Top 110 Christian Names With Meanings For Your Baby

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Hoping to find a heavenly name for your baby boy or girl?

Whilst all Christians share similar beliefs, there are several denominations of the Christian faith including Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Orthodox. Christian beliefs are based on the Bible, which has two sections; the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the original Hebrew Bible, written before the arrival of Jesus Christ. The New Testament was written by Christians in the first century after Christ.

Unlike other denominations, Catholics are lead by the Pope and base their beliefs not just on the Bible but also on the specific traditions and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

Biblical baby names have proven a popular choice for centuries; with Christian and non-Christian parents alike.  From traditionally popular Christian names to unique Christian names, Biblical baby names tend to have strong meanings, often related to great personality traits.

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Old Testament Christian Baby Names

Old Testament Bible names, perfect for a baby boy or girl, are derived from personal qualities, places, and nature. These biblical baby names are suitable for boys or girls.

1.Angel: Meaning “messenger of God”. Angels of God appear throughout the Bible. Of Greek origin.

2.Eden: Meaning “paradise”. Garden planted by God. Of Hebrew origin.

3.Elisha: Meaning “God is salvation”. Israelite prophet. Of Hebrew origin.

4.Elon: Name means “oak tree”. Ruling judge of the Israelites. Of Hebrew origin.

5.Ira: Meaning "watchful." Adviser to King David. Of Hebrew origin.

6.Jaala: Meaning “little goat”. Servant to King Solomon. Of Hebrew origin.

7.Jesse: Meaning “gift” or “wealth”. Father of David. Of Hebrew origin.

8.Jericho: Name means “city of moon”. Place in the book of Joshua. Of Greek origin.

9.Jordan: Meaning "to flow down". The Jordan River was the chief river in Palestine. Of Hebrew origin.

10.Rei: Meaning “friend”. Showed loyalty to David. Of Hebrew origin.

11.Shifrah: Meaning “beautiful”. Respected midwife. Of Hebrew origin

12.Shiloh: Meaning “his gift”. Ancient city in the Bible. Of Hebrew origin.

Old Testament Boys Bible Names

13.Abraham: Meaning “Father of Nations”. One of the most important people in the Bible. Of Hebrew origin.

14.Adam: Meaning “man of the earth”. The first man created. Of Hebrew origin.

15.Benjamin: Name means "son of the right hand". Jacob's youngest son. Of Hebrew origin.

16.Caleb: Meaning “faithful” or “whole-hearted”. Was allowed to enter the Promised Land. Of Hebrew origin.

17.Eli: Name means “height”. High priest of Israel. Of Hebrew origin.

18.Gideon: Meaning “woodsman”. Helped defeat the Midianites. Of Hebrew origin.

19.Hiram: Meaning “exalted brother."  King of Tyre and friend of David. Of Hebrew origin.

20.Isaac: Meaning "laughter." Son of Abraham and Sarah. Of Hebrew origin.

21.Jonah: Meaning "dove”. Spent three days in a whale. Of Hebrew origin.

22.Levi: Meaning “joined in harmony”. Third son of Jacob and Leah. Of Hebrew origin.

23.Mordecai: Meaning “warrior”. Helped save the Jews from Haman. Of Hebrew origin.

24.Moses: Meaning “born of a God” or "taken from the water." Leader of the Jews. Of Egyptian origin.

25.Noah: Name means “rest” or “peace”. Builder of the ark. Of Hebrew origin.

26.Reuben: Meaning "behold, a son." Son of Jacob and Leah. Of Hebrew origin.

27.Saul: Name means “asked for” or “borrowed”. First King of Israel. Of Hebrew origin.

28.Seth: Meaning "appointed." Third son of Adam and Eve. Of Hebrew origin.

Old Testament Bible Names For Girls

29.Abigail: Meaning “joy of the Father”. Wife of King David. Of Hebrew origin.

30.Deborah: "Meaning “bee". Prophetess and judge. Of Hebrew origin.

31.Delilah: Meaning "delicate." Cut off Samson's hair. Of Hebrew origin.

