Top 100 Chinese Girl Names For Your Baby

In Chinese culture, parents give meaningful names to their children.

The naming of a baby is an auspicious custom for any family, and it is a memorable moment for parents.

Chinese names hold a lot of pride in their culture and traditions. Most of these names are related to the beauty of nature, which reveals their belief in Mother Earth.

The Chinese name culture uses mostly two to three words in the baby name. The first names depict the surname, the last names signify the given name, and if present, the middle names belong to the root generation. The middle names are taken from the oldest member of the family generally.  In many parts of Asia like Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, and Singapore, baby names are decided based on astrological factors. It includes the date and time of birth, the balance of all the five elements like water, fire, earth, metal, and wood, and more.

Beautiful Chinese names often signify grace, authority, philosophy, virtue, etiquette, traditions, and, most importantly, personality.

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Popular Chinese Girl Names

A baby girl is a blessing for every parent, and so, her name must be exceptional. There is plenty of popular and pretty names in the list below, which belong to inspiring Chinese personalities, celebrities, and other major figures in China.

1. Ai, meaning "love". Ai Carina Uemura is a famous singer.

2. An meaning "peaceful". Chinese variant of the American name Ann or Anne.

3. Bao meaning "treasure," is pronounced like bow.

4. Chen meaning "morning". Li Chen is a popular Chinese actor.

5. Chun meaning "spring season". Chun-Chieh Wu is a famous scientist. This is a great baby name for a spring-born girl.

6. Hui meaning "intelligence", "cleverness", or "wise". Zhang Huiwen is a popular actress.

7. Jia meaning "family" or "kin" in Chinese. It is derived from the Italian name Gia. Hu Jia is a famous activist.

8. Jun meaning "truthful" or "obedient". A good name for babies born in June.

9. Kai/ Kaili (Hawaiian origin) meaning "beautiful" or "victorious" in Chinese. It is also the name of a Hawaiian goddess.

10. Li Hua meaning "pear blossom" is a name for a baby born in the spring season.

11. Li Mei meaning "pretty rose".

12. Ling meaning "delicate", "dainty", "soul" or "chime".

13. Mei meaning "beautiful". Some popular celebrities named Mei are Meiling Jin, Mei Nakabayashi aka May's, and Mei Yaochen. Hence, it has become the most popular Chinese girl name.

14. Ning meaning "peaceful". One of the good Chinese girl names for a unique baby name.

15. Nuan meaning "friendly" and "wholehearted".

16. Qing meaning "blue", "green" or "young". Pang Qing is an Olympic skater.

17. Shu meaning "warm-hearted" or "the kind one".

18. Xue meaning "snow" or "learning". Skater Shen Xue has won a gold medal in 2010 in the Olympics.

19. Yan meaning "pretty swallow".

20. Zhen meaning "innocent", "virtuous", "precious" and many more. Lady Zhen was honored as Empress Whenzhao upon her son, Cao Rui's ascension to the throne of Wei.

Unique Chinese Girl Names

Choosing a Chinese name for your baby girl is a fantastic choice.

If you are searching for unusual, fabulous baby names for your baby girl, then this list is definitely for you. These imaginative girl names will bless your beautiful baby girl.

21. Chu meaning "pearl" a precious jewel. Chu was a Zhou Dynasty state.

22. Cong meaning "intelligent".

23. Genji meaning "valuable as gold". 'Tale of Genji' is Japan's oldest novel, probably the world's first novel.

24. Hop (Vietnamese origin) meaning "agreeable", is a variant of the English word hope.

25. Hua meaning "beautiful flower" or "prosperous". Hua was a state of the Zhou dynasty in modern Yanshi, Henan Province.

26. Lai meaning "future". A good baby name for an independent girl.

27. Mey meaning "gorgeous", "stunning" or "pretty".

28. Qiao meaning "handsome" or "pretty". It is a gender-neutral name that can also be used as a middle name. Qiao Ting is a Chinese volleyball player.

29. Qing yuan meaning "a clear spring" or "deep water".

30. Qinyang meaning "sunshine of my heart". Qinyang city of Henan province was known as Yewang during the Qin dynasty.

31. Ushi meaning "a plant".

32. Wenling meaning "mild jade tinkling".

33. Xin-jin meaning "heart of crystal". This is a unique baby name.

34. Yanay meaning "she who loves".

Girls' Names From 19th Century China

Many Chinese people prefer to name their children royal and famous names from the 1800s. Below we have listed many admirable and beautiful Chinese names belonging to the 19th century for you to discover.

35. Ching meaning "capable". Ching Shih was a Chinese pirate up to the mid the 19th century.

36. Cixi meaning "motherly" or "auspicious".

37. Fang meaning "fragrant", "virtuous". Fang Junying was a 19th century revolutionary.

38. Fu meaning "lotus" or "hibiscus". Fu Shanxiang was a Chinese scholar in the 19th century.

39. Jiang meaning "river" was the name of Chinese school pioneer Jiang Shufang.

40. Liang meaning "a bridge", "a mast". Liang Na was a Chinese Empress during the Han Dynasty.

41. Lu meaning "musical note". Lu Zhi was a ruthless and brutal empress in the Chinese Han Dynasty.

42. Qiu meaning "autumn", "hill" or "mound". Qui jin was a Chinese revolutionary.

43. Su meaning "plain", "simple". Su Sanniang was a Chinese rebel.

44. Tai meaning "extreme". Kong Tai Heong was the first Chinese woman to practice medicine in Hawaii.

45. Wang Shu; Wang meaning "to gaze" and "shu" meaning "comfortable" or "easy", was the charioteer of the moon according to Chinese mythology.

