous Swedish businessman Klas Bergling.

69. Lennart - meaning "Lion".

70. Magnar - meaning "a mighty army leader".

71. Magne - meaning "magnificent warrior, fighter".

72. Nichlas - meaning "the title winner".

73. Ohthere - meaning "true champion"; is another Viking name known after Ohthere of Hålogaland.

74. Peik - meaning "stone, rock",

75. Ragnar - meaning "strong army"; is one of the Viking popular names associated with the king named Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Viking hero.

76. Siger - meaning "victory".

77. Sten - meaning "stone".

78. Torgny - meaning "clamor of Thor's weapons".

Popular Names For Swedish Boys From Multiple Origins

Popular names for your Swedish baby are inspired by a vast search of popular cultures that are trendy in Sweden. Here are a few boy names for your little prince.

Boy names with different cultural influences that are popular in Sweden are sure to make your baby boys feel good.

79. Adam (Hebrew, French origin) meaning "man from Earth". Adam Pålsson is a Swedish actor who also plays music.

80. Albin (Scandinavian origin) meaning "bright, white"; also known after Albin Ekdal, the Swedish footballer.

81. Elias (Greek, German origin) meaning "one who believes in Lord"; a Swedish tag that's quite common in the film and sports industry outside Sweden.

82. Erik (Scandinavian origin) meaning "sole ruler". Erik XIV was a former King of Sweden. This was a common Viking boys name.

83. Felix (Latin origin) meaning "lucky". Felix Kjellberg is a world-famous YouTuber popularly known as PewDiePie.

84. Gerhard (Dutch, German origin), meaning "spear", is a variation of the name Gerard. The surname of the theater director Karl Gerhard can also be used as a first name for boys.

85. Gorm (Gaelic origin) meaning "blue"; this name popularly comes up in the search for Gorm the Old, ruler of Denmark. This is a common Viking baby name for boys.

86. Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning "God will increase". Joseph Baffo is a Swedish footballer.

87. Liam (French, Irish, Hawaiian origin) meaning "strong warrior"; name taken by the 'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth's brother, Liam Hemsworth.

88. Lucas (Greek, English, Latin origin) meaning "one who gives light". Lucas Nord is a famous Swedish DJ and musician.

89. Mars (Greek origin) meaning "God of war". Mars was the name of a legendary Swedish warship.

90. Melvin (French, German origin) meaning "friends of justice". Melvin Mellblom is a Swedish actor and model.

91. Mikael (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like a God"; associated with Mikael Akerfeldt, a Swedish singer. This is a name that is popular outside Sweden too.

92. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "calm and harmony". This biblical name is prevalent not only in Sweden but all over the world.

93. Oliver (Norman, English, Scottish origin) meaning "one who represents peace or olive tree". This another mixed origin name popular in Sweden.

94. Oscar (Cornish, Scandinavian, English origin) meaning "brightness of Ali, lord". Oscar was a prevalent name amongst the Swedish royals; for example, King Oscar I and II were rulers of Sweden in the 19th Century.

95. Runar (Old Norse origin) meaning "secret lore"; Runar Brannlund is a Swedish economist.

96. Sigvard (Norse origin) meaning "victorious defender". Part of the Swedish royal family, Sigvard Bernadotte, was a famous industrial designer.

97. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "winner". Victor Lindelof is a Swedish footballer who plays for the English club, Manchester United.

98. Vidar (Old Norse origin) meaning "wide warrior". This name has been included in the list of most popular Swedish boy names in recent years.

99. William (Danish, German, Hawaiian origin) meaning "one with the will to protect". Swedish-American William Matson was the founder of the Matson Navigation Company.

100. Zlatan (Slavic origin) meaning "golden". Zlatan Ibrahimovic is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time and the greatest Swedish footballer ever. For parents in search of a Swedish name, this is perfect.

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