32.Dinah: Meaning “God had judged” or "vindicated." daughter of Jacob and Leah. Of Hebrew origin.

33.Esther: Name means “star”. Queen of Ahasuerus. Of Hebrew origin

34.Eve: Meaning "life”. The first woman created. Of Hebrew origin.

35.Hannah: Name means “grace”. Mother of Samuel. Of Hebrew origin.

36.Jemimah: Meaning "a dove". Daughter of Job. Of Hebrew origin.

37.Judith: Meaning “from Judaea”. Wife of Esau. Of Hebrew origin.

38.Leah: Meaning "gazelle". Daughter of Laban Jacob's wife.

39.Naomi: Name means “beautiful” or “joy”. Wife and mother in the book of Ruth. Of Hebrew origin.

40.Rachel: Meaning "ewe”. Daughter of Laban and wife of Jacob. Of Hebrew origin.

41.Ruth: Meaning “friendship”. Daughter-in-law of Naomi. Of Hebrew origin.

42.Sarah: Meaning “princess”. Wife of Abraham. Of Hebrew origin.

43.Tamar: Name means “palm tree”. Daughter of King David. Of Hebrew origin.

New Testament Christian Baby Names

Many New Testament Christian baby names reflect, in their origin, the powerful influence that the Romans and Greeks had at the time.

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New Testament Non-Binary Biblical Baby Names

44.Abiah: Meaning “God is my father”. Appears as both male and female figures in the Bible. Of Hebrew origin.

45.Aquila: Meaning “eagle”. An early missionary. Of Latin origin.

46.Damaris: Name means “gentle”. Appears in the Act of Apostles”. Of Greek origin.

47.Neriah: Meaning. “light”. Father of Baruch. Of Hebrew origin.

New Testament Biblical Boy Names

48.Bartholomew: Meaning “son of son of Talmai”. One of the twelve apostles. Of Hebrew origin.

49.Cornelius: Name means "horn." The first Gentile converted by Peter. Of Latin origin.

50.James: Meaning “supplanter”. The first martyr among the apostles. Of Hebrew origin.

51.Jason: Meaning “healer”. Relative of Paul. Of Greek origin.

52.Jesus: Meaning “God is salvation”. The son of God. Of Greek origin.

53.John: Name means "God is gracious”. Son of Zebedee. Of Hebrew origin.

54.Joseph: Meaning “God will increase”. Husband of Mary. Of Hebrew origin.

55.Luke: Meaning “from Lucania”. One of the four evangelists. Of Greek origin.

56.Mark: Name means "warlike”. One of the four evangelists. Of Latin origin.

57.Matthew: Meaning "gift of God”. One of the twelve apostles. Of English origin.

58.Phillip: Meaning “lover of horses”. One of the twelve apostles. Of Greek origin.

59.Silas: Meaning “man of the forest”. Member of the early church Of Latin origin.

60.Simon: Meaning "heard”. Carried the cross to help Jesus. Of Hebrew origin.

61.Stephen: Name means “crown”. The first Christian martyr. Of Greek origin.

62.Timothy: Meaning “to honour God”. The First Epistle of Paul. Of Greek origin.

New Testament Christian Baby Names For Girls

63.Anna: Meaning “gracious”. Prophetess who proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah. Of Hebrew origin.

64.Berenice: Meaning “victorious”. Oldest daughter of Herod Agrippa I. Of Greek origin.

65.Bethany: Meaning “place of figs”. Village near the Mount of Olives. Of Hebrew origin.

66.Candace: Meaning “queen” or “shining”. Queen of the Ethiopians. Of Latin origin.

67.Carmel: Meaning “vineyard of God”. Mount Carmel is a symbol of beauty. Of Hebrew origin.

68.Claudia: Name means“lame”. Christian citizen of Rome. Of Latin origin.

69.Eunice: Meaning "good victory”. Mother of Timothy. Of Greek origin.

70.Julia: Meaning “youthful”. Greeted by Paul in his letter to the Romans. Of Latin origin.

71.Mary: Name means “of the sea”. Mother of Jesus. Of Hebrew origin.