46. Wei meaning "power", "extraordinary" or "high". Chinese Tang Dynasty had an empress named Wei.

47. Wu meaning "affairs", "business". Wu Zetian was a Chinese empress in the Tang Dynasty. She was also the only female emperor in Chinese feudal history.

48. Yun meaning "cloud". Yun Zhu was a Qing dynasty poet.

49. Zhi Rou meaning "the two Chinese herbal plants angelica and polleir". It is the name of a famous character in 'The Heaven Sword' novel by Jin Yong. Also, ancient Chinese people preferred baby names based on herbs.

Even More Chinese Baby Names

Names from China are not just unique but they also sound charming.

Many parents like adorable names these days, especially when it comes to beautiful Chinese babies.  A strong name lies in its elegance and the meaning of those names! Let's discover all the cute Chinese names here.

50. Diu meaning "down to earth" or "practical person".

51. Fen meaning "fragrance", "perfume" or "aroma".

52. Hanna meaning "beautiful flower".

63. Huan meaning "pleased" or "happy".

54. Huang meaning "bright", "shine".

55. Lian meaning "lotus".

56. Ling meaning "spirit" or "bell".

57. Ming meaning "shining bright". It is Mandarin Pinyin and Wade-Giles Romanization of a Chinese surname written in Chinese characters and symbols.

58. Ming Yue meaning "bright moon". It is a gender-neutral name with celestial connotations.

59. Peng meaning "friend" in mandarin Chinese. Peng is also used to refer to a giant mythological bird that transforms from a Kun (fish).

60. Ping meaning "level-minded". King Ping was the 13th king of the Zhou Dynasty.

61. Xiu meaning "elegant", "beautiful", "charming", "luxuriant".

62. Xiulin meaning "beautiful orchid". It represents "love" and "beauty".

63. Yu-yan meaning "women with a beautiful smile". This name comes from the phrase "yu xiao yan ran" from the famous character made by Jin Yong. Yu Yan is a Chinese singer and actress.

64. Qiuyue meaning "autumn moon".

65. Ying Yue meaning "moon's reflection".

66. Yong meaning "brave".

67. Yue meaning "moon". The name has an animated character in the movie 'Avatar'.

68. Yuèhai meaning "beautiful moon".

69. Yuèqín meaning "moon-shaped lute".  Yueqin Hou is a well-known actress.

Chinese Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

The Chinese names written below are a great option if you are looking for names that mean beautiful. There are many Chinese popular novelists, actresses, singers who also share these beautiful names.

70. Liena meaning "a woman as beautiful as a lotus flower".

71. Lifen meaning "beautiful fragrance".  Lifen Zhang is a famous British Chinese journalist, author, and broadcaster.

72. Lì húa meaning "beautiful pear blossom".

73. Lihua meaning "beautiful and flourishing".

74. Lijuan meaning "beautiful and graceful".

75. Liling meaning "beautiful jade tinkle". Liling-PO is a Japanese manga written by Ako Yutneji.

76. LiMei meaning "beautiful plum flower". Lingmei Kong is a famous actress in movies like 'Whereabouts' and 'Dearest'.

77. Li mei meaning "beautiful plum blossom". The Chinese name Li Mei Chang belongs to an actress in Japan.

78. Li ming meaning "beautiful and bright".

79. Lin meaning "beautiful jade".

80. Li Na meaning "beautiful and graceful". The Chinese name Lina  can be linked to the popular protagonist of German movie, 'Lina Braake'.

81. Linqin meaning "pretty zither".

82. Li Qin meaning "beautiful stringed musical instrument". The Chinese name Wang Li Qin belongs to a retired table tennis player from China.

83. Liqiu meaning "beautiful autumn"

84. Li Rong meaning "beautiful lotus".

85. Li Wei meaning "beautiful rose".

86. Mayleen meaning "beautiful". Mayleen Ramey is a popular television presenter.

87. Méh-è meaning "beautiful posture".

88. Méh-fùnh meaning "pretty or beautiful phoenix".

89. Meifen plum meaning "fragrance".

90. Meifeng meaning "pretty wind".

91. Meihui meaning "pretty wisdom".

92. Mei Lien meaning "pretty lotus".

93. Mei Xiang meaning "beautiful fragrance".

94. Mei Xing meaning "pretty star".

95. Meiyin meaning "very beautiful or beauty".

96. Mei Zhen meaning "beautiful pearl". Luo Meizhen was a person who has claimed to be the world's oldest person. This baby name brings an essence of longevity.

97. Mingmei meaning "a bright and very beautiful girl". This can be one of the very good and graceful Chinese baby names for a Chinese baby.

98.Rong meaning "beautiful, elegant."

99.Wan meaning "gentle, gracious, beautiful."

100.Xin Qian meaning "happy and beautiful."

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