Top 56 Catalan Last Names With Meanings

Catalonia is a huge, semi-independent district in Spain

Catalan originated from Occidental and Vulgate Latin. Catalan is an ancient language and is more established than Spanish. There are around 8,000,000 Catalan speakers on the planet. But you need not be a Catalan speaker to use the Catalan last names. Catalan surnames are unique and sound incredible and interesting.

You can also find Andorra last names in this lists. Andorra is a small self-ruling territory in the southern Pyrenees, between France and Spain with an expected population of 70,000 peoples, the official language of the region is Catalan and French.

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Popular/Common Catalan Last Names

Have a look at the popular, common and uncommon Catalan last names

Here we have presented you with various lists of Catalan surnames that are inspired by the Catalan culture and traditions.

1. Abelló (Catalan origin) means "a nickname from a derivative of a bella 'bee'", the name has been derived from the name of a Pyrenean god.

2. Agramunt  (Catalan origin) means "field hill".

3. Albert (Catalan origin) means "noble", "bright" or "famous".

4. Andreu  (Ancient Greek and Catalan origin) means "the one who is manly, strong, courageous or a warrior".

5. Bernat  (French and Catalan origin) means "strong as a bear".

6. Blanxart (Catalan origin) means "a Catalan form of Blanchard name inspired by France".

7. Bosch  (Catalan origin) means "cognate of Bosco" or "forest". It is one of the most common given names in the United States.

8. Bover (Old French and Catalan origin) means "ox-herd".

9. Cardona (Catalan origin) means "a name of a town in Catalonia with an uncertain meaning" The last name itself is a Cardona last name origin.

10. Castell (Catalan origin) means "human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia".

11. Costa (Latin and Catalan origin) means "someone who lived on a slope or riverbank, or on the coast". This surname is found to be very common in the Spanish-speaking countries.

12. Ferrer (Catalan origin) means "an occupational name of a blacksmith or a worker in iron".

13. Grec (Catalan origin) means "light".

14. Jordà (Catalan origin) means "a Hebrew inspired name".

15. Martí (Catalan origin) means "belonging to Mars".

16. Mas (Catalan origin) means "from a short form of Thomas".

17. Mata (Catalan origin) means "trees", "shrubs" or "reed mat".

18. Mateu (Catalan origin) means "Matthew".

19. Moles (English and Catalan origin) means "millstone" or "mole".

20. Noguera (Catalan origin) means "walnut tree'". The name also refers to someone who lives by a river called Noguera.

21. Oliver (Old French and Catalan origin) means "olives tree planter".

22. Oriol (Catalan origin) means "gold", this can actually be used as a first name or a given name for a person with blond hair.

23. Petit (Catalan origin) means "small", or "little". The last name was perhaps used for a short, small person or to denote the younger of two individuals.

24. Porra (Catalan origin) means "Go to the Devil". The surname is generally used as a nickname.

25. Quintana (Catalan origin) means "country house".

26. Rey (Catalan origin) means "king". The last name denotes for someone who acted like a king.

27. Romà (Catalan origin) means "from Rome", or "borne by several saints".

28. Sala (Catalan origin) means "hall", or "large room". It is an occupational name for a worker at a manor house.

29. Tomàs (Catalan origin) means "twin".

30. Tosel (Catalan origin) means "form of the name Tosi".

31. Vilaró (Catalan origin) means " a Catalant variant of Vilar".

32. Vivas (Catalan origin) means "may you live". This last name was bestowed upon children to bring good luck.

Catalan Last Names From Famous/Notable People

The last name Catalan is a regional surname that has came from someone from Catalonia

The two last names allude to every one of the parental families. Generally, an individual's first family name is the father's first last name, while their subsequent family name is the mother's first last name, this is the reason that the Spanish Catalan family have two last names.

33. Abella (Catalan origin) means "a feminine form of the Biblical name Abele". The last name is also kept for an occupational name for a beekeeper.

34. Almaguer (Catalan origin) means "red clay". It depicts that the name might have been originated from a region with the characteristics of red clay.

35. Andreu (Ancient Greek and Catalan origin) means "someone who is strong and courageous".

36. Anglada (Catalan origin) means "corner".

37. Angles (Catalan origin) means "angel" or "messenger".

38. Arballo (Catalan origin) means "channel’" or "groove". The last name is also for someone who lived by a ditch or channel.

39. Avella (Catalan origin) means "a variant of Abella".

40. Balaguer (Catalan origin) means "a name from Balaguer in Lleida province".

41. Balles (Old French and Catalan origin) means "valley", "slope" or "a hill"

42. Ballester (Catalan origin) means "maker of crossbows", or "a soldier armed with a crossbow".

43. Barbera (Catalan origin) means "barber's wife".

44. Bartoli (Catalan origin) means "son of Talmay". The word Talmay refers to having many furrows.

45. Cardell (Gaelic and Catalan origin) means "high valor". This was often used for a family of knights.

46. Delmont (Catalan origin) means "from the mountain".

47. Juve (Catalan origin) means "a maker of yokes". This name is also used as an occupational name for an oxherd.

48. Marti (Catalan origin) means "to gleam".

49. Oros (Catalan origin) means "city dweller", or "an educated man". The name is derived from the region name Orozco in Bilbao in the Basque area, in the territory of Biscay.

50. Vives (Catalan origin) means "may you live". The name is given to the children for the sake of good omen.

Rare Catalan Surnames

The name Catalan means chiefs of battle and the origin of Catalan surnames name is from Spanish (Catalán) origin.

51. Formiguera (Catalan origin) means "anthill".

52. Guardiola (Catalan origin) means "guard".

53. Rothschild (Catalan origin) means "with the red sign".

54. Samaranch (Catalan origin) means "pivot".

55. Salvo (Latin and Catalan origin) means "safe".

56. Santos (Latin and Catalan origin) means "saints", or "pious person".

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