72.Rhoda: Meaning “rose”. Mother of John Mark. Of Greek origin.

73.Sapphira: Meaning "beautiful". Wife of Ananias. Of Hebrew origin.

74.Tabitha: Meaning "gazelle". Brought back to life by Peter. Of Hebrew origin.

Catholic Names For Your Baby

Honouring saints is a hugely important part of the Catholic religion.  Traditionally, both Catholic boy names and Catholic girl names should be chosen from the list of Vatican-appointed patron saints.

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Non-Binary Catholic Saint Names

75.Hilary: Name means “cheerful”. Patron saint of lawyers. Of Greek origin.

76.Jude: Meaning “from Judea”. Patron saint of desperate situations. Of English origin.

77.Landry: Meaning “land ruler”. Patron saint of Opelousas, Louisiana. Of English origin.

78.Valentine: Meaning “strong”. Patron saint of love. Of English origin.

Baby Boy Names from Catholic Saints

79.Andrew: Meaning “manly”. Patron saint of Scotland. Of Greek origin.

80.Christopher: Name means “Christ-bearer”. Patron saint of travellers. Of Greek origin.

81.Clement: Meaning “gentle”. Patron saint of metalworkers and blacksmiths. Of English origin.

82.Cosmas: Name means “order”. Patron saint of pharmacy and medicine. Of Greek origin.

83.David: Meaning “beloved”. Patron saint of Wales. Of Hebrew origin.

84.Edmund: Meaning “rich protector”. Patron saint of pandemics. Of English origin.

85.Florian: Meaning “flowering”. Patron saint of firefighters. Of Latin origin.

86.George: Meaning “farmer”. Patron saint of England. Of Greek origin.

87.Ignatius: Name means “fiery”. Patron saint of soldiers. Of Latin origin.

88.Justin: Meaning “fair”. Patron saint of philosophers. Of English origin.

89.Louis: Meaning “warrior”. Patron saint of the arts. Of German origin.

90.Maximilian: Name means “greatest”. Patron saint of families. Of Latin origin.

91.Patrick: Meaning “noble man”. Patron saint of Ireland. Of English origin.

92.Raphael: Meaning “God has healed”. Patron saint of nurses and the blind. Of Hebrew origin.

93.Richard: Name means “brave ruler”. Patron saint of coachmen. Of English origin.

94.Sebastian: Meaning “venerable”. Patron saint of athletes. Of Greek origin.

Baby Girl Names from Catholic Saints

95.Alexandra: Meaning “defender of the people”. Patron saint of humanity. Of Greek origin.

96.Alice: Meaning “from nobility”. Patron saint of the blind and the paralysed. Of English origin.

97.Amelia: Name means “work”. Patron saint of fishers and farmers. Of Latin origin.

98.Anastasia: Meaning “resurrection”. Patron saint of martyrs and widows. Of Greek origin.

99.Bernadette: Meaning “brave as a bear”. Patron saint of the ill and the poor. Of French origin.

100.Brigid: Meaning “exalted”. Patron saint of Ireland. Of Irish origin.

101.Colette: Meaning “victory of the people”. Patron saint of sick children and pregnancy. Of French origin.

102.Felicity: Name means “happiness”. Patron saint of mothers. Of Latin origin.

103.Gemma: Meaning “precious stone”. Patron saint of pharmacists. Of Italian origin.

104.Isabelle: Meaning “God is my oath”. Patron saint of the sick. Of French origin.

105.Josephine: Meaning “God will increase”. Patron saint of victims of modern slavery. Of French origin.

106.Katharine: Meaning “pure”. Patron saint of racial justice. Of Greek origin.

107.Lucy: Name means “light”. Patron saint of the blind. Of English origin.

108.Madeleine: Meaning “of Magdala”. Patron saint of schoolgirls. Of French origin.

109.Margaret: Meaning “pearl”. Patron saint of England and Scotland. Of English origin.

110.Ursula: Meaning “female bear”. Patron saint of Catholic education. Of Scandinavian origin.



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